15 Best Canister Vacuum for All Purposes in 2020

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Finding the right vacuum cleaner for your house can be challenging. There is a wide variety of different vacuum cleaners in the market today.

Since cleaning itself is cumbersome and for most demanding, finding the best canister vacuum is essential.

The suitable canister vacuum will deliver all the benefits and cater to all your needs, whether it is cleaning the curtains, carpets, wooden floors, among others.

They aim at making it easy for you to clean by being more sound efficient and light for easy mobility.

Top 5 Best Canister Vacuum: Editor’s Recommended

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However, due to the large variety of canister vacuums in the market, their manufacture options are quite different, and so are their functionalities.

You should find one that features all of your needs, such as powerful suction power to remove the most hardened debris.

Having a list of the best possible options makes the work easier. They include whether or not the vacuum is bagless or with bags for debris collection, with a filter or without, lightweight for easy portability or upright canisters, among others.

Best Canister Vacuum Reviews:

1. BISSELL 1547 Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic for Laminate Floors

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless...
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology for excellent suction for longer. Power Cord Length: 18 feet , Hose Length -7 inches
  • Hard floor Turbine foot is tough on dirt, gentle on your floors. Power Rating: 9.2 amps. Cleaning Path Width : 11 Inch

It is one of the best bagless canister vacuums in the market today. Not only is it easy to empty the canister, but it also prevents allergens and other dust particles from floating into the air. It is straight forward and simple for anyone to learn.

The vacuum cleaner is light for carrying around as you work and clean. It has an articulating wand that helps reach high places such as the upholstery and dirt hidden dark spots that are had to enter.

It has a powerful suction that makes it a bit difficult to push forward and back when cleaning the carpet and other cleaning surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner has a retracting cord that extends the cleaning wand further from the canister. It makes it possible to clean different spaces in one room without moving the vacuum further away.

Besides, being on the best-corded canister vacuums, the length of reach is has a broader diameter.

The canister has several cleaning accessories and emits less noise allowing you to clean at night or during the day. The accessories are accompaniments for you to attach if you need to use them.

Otherwise, you may stick to the hose for your vacuuming needs. Besides, they are not in any way bulky making it simple to clean under the beds, dressers, and little space between furniture’s that the hose is unable to reach.


  • Has rotating brushes that enable easy and fast carpet cleaning
  • Has a retracting cord and cleaning wand and articulating wand for easy reach
  • Is compact in design for secure storage
  • Has a superior Multi-Cyclonic Technology that promotes suction power
  • Has a turbine brush for cleaning hard floors

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2. Kenmore 600 Series with Pet PowerMate

Kenmore 600 Series Friendly Lightweight Bagged...
  • BAGGED CANISTER VACUUM: Multipurpose design w/swivel head cleans all areas and surfaces in your home, den, kitchen, car and garage
  • PET POWERMATE: Motorized attachment lifts stubborn pet hair, dander and dirt quickly from surfaces. Eliminates hair from tangling around the brush

The canister vacuum is one of the best lightweight canister vacuums in the market. With its various attachments, the vacuum cleaner is not only portable but also highly mobile while cleaning.

You only need to exert a little effort as you push the vacuum to the desired location.

The device is also convenient in its use. With a retractable cleaning cord, you now reach the most challenging regions in the house and do a thorough cleaning job. Besides, it has several attachments that make cleaning simpler for you.

These include:

  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Bare floor cleaning tools (Pop-n-Go)

Its cleaning mode puts to use the HEPA filter systems. The system has an accuracy filtration system for debris and other dirt with a rate of 99.9%.

Besides, all the earth goes to the bag preventing any form of allergens from the surface. Also, it has one of the best multipurpose cleaning designs with the ability to clean any area of the house, including the garage, car, den, or kitchen, among others.

The canister vacuum has two different motors that make it easy to remove even the pesky little dirt, including pet hairs.

The engines increase the suction power. In combination with the telescoping wand, the difficult to access areas also get a thorough and clean job.


