10 Best Beverage Dispensers of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Gone are the days when having drinks at your party meant all you guests had to scoop from a shared bowl. This is not only unhygienic but also dangerous because it opened up the room for a lot of contamination.

Beverage dispensers are modern pieces of equipment that keep your drinks away from prying hands. A beverage dispenser relieves you of drink duty, leaving you free to mingle with guests at your party.

You can have a variety of drinks on display and let your guests pick the kind they want. A beverage dispenser can also be an attractive centerpiece. 

In this article, we will look into the best beverage dispensers available.

Our Top 5 Picks: Editor Recommended

There are so many types of dispensers in the market and this can get overwhelming, especially if you are under pressure. This beverage dispenser review will help you narrow it down.

It also includes a buying guide that will help you see what you should look for to make sure you get the best one for you. So let’s get into it!

10 Best Beverage Dispensers Reviews:

1. CreativeWare Beverage Dispenser With Ice Cylinder And Fruit Infuser

CreativeWare Beverage Dispenser With Ice Cylinder...
  • Creative ware Has Developed Yet Another First Class Beverage Dispenser
  • Will Depend On Our Company Having The Vision, The Energy And The Power

Creativeware has come up with an attractive BPA-free acrylic dispenser that boasts being unbreakable. It comes in a cylindrical shape that can serve as an attractive centerpiece.

You can also place it in a corner and it won’t disturb the appearance of the place.

The dispenser holds 3 gallons of whichever drink you put in it and still remains lightweight. It is also easy to set up. The dispenser has an ice cone underneath it that keeps the drinks cool.

The position of the ice cone does not interfere with the drink as it melts so your drinks won’t thin out.

It also has a fastened faucet. This ensures that it does not leak when pouring liquids which makes serving drinks a clean and easy process.

The faucet is also placed high up on the dispenser. The placement gives you enough space to fit glasses underneath.

The dispenser is also stable. The stability comes from the fact that you can lock it securely onto the base which ensures it does not move when in use.

The dispenser also has an infuser that you slap on the ice column and fill with whatever you want that adds flavor your drinks, whether it is tea, fruit, zest, or anything.

CreativeWare Beverage Dispenser has a compact design that makes it easy to store. You can even fill it with water and put in a freezer, yes it will fit.

Putting citrus or acidic liquids in it might cause it to corrode so you have to make sure you clean it out immediately to avoid damage.

Highlighted Features

  • Holds up to 3 gallons of beverage
  • Locks in place for stability
  • Ice cone beneath that doesn’t thin out the drink
  • Infuser that you can fill with fruit or anything to add flavor
  • Fastened faucet that prevents leakages
  • BPA-free acrylic material

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2. CreativeWare 3-Gallon Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

Creativeware 3-Gallon Unbreakable Beverage...
  • Serve cold beverages with ease indoors or out with a lightweight acrylic container; easy to transport and will not break
  • Amply sized to hold 3 gallons; features a no-drip, easy-pull spout for dispensing

Hosting a party with children is no easy task. They love to play around and knock things over. That is why you need the Creativeware Unbreakable Beverage dispenser.

This is the best drink dispenser for hosting kid’s parties since it is unbreakable. They can knock it over but it will still remain intact.

The dispenser is lightweight. This factor makes it easy to use it whether inside or outside. You can carry it easily and set it up wherever you want. It does get heavier once filled so you have to be careful if you are moving it when full.

It can hold up to 3 gallons of liquid easily. It has a plastic spout at the bottom for releasing the liquid. The spout is easy to pull and doesn’t drip that makes it easy and clean when serving the beverages. The dispenser itself uses acrylic material with no metal parts so there won’t be any rust.

Have you ever wanted to serve cold drinks but they start warming up as time goes by?

Well, isn’t a problem with this dispenser. It has a compartment at the base that you can fill with ice. The ice won’t mix in with the liquid so you will get a cool, undiluted liquid.

