10 Best Under Cabinet Light 2019 – Review & Buying Guide


How is the state of your kitchen? Perhaps you’ve been walking into the same kitchen design for the past three or five years. It is only natural that you are tired of it and want to overhaul it. It is also likely that a full remodel is out of your budget but want to improve your kitchen’s aesthetics without spending too much money. Well, you’ll be glad to learn that the best under cabinet light is a great way to achieve your goal.

Under cabinet lighting systems offer plenty of benefits, as you will see in the comprehensive buying guide we prepared for you. However, the best thing about these lights is that they are multi-purpose devices. You can use them in your study, office, library, garage, and so on.

Best Under Cabinet Light: At A Glance

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1. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Light
2. American Lighting 3LC-32-DB LED Light
3. GE Premium Direct Wire 48 inch Fluorescent Light
4. URPOWER Motion Sensor Light, 10 LED bulbs
5. WenTop LED Strip Lights Kit
6. Stick-on Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights
7. Goldengulf Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light
8. Eshine 3 12 inch Panels LED Under Cabinet Light
9. Hyperikon LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture
10. AlbrilloUnder Cabinet LED Light

Thus, we have compiled the best under cabinet lighting reviews to help you select a lighting system that meets all your needs. Read till the end to familiarize yourself with all our under cabinet lighting recommendations. Also, read our another buying guide about spray mop.


Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Light Reviews:

1. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lighting


This Brilliant Evolution is not only the best wireless under cabinet lighting but also one of the best under cabinet lighting options. Why is this so? Well, for starters, this under cabinet LED system comes as a six-pack of individual cylindrical lights. Each of these cylindrical-shaped lights has a diameter of 3.4″. It is large enough meaning you can install this system in up to six cabinets and still more than enough illumination in your kitchen.

One of the best things about this Brilliant Evolution is its battery-powered operation. While it does not use a rechargeable battery system, its removable-battery operation is highly useful. For one, it makes this whole LED system wireless making for a cleaner installation. Secondly, it provides lighting to your kitchen even when you experience a temporary power outage.

Other notable features related to this particular Brilliant Evolution model include its brightness, power efficiency, and its advanced technology. You can use it continuously for up to 100 hours at its full brightness setting (55 lumens) without draining it three AA batteries. What’s more, this LED pluck light is configured to produce a warm 3000K white glow to enhance the homey feel of your kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, you can interconnect up to two 6-packs (12 puck lights) and control the entire lighting system with one remote.

Highlighted Features:

  • 55 lumens
  • Up to 3000K warm white glow
  • Wireless remote
  • Selectable dimmer (50% or 100% brightness option)
  • Optional auto-off timer (15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes)
  • 100-hour battery run time at full brightness
  • Operates on 3 AA batteries (18 included)

2. American Lighting 3LC-32-DB LED Under Cabinet Fixture


The 3LC-22-DB is one of the best hardwired under cabinet lighting from the American Lighting brand. It is a member of the highly-rated 3LC Series of under cabinet LED lights. That said, the defining factor of this under cabinet light is its 3-in-1 fixture design that allows you to select up to three color temperatures. While other under cabinet lights have one fixture design, the 3LC-22-DB allows you to change between 2400K, 3000K, and 4000K color temperature based on your mood.

But that’s not all, this particular model of American Lighting is one of our favorite under cabinet lights for various other reasons. The shape and size of this particular LED are ideal for any kitchen setup. It features a rectangular shape and measures 32-inches in length to provide maximum illumination. What’s more, you can get the same model but with a different length (8”, 16”, 24” and 32”) depending on your cabinet configuration.

The amazing thing about its rectangular shape is that it makes it easy to install. Its captive mounting screws, quick access wiring compartment door and handy accessories mean you can install this under cabinet lighting system by yourself. Other advantages associated with this 3LC-22-DB include its durability and high level of connectivity. You can link multiple devices together if you have a large kitchen, and you can also conveniently connect them with standard CL and ELV dimmers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 71 lumens per watt efficacy
  • 3-stage selectable fixture(2400K, 3000K or 4000K) color temperatures
  • Supports plug-in or direct wire power supply options
  • Highly durable (35,000 hours rated life)
  • Captive screws for quick and easy installation
  • Diffused acrylic lens eliminates dotting
  • Dimmable with most CL and ELV dimmers

3. GE Premium Direct Wire 48 inch Fluorescent Light Fixture 10143


Take your studio, office and kitchen experience a notch higher with the best wireless under cabinet lighting. What makes the GE Premium fixture stand out is that it instantaneously lights up an area without having to flicker or produce any annoying noise thanks to its electronic ballast system. Installing it is not an uphill task, this lighting comes with the installation instructions, all the hardware needed for installation and to top it all it comes completely assembled. You are however advised to consult an electrician to assist you with the installation.