  • Has a bag for storing debris
  • Comes with a pet brush as an accessory
  • Lightweight for easy mobility when cleaning
  • Has an efficient HEPA filtration system with a layer of three different filters
  • Has variable power that makes it easy to switch the cleaning power for different surfaces
  • It has an easy to adjust telescope wand with a retractable cord of approximately 28 inches in length.
  • Has two motors that provide extra power for deep suction cleaning

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3. Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner for Pet Hair

Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner
  • Dyson cyclone technology captures more dirt and mircoscopic dust than any other with no loss of suction
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology- airflows remodeled to maximize suction power

Thinking of convenience and no more incurring costs through bag replacement or continuously cleaning vacuum filters!

The canister vacuum is not only powerful in removing dirt and other debris but also works flawlessly on pet hair on different surfaces.

It goes beyond simple cleaning and personalizes your cleaning work by identifying with your needs.

The canister vacuum has a high suction power with Cinetic Tips that ensure continuous airflow into the canister vacuum.

The tips prevent blockage from dust particles as you clean and also eliminates the need for a filter.

Using this vacuum cleaner means its work at all times as it does not block, and neither does it lose its suction power. Besides, its ‘attachments work quite well on any cleaning surface.

The canister vacuum is a neat and highly compact design that is easy to use. However, even with the fantastic benefits, the canister has a small canister capacity.

As a result, you have to empty the cartridge several times, especially if cleaning a large surface. Besides, the hollow design at the bottom of the canister causes the dirt to spray in all directions when emptying


  • Has nylon bristles that work on carpet dirt and fiber filaments based on carbon that removes dirt/ dust from hard floors.
  • Has a compact design makes it suitable for home use
  • Explores Cinetic technology that eliminates the need for dust filters
  • Has ball technology that effortlessly cleans as you move
  • Never loses suction power
  • Lightweight making it highly portable and mobile
  • Versatile and highly convenient

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4. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum...
  • Dust cup capacity - 2.5 liters. Ideal for quick and efficient cleaning
  • Convenient for home and auto

We all want a multipurpose vacuum canister; you can use it to pick small and fine dust particles from your rug or carpet. Also, blow leaves in your backyard, and garage, among others.

The canister also works best on different floors, including tiles and hardwoods. It is compact, making it suitable for maneuvering around the house cleaning.

Besides, the canister design is easy to store and does not occupy a considerable space.

The canister works well in cleaning places that are hard to reach. The canister sections come in a design that allows them to separate.

Therefore, when cleaning, you can attach the hose at the back to blow pieces of leaves or the extension ward to reach under the seats and the upholstery.

With a lengthy power cord approximately 20ft, and a 12 amp motor, the canister has a considerable suction power.

The power code offers the opportunity to clean different areas without moving the canister vacuum too much, even though it is light with only 9 pounds in weight.

Also, the canister comes with a triple filtration process/ system for the dirtbag in your cartridge.

It comes with accessories that allow for in-depth cleaning, and clean up pet hair fast from the seats.

These tools include:

  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Bare floor and carpet nozzle
  • Two wands

Even with specialized tools for cleaning different surfaces, the canister requires frequent changes in its filters and bag, especially when cleaning carpets and other rugs.

Also, the hose wrinkles due to its make and materials, which results in clogging. This lowers its efficiency levels.


  • Compact design for easier storage
  • Lightweight for mobility and maneuverability when cleaning
  • Several accessories for cleaning different types of floors
  • High suction power and extended reach
  • Easy to learn and use canister controls

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5. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet, Tayberry...
  • Named a Good Housekeeping Seal Star for 2019.
  • This powerful but quiet Miele bagged canister vacuum has an electrobrush specifically designed for the care of soft carpet. The five-level height adjustment on the electrobrush adapts to all carpet heights so that it can easily glide over the surface while providing a deep clean.

Looking for the versatility, convenience, durability, and soundproof when cleaning out your home?

Well, the Miele Complete C3 is one of the top-notch and high-quality canister vacuums in the market today.

Not only does it do wonders in cleaning different floor surfaces, but it also delivers deep cleaning for all your carpets.

The canister vacuum is easy to carry, making cleaning a flexible activity even up the staircase.