It also has a wide mouth and an easily removable lid that lets you add liquids easily if you need. The dispenser’s handle is easy to lift too making it easy when you want to add fruit, sweeteners, ice. Should be hand washed.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fastened no-leak and easy to pull spout
  • Has an ice compartment at the bottom for keeping drinks cool
  • Easy to lift handle for adding sweeteners
  • Has a wide mouth and removable lid
  • Can hold up to 3 gallons of liquid

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3. CreativeWare Sculptured Beverage Dispenser

Creativeware 3-Gallon Unbreakable Beverage...
  • Serve cold beverages with ease indoors or out with a lightweight acrylic container; easy to transport and will not break
  • Amply sized to hold 3 gallons; features a no-drip, easy-pull spout for dispensing

When talking about the best it only makes sense that CreativeWare products will make the cut. It makes the best dispensers. The dispenser has an attractive look, with engraved sculptures that you can use as an adornment in your home.

Like the previous CreativeWare products, this one is made with acrylic. Acrylic is a strong plastic that ensures it won’t break when it tips over. The other benefit of acrylic is that it is lightweight.

The lightweight design makes it easy to move around with from one section of the party to another, or if you want to take the party outside.

The dispenser has a 3-gallon capacity that holds enough drinks for a whole party. The dispensers’ nozzle doesn’t spill.

It releases drinks at the perfect speed to discourage spilling out of the drinks which would cause a mess. You can easily pull the spout out to allow an easy and clean way of dispensing liquids.

A removable lid allows for easy placement of ice cubes. You can also add fruits or sweeteners that will enhance the flavor of your beverage. It is the best glass water dispenser that you can get.

You can use it at home or even outside when hosting parties. It is easy to assemble making for an easy and hassle-free procedure. Make sure to wash any acid liquid after use to reduce chances of corrosion.

Highlighted Features

  • It is lightweight, making it easy to move from place to place
  • Has an easy to lift handle for placing ice or sweeteners
  • Non-spill nozzle that makes serving easy
  • Has a large capacity
  • Uses unbreakable material
  • Uses BPA free plastic that makes it safe to use
  • Has an easy to pull spout that dispenses drinks without causing a mess

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4. Buddeez Unbreakable 3-1/2 Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Removable Ice Cone

Buddeez Unbreakable 3-1/2-Gallon Beverage...
  • Tomlinson No-Drip faucet. BPA Free
  • Removable Ice-Cone

Hosting a big office party? Are you wondering where you will get a dispenser big enough to hold enough punch for everyone? Well, look no further than the Buddeez 3.5 gallon beverage dispenser.

This dispenser holds enough water for a whole party, you can always fill it up in case the punch runs.

To keep your drinks cool, the dispenser has a removable cone that you can fill with ice. The ice is put in the compartment that you then place inside the dispenser. And since the ice isn’t put in the liquid itself, it won’t ruin the drink or thin it out.

The container itself is made with BPA-free plastic. The material will not harm you making it easy to use. It also has an easy to use stainless-steel faucet.

The faucet doesn’t leak. It is also high up on the dispenser so you can place underneath it making the area stay clean.

Do you want to make a cocktail using different drinks? This dispenser will take care of that for you. it has graduated measuring marks on it that will help you measure the different drinks. You can also use it to measure the amount of beverage that you are going to put in it.

The dispenser has a snap on base that makes handling easy. The base is made using rubber that makes it non-skid meaning it won’t be sliding out of place when in use. You can wash the dispenser using a dishwasher.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a large capacity at 3.5 gallons, good for big parties
  • Has a removable ice cone to keep drinks cool
  • Uses BPA free plastic for safety
  • Graduated measuring marks for cocktails
  • Rubber, non-slip base
  • The material is stain resistant.

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5. CreativeWare 2.5 Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser

CreativeWare 2.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser
  • At Creative Bath Products, Inc
  • Will Depend On Our Company Having The Vision, The Energy And The Power

This is yet another dispenser from CreativeWare. Like all their products, this dispenser is made using acrylic. That makes it lightweight which makes it easy to transport.

It is compact so you can store it easily. It holds up to 2.5 gallons of drinks that you can use to serve in parties, or even just in your home.

This beverage dispenser has an ice cone at the base. The compartment allows you to put ice to cool the drinks.

The compartment doesn’t mix with the drink ensuring it won’t thin it out when the ice starts melting. It also has a well-fastened faucet that does not drip which makes serving easy and clean.

To fasten the dispenser simply lock it onto the base securely. This will lend much needed stability to the dispenser ensuring it does not move even when in use. It also doesn’t break due to the acrylic material, meaning you can use it without fear of breaking.