With a length of 48”, you are sure that this lighting will offer you the ideal coverage. Regarding durability, it will provide you with tons of service due to its good-quality steel housing. Also, it features a five-foot cord and an on/off rocker switch.

If this lighting’s no flickering, easy installation and good coverage features don’t thrill you, then its UL approval will. It gives you more confidence that this lighting complies with all the applicable laws.The1-year limited warranty makes it a low-risk option.

With all these features it boasts, this lighting will undoubtedly provide you with your desired brightness and at the same time transform the area to a little more upscale.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • This fixture is a direct-wire solution.
  • It comes while fully assembled and also includes the bulb, instructions and the installation hardware.
  • Dimensions: 1.8 x 4.2 x 48.2 inches
  • The GE Premium does not flicker or produce humming noises.

4. URPOWER Motion Sensor Light, 10 LED bulbs, Battery Operated


If you are seeking to buy an under cabinet LED lighting that gives you excellent light, then this is a good bet. The URPOWER Motion Sensor Light uses 10 Led in each light hence providing the brightness that lets you see everything without straining.

What’s great about the URPOWER Motion Sensor Light is that it uses the passive infrared technology that makes it auto turn on anytime you are within 10 feet. While you are in motion, it stays on and turns off after 15-30 seconds once you are out of range thus prolonging the longevity of your battery.

No more worries about portability, this pick can be moved to anywhere since it is cordless and battery operated. Plus, the 4PCS AAA batteries it uses will serve you for long thus saving you both time and money.

Installing it is a breeze, no wiring, nuts, screws or tools needed. Just by sticking it on the surface using its magnetic strip, you are good to go. The ability of this excellent lighting to automatically identify day and night hours and only light up during the after-hours when movement is detected, makes it claim the best under cabinet light title. It is an excellent choice if you are looking to light up either an indoor and outdoor area at night.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a very sensitive motion detector.
  • The 4PCS AAA batteries can last up to 10000 hours.
  • The package comes with three powerful lights.
  • Light color: white
  • It senses movement along a three-meter distance, and its sensor range is about 120 degrees.

5. WenTop LED Strip Lights Kit DC 12v Power Supply


The WenTop Led Strip Lights Kit is a wise buy particularly for those who want decorative lights. No matter how boring your house may look, these lights will transform your house to make you feel more at home.

What makes it the best under cabinet light is that it provides a brightness control, color selection and mode selection that lets you customize your own ideal colors. Whether you’re holding a Halloween party or just a regular ladies night at your house, this lighting will let you have a whale of a time. If you are interested in a lighting kit that offers an even light spread which is smooth, then this is made for you. Not only will it solve your uneven lighting ordeal but it will also provide ultra-brightness while still running at a low temperature.

Coming with back adhesive, you can stick it at any place of your choice. Talk of convenience! Another great feature is that it will serve you for about 50,000+ hours while consuming low power compared to other kits. As a result, you will save a tremendous amount of money.

As for versatility, it provides it in spades. The flexible ribbons can be curved around bends allowing you to light up even cornered areas. You can also cut every three LEDs along the cutting marks depending on your desired length. And to make things even better, this lighting has a continuous length of five meters. Buying this kit is making quite an investment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.4 x7.5
  • It comes with a full 12 months warranty and a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Using the controller, you can change the color of the light.
  • This lighting is cuttable and linkable.
  • It uses 1 CR2 battery.

6. Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights


This lighting kit’s size should not deceive you into thinking that it is not efficient. With only a length of 7.5 inches and a width of 1.3 inches, its wireless led lights produce a commendable amount of brightness. The compact size allows these lights to fit anywhere thus giving you many under cabinet lighting options. In a gun safe, closet or any area that has no electricity but needs some lighting, the Stick-on Anywhere Portable Lights will do the trick.