Handles soft and smooth carpet surfaces delicately when cleaning and at the same time, suction the floorboards with adequate power.

It’s motor releases around 1200W with its control footswitches at the foot of the vacuum.

Its design employs an electric brush that softly moves through the carpet and penetrates the carpet fibers for better dust removal.

Its parquet twister does all the work by increasing the aggressiveness in which the soft bristles clean the room.

However, even though aggressive, they leave the floor clean and in better appearance than it was before.

For individuals with allergic reactions, this canister offers the best dust filtration system. It comprises the filter bag, motor protection, and the HEPA filter.

All these make up the Miele AirClean dust filtration system. As a result, no dust particles float through the air; instead, the canister cleans them up and has filter bags that prevent dust from floating out.


  • Powerful motor releasing 1200W in suction power
  • Not loud, this makes cleaning convenient for any time of the day or night
  • Suitable for delicate carpet or mat textures and floors
  • Has cleaning accessories that help clean of hidden areas
  • Has a filtration system that prevents dust and other allergens from floating into the air

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6. Dyson DC26 Canister Vacuum Cleaner for All Floor

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum...
  • Root Cyclone technology - Dyson's patented technology that doesn't lose suction power as you vacuum
  • The smallest Dyson canister - easy to carry and store

Looking for a machine that goes far and beyond, this specific canister cleans and transforms the dirt into smaller pieces or microns, reducing the amount of dust using the Dyson Root Cyclone technology.

It reduces the number of times you have to empty the canister. Also, it limits allergens and other dirt materials from flying into the air.

One of the best lightweight canister vacuums, it makes it easy to maneuver and clean the house, up the stairs, and without losing its suction power. Its motor is centrally placed, making it easy to move around with.

Its suction wind blows upward and not downwards, preventing a dusty situation from occurring. As a result, it makes it easy to clean hard floors with high amounts of dirt and dust.

Besides, it has several attachments, including a brush bar with stiff bristles that remove harsh dirt particles from carpets.

The fine dust cleaning feature in this vacuum cleaner is the smooth carbon-based filament designs. These are highly effective in cleaning hard floors.

It employs the HEPA filtration system that takes in dust particles plus air and expels the clean air back into the atmosphere. It is easy to empty the vacuums canister or bin.

Besides, it is hygienic as you only need to press a button to empty without dirtying the clean environment.


  • Utilizes the cyclone technology that ensures continuous suction power when cleaning
  • Employs the HEPA filtration system that eliminates fine dust particles, and other allergens such as pollen
  • Has recyclable filters and is bagless saving on replacement costs
  • Has a cord approximately 16ft which add to the cleaning circumference
  • Compact with a centralized motor for more effortless mobility

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7. PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum

PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum
  • Specifically designed to clean warm and cool ash out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and barbeque grills
  • Washable and replaceable fire-resistant filter system filters out the finest dust and ash

Is cleaning your fireplace getting you all stressed up, get the PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum to help you out! Not only does it keep your stove clean fast and easy, but it also maintains its performance levels.

It saves you money and increases its durability. Therefore, this is a vacuum cleaner you should get, especially if dealing with ash and other debris.

The PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum maintains several safety measures. Its hose is lined with heat-resistant materials, has a heat-resistant filter and canister.

Besides, it has a heat sensor that shuts off if the motor temperatures go too high.

It means that you can utilize the cartridge whenever it cools down once again, ensuring your safety and maintenance levels of the canister ash vacuum.

The vacuum has filtration systems that make it impossible for the hose system to clog. The filters have microfiber that captures ash even in its finest form.

They are also heat resistant and reusable. Besides, it has several accessories that enable cleaning faster and simpler for you.

These include:

  • Extension wands (2)
  • Metal hose and nozzles
  • Brush nozzle
  • Turbo nozzle
  • Has a wheeled base for more effortless movement when cleaning or storage.