This is the best glass drink dispenser around. This is due to the placement of the faucet. It is placed high on the dispenser. The placement allows you to fit your glass underneath it for a clean and direct release.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 gallon capacity, great for small and large parties
  • Contains an ice cone at the base for cooling the drinks
  • Tight, non-drip faucet for cleanliness
  • The dispenser can lock onto the base for stability
  • Made from lightweight and unbreakable acrylic
  • Easy to set up, transport, and store
  • Has an attractive appearance that can adorn your house

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6. Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station 40-Cup Coffee Urn

Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station 40-Cup Coffee...
  • One-hand dispensing. Coffee filter basket lifts out for easy dishwasher cleanup - no paper filter needed
  • Easy to fill and clean

Now this coffee urn can be good for a business, office, or any event that will need a lot of coffee. This coffee urn can make up to 40 cups of coffee.

This eliminated the need for you to spend hours on end making coffee, especially if it’s for a large group of people.

This coffee maker utilizes the latest technology to brew a lot of coffee in only a matter of minutes. All you have to do is add the ingredients you normally use and let the coffee maker take care of the rest.

It is made using high-quality materials that make it highly durable. You can use it for years and it won’t break down.

You don’t have to be an expert coffee maker to use this, well, coffee maker. The coffee urn is easy to use. All you have to do is add in the ground coffee and water and the rest is the machine’s problem.

The urn has a one-hand dispensing bar. The handle allows you to fill it up quickly and using just the one hand. All you need to do is press the bar until the cup is full then release it.

The coffee urn also has a chamber that has a dual heater system that elongates the life of the coffee, making it fresh and hot for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • One-hand dispensing bar, for easy coffee dispensing
  • Has indication lights that turn on once the coffee is ready
  • Has a dual heating system that makes the coffee stay hot and fresh for hours
  • Has easy to grip handles that make it easy to transport the urn
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Easy to use; simply add the ground coffee and water
  • Easy to clean

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7. Oaklyn Large 2 Gallon Beverage Dispenser on Stand with Spout

Large 2 Gallon Beverage Dispenser on Stand with...
  • THIS 2 GALLON ACRYLIC DISPENSER IS 100% BPA FREE so you don't have to worry about dangerous materials. IT IS ALSO SHATTERPROOF so you won't have to worry about it dropping and shattering into pieces.
  • HOLDS ICE IN THE BASE AND THE CORE to make sure your drinks stay cold longer without watering down your beverages. Changing out the ice is extremely easy by just taking the lid off or lifting up the base.

Here is yet another drink dispenser that makes the ranks of the best beverage dispenser. It has a 2-gallon capacity that holds enough drinks for a party or a small gathering.

You can also use it at home. You can place it on a corner somewhere and it will fit in perfectly thanks to its attractiveness.

The dispenser also has an ice cone and a fruit infuser. The ice cone helps keep the drinks cold in the center. It also has an ice base that keeps the drinks cold from the bottom.

This ensures the drinks stay cool throughout. You should also replace the ice to maintain the coolness.

You can use the fruit infuser to add more flavor to the drinks or to heighten the flavors. The infuser keeps the fruits away from the water and prevents clogging the faucet.

You can also use tea in the dispenser. You put the tea leaves in the infuser and the tea will flow out through the faucet, minus the leaves that the infuser will filter.

You shouldn’t leave the fruits in the infuser for long, especially citrus fruit since they might damage it.

And last but not least, the good material. The Oaklyn beverage dispenser is made of BPA-free plastic. The plastic is safe to use and won’t harm you. It is a strong material that will not break or shatter easily, even if it tips over.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an ice cone at the center and an ice base at the bottom to make sure drinks are cool throughout
  • Has a fruit infuser to either add or enhance flavors, it also prevents clogging up of the faucet
  • Uses strong, high-quality material
  • Doesn’t break or shatter
  • Has a non-drip faucet

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8. Boxxle BX002013 Box Wine Dispenser

Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser, 3-Liter, Stainless...
  • Wine Stays fresh for up to 6 weeks after serving the first glass
  • Wine-by-the-glass, at home, anytime you want it

The Boxxle Wine Dispenser is a godsend to all wine lovers. This dispenser lets your wine to stay fresh. Leaving the wine out can cause it to spoil the taste and this is what the dispenser prevents. It can hold up to 3 liters of wine.