If you have had a bad experience when installing lights, then that’s not the case with these. They come with an in-built magnet to offer easy installation that doesn’t take years. Many people rave about its extra-sensitive motion sensor that automatically senses your movement within 10ft/120 degrees and turns off after 20 seconds of no detection.

The automatic sensor helps conserve the battery life by only producing light when it detects human movement. Additionally, it is chargeable under cabinet lighting giving you the option of leaving the batteries charging during the daytime hours. With the charge lasting reasonably long, you will save on time and money.

Its versatility, portability, rechargeable battery, and automatic sensor make this lighting kit earn many under cabinet lighting recommendations that have made it a favorite buy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Product dimensions: 7.5 x 1.3 x o.5 inches
  • It uses one Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery.
  • Voltage:3.7 volts, Wattage:2 watts
  • This lighting kit has a motion sensor.
  • It comes with a built-in magnet for installation.

7. Goldengulf Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light, Security/Night/Cabinet


For those tiptoes that you want to make to the kitchen during the night to grab a cookie, the Goldengulf will light up your hallways and stairs to prevent you from having an accident. It has a big motion activation sensor and also uses infrared technology to sense both heat and movement to reduce false activations.

Nothing beats the amount of brightness that this lighting produces; its ten white led bulbs will give your dark cabinets and closets the illumination that they deserve. And because it uses 3 AAA batteries, the charge in them will last long hence saving you the hassle of charging them frequently.

What sets this lighting apart from others is that it features three modes; constant off, constant on and the auto mode that activates the motion sensor function. By this it lets you decide whether you need the light throughout or when anyone walks in making it perfect for home security both outdoor and indoor.

Installation isn’t likely to be an issue; the Goldengulf comes with a hole at the back for easier mounting. Boasting of the best under cabinet lighting reviews, it will thwart stranger walk-ins and also act as security lighting to improve your family’s safety in the dark.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 2 x 3 x 2 inches
  • It uses 3 AA batteries.
  • Voltage:4.5 volts, Wattage: 0.5 watts
  • The shade material is plastic.
  • This lighting uses infrared technology for movement and heat detection.

8. Eshine 3 12 inch Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting


If you are not good at multitasking, this lights will ease your problems. Just by waving your hand, you can either turn the lights on or off thanks to the powerful sensors. Bid goodbye to the remote control that distracts you, you can now work with minimal interruptions.

Another bonus is that it comes with three LED strip lights that offer ultra-bright light that lets you see clearly without being overly bright. When it comes to installation, it has two installation methods which allow you to choose what suits you best. You either use screws or 3M sticker.

Coming in two different colors, you can either select warm white or cool white should you want it for home or professional purpose. Your electricity bill doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg while using these lights; its low power consumption lets you enjoy good lighting without having to pay hefty electricity bills. A full refund is guaranteed if the purchase doesn’t deliver to your satisfaction.

With all the right features for a powerful and efficient lighting kit, there is no reason not to purchase this Eshine lights. The fun and convenience offered by the hand wave activation are out of this world.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 11.8inches x 1.1 inches x 0.4 inches
  • Voltage:12 volts Wattage: 10.5 watts
  • It is hand wave activated.
  • The Eshine lighting comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a return policy in case it doesn’t satisfy you.
  • It offers two different Installation methods.

9. Hyperikon LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 4FT, 22W, 2200lm


The Hyperikon LED T5 is a big winner due to its long lifespan and the efficiency it delivers. You will be thrilled by the hour lifetime of 45,000 it boasts, making replacement of bulbs an out-dated trend. At the same time, its rugged steel housing adds on its durability.

Another wonderful feature here! It produces minimum lighting of 100lm/watt giving you excellent brightness. It helps you save a whopping 60% on your electricity bills since it is low consumption lighting. The manual included in the package guides you while installing it.

Who says that you should spend the whole day installing lighting; the Hyperikon LED T5 provides you with a hassle-free installation that you could hack in a jiffy just by plugging and performing. Waiting for the bulbs to “warm up” is a thing of the past with this bulb, it lights up instantly when you flip the built-in switch.

Being an industrial and commercial grade, it is perfect for kitchens, workshops, garages, basements, etc. With a 5-year unlimited warranty, you’ll barely have any worry about the possibility of malfunctioning.