  • Soundproof when cleaning (you can use it day and night and not worry about the noise)
  • Powerful and sustainable suction power
  • Has lined metal hose, heat resistant and a sensor that turns the motor off
  • Has a filtration system capable of handling ash
  • Reusable filters saving on replacement costs
  • Large capacity limiting amount of times you empty the canister/ bin

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8. Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum

Ovente Electric Bagless Canister Cleaner 1.5L Dust...
  • Powerful & Bagless - This vacuum is equipped with 1200 watts that uses non-stop suction to deep clean surfaces in one pass. Its bagless design comes with a translucent dust compartment with LED light alert when the dust container and filters are full.
  • Advanced Multi-level Filtration - Say goodbye to dirt! The high efficiency particulate air filtration system removes 99.9% of dust and debris such as hair, clothing fibers, bits of dead bugs, pollen, and etc. It can collect particles that are 300x smaller than a hair.

Looking for a way to cut out the noise your vacuum makes when cleaning? It is time to change it and acquire the Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum.

As one of the best canister vacuums for hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, and soft floors, the vacuum cleaner shows its versatility.

The bagless vacuum cleaner employs a multiple filtration system that gets rid of fine dust and other dirt particles.

It uses cyclonic technology to clean and convert dirt to smaller particles for more natural filtration. As a result, the vacuum rarely blocks or clogs.

Besides, it is easy to maintain. The translucent canister makes it spot when it gets full. It ensures you empty on time and replaces the filters with clean ones for better functionality.

Besides, the long cord prevents continuous movement of the whole vacuum relieving you of the pressure of carrying it around.

Once your cleaning is complete, press the retraction button for the cord to retract. Also, attach the telescopic wand and clean those high places without risk of back injuries.

Besides, together with the other accessories that the canister comes with, your cleaning responsibilities become easier.


  • Has a translucent bin for more natural visibility when full
  • Has a retractable cord that makes it easier to store and clean a larger circumference
  • Employs the HEPA filtration system
  • Has several additional accessories that make cleaning simpler
  • Suitable for cleaning the different floor surfaces including hard and soft floor surfaces
  • Highly convenient and easy to learn and use

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9. Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum

ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 5 pounds, carry it by hand or over your shoulder with the carrying strap
  • EXTENDED CLEANING REACH: Use the stretch hose to easily clean above-floor and in-between for detailed cleaning where vacuums cannot reach

For a large house with several stairs to climb when cleaning, you may want to consider a canister that is easy to carry.

The Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum has a shoulder strap and an easy to hold handle for your movement when cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a lengthy power cord approximately 30 feet. It not only adds to the cleaning circumference but also makes it easier to clean a massive room at once without carrying the vacuum.

It has an adjustable wand that makes it easier to reach higher places like the ceiling fans, stairs, and upholstery and even had surfaces. Besides, it also reaches small spaces and goes over the edge for cleaning purposes.

The canister is lightweight, approximately 5 pounds. Also, it comes with two different motors that aim at increasing your suction power and vacuuming capabilities.

As a result, the suction power increases with the 4 am batteries. Besides, if facing an influx of pet hairs in your house and even on your furniture, the vacuum will efficiently clean it up.


  • Has a shoulder strap and handle for smoother mobility
  • Has two motors each four amps which increase suction power
  • Long power cord improving the cleaning circumference
  • Has different accessories for cleaning various surfaces, reaching hidden and small cleaning spaces and removing pet hair
  • Does not emit loud noise making it suitable for use in the night or day
  • It’s highly durable and delivers quality work

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10. Hoover CH30000 Commercial Canister Vacuum

Hoover Commercial PORTAPOWER Lightweight Canister...
  • ABOVE FLOOR CLEANING: Use the stretch hose to extend your cleaning reach into tight spaces vacuums cannot reach upright, easily cleaning above-floor and in-between for detailed cleaning
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 8 pounds, carry it by hand or over your shoulder, enabling easy maneuverability and helping to minimize downtime.

The Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum is a versatile vacuum cleaner.

It has vacuum suction power suitable for cleaning your home to your satisfaction. As a result, you can get rid of those dust particles and pet hair that has your allergies acting up.

The bagless canister vacuum cleaner is a lightweight that reduces the chances of becoming tired during cleaning.

Also, the vacuum cleaner comes with a long power cord approximately 30 ft and a hose that ensures you reach a more extensive cleaning area.