It keeps the wine inside preventing air from getting inside it preserving the rich taste of the wine. Due to its large capacity, you don’t have to constantly refill the dispenser.

The dispenser ensures that you don’t waste any wine. It puts pressure on the wine to ensure that the bag pours out all the wine.

The dispenser can keep the wine fresh for up to a month. The large size allows you to use for small to moderate parties, or use it from home.

The dispenser is also very attractive so you can keep it around your house even if it is empty and it will add to the décor of the place.

The few downsides that this wine dispenser has include the fact that it cannot serve any other beverage. Versatility lacks in this dispenser so you can serve only wine with it.

And to make matters worse, the dispenser can only work if you use bag-in-box wine. It cannot dispense wine that is in any other type of container so to use it you have to ensure you have the box of wine.

Highlighted Features

  • Can keep wine for up to 6 weeks once opened
  • It minimizes wastage by applying pressure to ensure the bag drains all the wine
  • Can hold up to 3 liters of wine
  • Easy to pour and fill the wine
  • Has durable stainless steel design

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9. Kook Glass Drink Dispenser with Fruit & Ice Infuser

Glass Drink Dispenser, by Kook, with Fruit & Ice...
  • The KooK 2 Gallon Jar Drink Dispenser is constructed of thick, premium grade, durable glass that ensures stability and balance when in use indoors or outdoors.Crystal clear, the mason jar with spout allows for easy visibility of contents for showing off delicious, colorful, and refreshing drinks.
  • The unique metal spigot is leak proof, non-drip, simple to use and provides a steady stream of liquid when tightened properly. Perfect for lemonade, water, juices, punch, sangria.

We wouldn’t be talking about the best beverage dispensers if we fail to mention the Kook Glass Drink Dispenser.

Unlike most of the products in this review, this dispenser is made of high-quality and highly durable glass. The glass is thick clear. It allows you to see the contents in the dispenser through the glass.

The glass, though thick, is also very stable. You can use it either outside or inside. Just make sure to put on a level surface to ensure it doesn’t fall over. It also has a non-drip metal spigot.

The faucet is leak proof and simple to use. It ensures that it provides a steady liquid stream to prevent spillages or leakages.

Due to its high-quality glass material, the dispenser will not corrode even if you put acid beverages in it. Just make sure to rinse after use to avoid any damage.

The dispenser has an ice infuser where you put the ice to ensure the liquid always stays cool. It also has a fruit infuser that you can use to put fruits and other sweeteners.

You can even put tea leaves in it. This is because the infuser filters the materials that can cause clogging. The dispenser has a wide mouth.

The mouth makes it easy to fill and refill the dispenser with the liquid without spilling. It also makes it easy when hand washing since you can get your hand in for thorough cleaning.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality and durable glass material
  • Non-drip spigot that ensures there’s no leaks
  • Wide mouth for easy filling, refilling and washing.
  • Has a fruit infuser that to put fruits and sweeteners in
  • Ice compartment where you put the ice to ensure the drinks stay cool
  • Cold drinks only

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10. Daily Chef 2 pk Unbreakable Stackable Beverage Dispenser

Now we come to the end of the products and we saved the best for last. This final dispenser is a two-tier one. It tops the best beverage dispensers’ competition.

You can use this dispenser to serve two drinks in the dispenser. Each dispenser holds 1.75 gallons which totals 3.5 gallons. This size is great when hosting large parties.

Each dispenser has its own ice cone inside. You can keep the ice cones in both dispensers keeping them cool all through. The ice does not mix with the drinks so the drinks will not be watery thanks to the ice cone.

You can also use on of the dispensers to store ice if it is empty to keep the one with drinks cool. You can also use it for serving ice.

The dispenser has easy to use faucets that turn easily. They also come with hanging labels that you can use to label the different drinks.

Another part of its versatility is that you can use the tops of the dispensers as serving trays. This will save you space. The flat top has enough space for you to store cups or food on top of it.

The dispensers are made using clear, unbreakable Tritan for durability. You can also use the dispenser bases as ice containers to store the ice. The dispenser has compartments that can store fruits and sweeteners.