Hyperikon LED T5 scores high points all around, and you will unquestionably not regret it if you opt to purchase it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 48 x1 x 1 inches
  • Voltage: 120 volts Wattage: 22 watts
  • It is corded.
  • The Hyperikon comes with a five-year unlimited warranty.
  • It turns on instantly.

10. AlbrilloUnder Cabinet LED Lighting, Dimmable Under Counter


For a LED lighting that lets you increase or lower the brightness produced, then the Albrillo is an excellent deal for you. It means that you can change the brightness level from 0lm up to 2000lm using the dimmer switch to achieve your illumination preference. Featuring a smart memory, it remembers the latest brightness setting you used, hence offering you the convenience for the next usage.

Another unique feature it has it delivers an impressive amount of brightness that can light up even the darkest corners. You will notice that each of its led light strips gives the same illumination as a 40W incandescent bulb hence saving you 85% of electric power. Installing it is as easy as pie; you can either use the screw method or the 3M stickers’ method if you don’t want to cause damage to your cabinet.

Abrillounder cabinet LED light gives you a lifespan that no other lighting does. Made of sturdy aluminum and plastic, rusting got nothing on it. It will provide you with long lasting service even with regular use. Also, this adds on its versatility since it makes it perfect for bookcases, sinks, kitchen counter, etc. Safety of your little one is on the check; this high-rated lighting has a low voltage that makes it a very safe option.

Being aflicker-free, low heat lighting that offers you all the versatility, durability and convenience, you are sure that the Abrillo LED under cabinet lighting is a good buy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimension of each strip: 12 x1 x0.4 inch
  • It comes with six light strips.
  • The Abrillo has a dimmer switch and smart memory.
  • It is aluminium and plastic made.
  • Voltage:12 volts, Wattage: 24 watts

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Best Under Cabinet Light

If you are like us, you want the best under cabinet light to brighten kitchen and other workplaces that require under cabinet lighting. This guide provides you with everything you need to know and consider when buying under cabinet lighting:

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting Systems  ——————————————-

The two major types of under cabinet lighting systems include puck lights and linear lights. Puck lights are singular types of lighting systems that more often than not come in circular, oval or square shapes. The shape of these individual fixtures projects concentrated light beams in a similar fashion to a flashlight. Since they are small, they come in a pack of four, six, eight, ten, and twelve and so on depending on the brand.

As their name suggests, linear lights run across the length of the cabinets to provide uniform lighting. Linear lighting systems vary in regard to their design. You can get either light strips, rope/tape lights, or light bars depending on your preference. Also, you can choose different lengths depending on the size of your under cabinet worktop. 8″, 16″, 24″, and 32″ are the standard sizes available for linear lighting systems. One advantage linear lights have over puck lights is that they are easier to install due to their linear shape.

Bulb Type ——————————————————————————-

Here are the various bulb types you will find in under cabinet lights:

  • LED: Under cabinet led lighting is by far the best option. Choose this bulb system if you are all about energy efficiency and durability. They have a lifespan of over six years.
  • Halogen: They are by far the brightest bulbs. The only downside is that they burn hotter than other bulbs thereby decreasing their lifespan.
  • Xenon: They produce a concentrated (flashlight-like) light but with warm color temperature. Only found in puck lights and not in linear lights.
  • Florescent: They are large and only found in linear lights. They are bright, cool, energy efficient and provide a long lifespan.

Aesthetics ———————————————————————————

If you want your under cabinet lighting to freshen your kitchen’s ambiance, here are a few things to note. First, make sure the color it emits compliments hue of your kitchen. Next, they should be installed out of sight by finding the correct horizontal and vertical measurements. If your under cabinet lighting system uses cords, ensure you run them up under the cabinets or hug them to the wall neatly for a clean finish.

Ease of Installation ———————————————————————-

The good thing about these lights is that you can install them yourself without the help of a professional. If you are installing linear lights, a DIY tip for you is to make sure the length of the lights closely matches the length of your cabinets to get maximum brightness.

If you are installing puck lights, ensure you install it at the mid-front end of your single cabinet for even light distribution. Alternatively, if you are installing many puck lights on a single cabinet, ensure you leave at least 8 to 12-inches of space between them to create bright pockets of light.