Also, it explores a full path when cleaning with an easy to stretch hose which reaches the hidden places.

The vacuum cleaner has an inbuilt blower that helps blow away debris, such as leaves in your garage or back yard. The accessory pack accompanying the vacuum cleaner comes with several cleaning tools.

These make it easy to clean other areas in your home and do a more thorough cleanup job.

However, using the cleaner can present difficulties primarily due to the dual functionality of the lever on the device. It keeps the vacuum hose in place and also helps in closing the bag.

As a result, if it does one of the functions, the other remains open and functionless. That means you need an extra level to either hold the bag or stabilize the hose as you perform your cleaning duties.


  • Cleans and ample space with a short period
  • Has a hose that can stretch further offering increased cleaning area
  • Has an accessory pack that comes with extra cleaning tools
  • Has an inbuilt blowing feature for use on different types of debris
  • Is a lightweight make it easy to carry when cleaning different areas
  • Easy to learn how it works and easy to use as well

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11. Fuller Brush Co. Home Maid Power Team Canister Vacuum

If your home has some of the hardest to clean hardwood floors, then it is about time that you sit and revise your cleaning strategy.

The Fuller Brush Co. Home Maid Power Team Canister Vacuum is not only ideal for cleaning your home carpets and rugs but also works well on your hardwood floors.

The canister vacuum is gentle on your floors, leaving no scratches behind with its soft bristles.

It delves deeper into the carpets eliminating fine dust and taking all the dirt out, leaving a fresh smelling rug or mat.

Besides, the powerful suction nozzle lifts any form of earth from your surfaces and even on the furniture.

The accompanying vacuum accessories are easy to attach and remove. Therefore, if cleaning the cobwebs on the corner or require to remove dust attached to the ceiling, and then the vacuum makes it easy for you.

The extra tools will deliver all those hidden places where dirt accumulates to justice. Not only do they attach firmly, but are also reach the dark areas for cleaning.

The Fuller Brush Co. Home Maid Power Team Canister Vacuum is a featherweight that follows around as you continue cleaning. It does wonder with pet hair and does not clog or block as a result. Also, it is compact and easy to carry around and store after use.


  • Has a neat compact design for more accessible storage and mobility
  • Has high suction power that eliminates dirt and dirt preventing allergic reactions
  • Has several attachments that aid in cleaning hard and small places to reach using bare hands
  • Works on pet hairs and any other form of dirt and dust
  • Lightweight or featherweight for easier maneuverability

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12. Electrolux EL7085B Ultraone Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Electrolux EL7085B Ultraone Deluxe Canister Vacuum
  • Intuitive electronic all-surface suction
  • Motorized Powerhead with self-cleaning Brush roll

If you take delight in using different technological applications for your home, then the Electrolux EL7085B Ultraone Deluxe Canister Vacuum is the one for you.

It comes with an Auto-Detect feature that helps different surfaces from carpets, upholsteries to wooden floors, and even house mats and rugs. As a result, the hose increases or decreases the suction capability of the vacuum hose.

If the brushroll cleans pet and human hair, the hairs entangle themselves in the brush. As a result, this vacuum cleaner comes with a technology that removes the hairs from the brush.

Besides, it has a variety of LED lights indicating the different cleaning angles at your disposal.

Besides the HEPA filtration cleans the dirt and dust lifted from the surface, cleans the air and releases it back into the air. It eliminates all allergens in the atmosphere when cleaning. The canister has a bag to hold the debris as well as a canister.

Besides, a silent pro technological system that swallows all the noise, making it suitable for cleaning during the day or at night.

The canister also boasts of a long cord that improves its overall functionality. Also, the cable easily retracts after use, making it easy to store the canister vacuum.


  • Automatically detects different surfaces and readjust the suction to fit the surface
  • Long power cord approximately 21ft which increases the cleaning area
  • High suction power about 12 amps with 110 to 120 volts
  • Employs the HEPA filtration dust cleaning system
  • Has its self-cleaning system to remove any dirt tangled in its cleaning brush
  • Has attachments that help clean hardwood floors and upholstery tools

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13. Compact C1 Pure Suction canister vacuum

Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline Canister...
  • POWERFUL & LIGHTWEIGHT: Bagged canister vacuum cleaner ideal for homes with hard floors and low pile carpeting. Compact body style for easy storage
  • STRONG SUCTION POWER: Switch between 6 suction power settings specific to the surface being cleaned

If you have several small spaces in your house that are hard to clean or reach, the compact C1 Pure Suction canister vacuum is one of the best at cleaning these spaces.