Highlighted Features

  • Two different dispensers, each holding 1.75 gallons
  • You can put different drinks in the dispensers
  • Has hanging blackboards that you can use to write the name of the drinks
  • Store ice on the base of the dispensers
  • Utilize the serving tray for storing sweeteners, cups to save space
  • You can use one of the dispensers to store ice to make the other dispenser stay cool

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What to Consider When Select Beverage Dispensers 

Best Glass Beverage Dispensers

Now that you know some of the best beverage dispensers, let us now look at what you should look at when buying the dispenser. They should help you narrow it down to get the best dispenser for you that will fit the use.


There are different beverage dispensers and they all have different uses. When considering what dispenser to buy, you should look at what you are going to put in it.

Clear liquids, that will not need any powders in it, will do well with a normal dispenser. If you want to make drinks from powder, then you should consider getting a bubbling type.


This factor comes hand-in-hand with the first point. The choice of dispenser material you can get will depend on what you want to keep in it. There are plastic, glass, and stainless steel dispensers.

The glass dispenser is good if you are using it for acidic drinks since it will not corrode the material. You cannot put acidic beverages in a plastic dispenser since the acid might eat away at the material.

You can also consider the kind of material when choosing the temperature of drinks you want to put. Some materials can only handle cold drinks while others work well with cold drinks. Make sure you look at the temperatures that the dispenser can hold before buying one.

Extra compartments

The kind of beverage you want to serve will also determine what kind of dispenser you get. Some dispensers have ice compartments.

These are for putting ice in to ensure the drinks you serve are always cool. The compartments are in a separate position so that they don’t interfere with the drinks, making them watery.

Other kinds of dispensers have fruit infusers. You can use the infuser to put fruits or sweeteners in. These are there to add flavor to the drinks.

The pulp from the fruit will also not get into the drink since the infusers prevent clogging. Don’t leave the fruits in for long as it might ruin the dispenser.

Storage space

The dispenser you get should also fit well into the space you assign it to. You can get a small dispenser if you want to fit it in a refrigerator since it can easily fit on the shelves. Square dispensers take up less space while round ones take more space.

You can also get stackable dispensers. This kind of dispenser comes in handy if you want to serve different drinks. Not only does it allow you to put different drinks in without mixing but they can also save you space.

Stand or no stand?

Some dispensers come with stands. The stand makes it easy to balance the dispenser. Not only that, you can place the dispenser on a table without it hanging over and still leave space for the glass to fit.

Dispensers without stands are harder to use. This is because you will have to place it with the faucet overhanging on the edge for you to be able to fit a glass underneath.

The stands are usually made with metal or plastic as these materials provide stability and are durable.


The lid is also a factor you should pay attention to when choosing a dispenser. Some of the lids have enough space on them that you can use as a serving tray.

You can use the space to store cups and sweeteners saving you space that you will otherwise use for storage.

The material the lid is made from can also affect the drink you want to serve. Chilling fermented drinks will work well with lids made from plastic to avoid corrosion.

Make sure you avoid metals, although you can use food-grade stainless steel lids and spigots since they are safe to use.


Beverage dispensers come in different sizes, from 2 to 4 gallons and even more. The size of the dispenser you get should hold enough drinks for a long as you want.

You can use a small dispenser at home. The bigger dispensers are good when you are hosting parties. This is because you will not need to constantly refill them.

Method of washing

Different dispensers have different washing methods. Some of them are dishwasher safe. This means you can put it in the dishwasher for cleaning if you have enough space in your dishwasher for it that is.

The other type is the one that needs hand washing. This can be easy for you since some of them have wide mouths that can fit a hand in them.

Use warm soapy water with a good scrub and rinse. Make sure to run the water through the faucet to clean it too. Rinse it well and leave it upside down for drying. You should wash a dispenser after use to avoid staining or corrosion in some cases.

Final Verdict

By the end of this beverage dispenser review, you should know which dispenser will suit your needs. We have covered some of the best beverage dispensers available. They will live up to your standards and won’t disappoint.

The list contains all kinds of dispensers, from waters, juices, to wine and coffee makers. You have a wide variety in front of you and the choice is up to you.

Get yourself a beverage dispenser and let the rest take care of itself. Once you fill it up, you can sit back and relax even when hosting parties.

There are different sizes that can hold different amounts of beverages. Go through this list and choose the dispenser that is best for you.

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