Power Source —————————————————————————–

What is the ideal power source for your under cabinet worktop? There are two major options. There are battery powered lights and AC powered lights. With battery powered lights you get to choose between a light that comes with rechargeable batteries and replaceable batteries. Meanwhile, plug-in and direct wire are the options you get with AC powered lights. Solar powered under cabinet lights are also available but very rare.

Features ———————————————————————————-

Here are some of the most sought out features in under cabinet lights:

  • Dimmers: This feature allows you to brighten the lights when preparing a meal and dim them for ambiance and setting the mood when having the meal.
  • Wireless Remote Control: This feature allows you to turn the lights On/Off, change their color, dim them, and so on remotely.

How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting

There are various types of installation involved with installing the different types of under cabinet lighting systems. Here are the various installation processes:

  • Installing Wireless Under Cabinet Lights

Most battery-powered lights are puck lights. It does not get easier than installing rechargeable under cabinet lighting pucks and other battery powered lights. This is because no wiring is required. Just be sure to pay close attention to the placement when sticking the pucks under the cabinets. They should be mounted on the mid-front end of the cabinet with a spacing of about 8 to 12-inches between each puck light.

  • Installing Hardwire Under Cabinet Lights

A DIY trick you can use when installing hardwire lights under your cabinets is knowing exactly how you’ll connect it to the power source. You can direct-wire it into the power source if you don’t like the sight of hanging cables or choose the easier plug-in type of installation option. Remember to install the lights towards the front of the cabinet for balanced light distribution.

Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Provides a level of practicality with better visibility – They eliminate shadows cast by cabinets, objects hanging on the ceiling, and other highly-placed objects. Brightens your kitchen cooktop and garage worktop thereby enhancing your cooking experience and giving you easy access to tools.
  • Adds ambiance to any room – Shines a light on your bookcase to make your office or library appear more elegant.
  • Creates and changes moods – You can adjust the warmth of the light to change the mood in your home. Dim the lights for romantic dinners and other romantic occasions at home.
  • Modern look – The lights improve the aesthetic feel of your home and give it a cool contemporary look.
  • Energy efficiency – LED and Florescent under cabinet lights require very little power. They burn cool and bright thereby eliminating the need to turn on other light sources.
  • Inexpensive – You can upgrade the look of your home by buying low budget under cabinet lights. They come in various designs, shapes, sizes, price, and so on. They are perfect for every home or office.
  • Easy to install – Installing these lights is a simple process that anyone can do. You don’t need to be an experienced DIY or call a professional to do the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Under Cabinet Light:

Q-1: How many types of under cabinet lighting are there?

  • Well, there are two major types of under cabinet lights. There’s the puck lights and the linear lights. Puck lights are individually packed lights that produce a torch-like (concentrated) beam. Meanwhile, linear lights are mounted vertically due to their long length and produced more balanced light.

Q-2: Which is the best type?

  • Both puck and linear lights have their pros and cons. It depends on your personal preference, the area you will install them, ease of installation and many other factors. For instance, Legrand under cabinet lighting system comes in both linear and puck form. However, they are popular for their enhanced connectivity features. You can sync these lights with to all your smart devices at home.

Q-3: Which is the best bulb system to go with my under cabinet lighting system?

  • One beauty with under cabinet lighting systems is that you can choose various bulb options to go with them. However, I would recommend that you select LED bulbs over all other options for their energy efficiency, cool operation, brightness level, and durability.

Q-4: What does color temperature mean?

  • CCT or Correlated Color Temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Most under cabinet lights for households use a CCT range of between 2000 and 5000K. The higher the CCT, the higher the paler the color. Standard (50 to 100 Watt) incandescent bulbs produce about 2000 – 3000K CCT. This range is considered “warm” white. 3500 – 4500K range of CCT is “cool” white while 5000K is “daylight” white.

Q-5: Can I install an under cabinet lighting system by myself?

  • Yes. With a detailed installation manual and the right tools, this is possible. If the installation manual is vague, you can visit sites such as YouTube where there are a ton of DIY videos.

Final Verdict

There you have it, folks, the best under cabinet light review and buying guide. Our journey through this review has led us to discover that under cabinet lights are not essential in every home. However, their functionality, ambiance creation, and a host of other benefits they offer make them worth every penny. The good thing about installing these under cabinet lights is that they freshen up your home with a nice modern touch without necessarily hurting your pocket. You can finally put off your remodeling plans until you’re ready financially. You may also need our review of under cabinet range hood.

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