The canister can take hold of extra debris before it requires you to empty it. It comes with several canister vacuum tools that help in cleaning other areas of the house.

The canister vacuum works quite well in cleaning hard floors. It leaves no marks behind but ensures the floor is clean. When it comes to low pile carpets, the canister is efficient.

The cleaning rolls smoothly work through the different surfaces and does not fuss or fumble when working.

It comes with the Miele filtration and air cleaning system with three different filters. With it, there are no dust particles that float behind after the vacuum.

As a result, you can experience no allergic reactions and other medical conditions associated with fine dust particles.

It has several accessories, including a telescoping wand and a retracting power code, which increase the area you clean. Also, you can easily switch it on and off using your foot as the switch is easily accessible by your feet.


  • Comes with the Miele air-clean technologies with three different filters which eliminate possible allergens in the air when cleaning
  • Emits less noise; cleaning is possible at any time of day or night
  • Has easy to learn and use controls
  • Easy to connect canister vacuum tools
  • Has a rotary dial that controls the suction power when cleaning
  • Has a long cord and cleaning wand with a huge cleaning radius of around 29.5 ft.

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14. Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum, Red
  • Lightweight HEPA-ready commercial canister vacuum is great for bare floors and hard surfaces
  • Comes with a carpet cleaning attachment for low-pile carpet and area rugs

Thinking of getting the best canister vacuum cleaner for commercial use or home use?

Well, if you have several bare surfaces and mats that require some cleaning, the Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum comes with the attachments needed for fast and straightforward cleaning.

Also, the wand’s attachment makes it clean hidden spaces. Those small spaces that your hands are unable to reach, the vacuum wands make it easier for you to clean. Don’t forget the crevice tool, which is an additional tool.

The canister vacuum is HEPA enabled, which allows better air filtration during cleaning. It removes fine particles of dirt and dust from different surfaces eliminating any allergens. As a result, it maintains your overall health.

The canister is compact in size and design. It is light to carry weighing only 10 pounds. It makes cleaning a large room with staircases easy.

It is because carrying it does not tire you out. It is perfect for cleaning pet hair, hanging cobwebs, and other ceiling dirt present in your house.

Besides, it has a shut-off mechanism that shuts it off after continuous use, and in case it overheats. The safety measure is a big up for this canister vacuum.


  • Featherweight weighing around 10 pounds
  • Has the HEPA filtration technology which eliminates specks of dust and fine particles that cause allergies
  • Its compact size making it easy to carry during cleaning and store after cleaning
  • Has accompanying tools making it more versatile in its use including crevice tool and wands
  • Has excellent suction power and a power breaking system that shuts off in case it overheats

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15. Bissell Lightweight Floor Cleaning Kit

Bissell Smart Details Lightweight Swivel Mop with...
  • Versatile. Use damp for mopping, dry for dusting or with disposable cloths
  • Jointed handle allows for easy cleaning under furniture

If looking for versatility and multiple uses, then this bagless canister vacuum fulfills all of your needs. It cleans both hard floors and carpets.

Its powerful suction enabled by the Cyclonic technology makes it easy to provide a thorough cleaning of different surfaces. All you have to do is press the switch button for different surfaces and proceed to your cleaning duties.

The canister vacuum is highly effective when cleaning even for those deeply hidden areas and seat corners.

The canister comes with a long cord that enables you to reach the hard to reach areas. After use, the cord retracts, making it easy for you to store the vacuum.

The post-motor and dirt cup filters help capture fine dust and any other particle while cleaning. Besides, the filter designs make it possible to reuse them, and replacing them maybe once in a while or if worn out. It saves you on the cost of regular replacement.

The canister vacuum is light making it easy to carry around when cleaning. You can maneuver to any location in the house and clean without any hindrance. Besides, it has a firm handle integrated into the canister, making it easier to carry.


  • Retractable vacuum cord approximately 15 feet
  • Weighs 8 pounds or less for more effortless mobility
  • Have two filters for the post-motor and the dirt cup
  • Cleans different surfaces (multiple usages)
  • Easy to remove dirt cup making the canister bagless and easy to use
  • Powerful suction technology (cyclonic technology)
  • Lightweight making it easy to maneuver and clean even the steepest or hidden places

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What to Look When Select Canister Vacuum?

best canister vacuum for carpet

The price of a canister vacuum should not have you shying off from purchasing a good canister vacuum. Many benefits come with buying the right canister vacuum to fit your cleaning needs.

Here is a buying guide to help when you decide to get a canister vacuum.

Bagless and bagged canisters

Deciding on whether to purchase a bagged or a bagless vacuum is an important decision. It affects the cost, price, and convenience of cleaning up your house. The canister is a one-time thing that requires no replacements.

On the other hand, a bagged canister offers better disposal means in comparison to a cartridge that sprays the dust and ash into the bin.

This can have your allergies acting up once again. However, it will cost more as the bags require replacements regularly.

Weight of the vacuum cleaner

The weight of your canister vacuum matters a lot! If cleaning a large room, going up or down the stairs, or several floors in a building, you need a canister vacuum that is light and easy to carry up the stairs.

Canister vacuum designs aim at having less weight for more comfortable carriage around the house. It is easier to carry an eight pounds canister vacuum in comparison to a 120 pounds upright vacuum cleaner.

Canisters vacuums with a cord tend to weigh more and can be cumbersome as you have to go over the cable while cleaning. Cordless canister vacuums are much lighter.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded canister vacuum cleaners tend to have a more extensive cleaning circumference in comparison to cordless canister vacuums.

The best-corded canister vacuums are those that have a button allowing you to release or retract the cord when not in use.

However, cables can be a challenge, especially if cleaning a small area where the cord is too long.

A cordless canister vacuum translates to vacuum cleaners with their motors. The motor produces the power that the canister vacuum uses to clean your house.

This is an advantage too you as you clean as it offers independence from attachments, unlike the corded vacuum cleaners. However, the motors overheat, which reduces their efficiency levels.

Filtration system

Sometimes, one needs a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any possible allergens that may affect your general health. Such allergens include pet hair, fine dust, pollen, and other dirt that is not visible to the naked eye.

A vacuum cleaner with a proper filtration system can pick on the smallest dirt and dust particles, approximately 0.3 microns.

However, this technology is for canister vacuums with HEPA filters i.e., high-efficiency particulate air filter.

The only disadvantage that comes with the different filters is that you have to replace them after a long period of use.

For home users, approximately six months of use are advisable for you to return the filters. However, if heavy-duty, then replace more frequently for maximum performance.

An additional advantage has filters that you can wash and reuse once again. Ask if you can clean the filters instead of replacing them with new ones at the store.

Add ons or extra attachments

Canister vacuum versatility depends on the different tools at your disposal for use. The most basic of these extra tools include:

  • Narrow and long tools for cleaning the crevices or hidden/tight spaces
  • Upholstery brushes
  • Round brush rolls for dusting
  • Other have additional edge cleaners and pet hairbrush

The more additional tools that are of benefit to you as a potential buyer, the better a canister vacuum is for you. However, ensure that all the attachments/ canister vacuum accessories work fine before completing the buy.

How to Use a Canister Vacuum?

Just like many other mechanical devices, it is essential to ensure that you know how to use a canister vacuum before you purchase one for your house.

Using them can be intimidating to many. However, many can get intimidated by the complexity of the machine in appearance. However, it is simple to learn and to use. Here is how to use a vacuum cleaner.

Examine your canister

The purpose of this examination is to identify whether the cartridge is full and requires emptying or not. If full empty, the canister fewer risk malfunctions.

Check the canister vacuum height

Look at the best upright canister vacuum position to suit your cleaning needs. The height of the canister vacuum determines its efficiency levels. If too high or too low, you compromise the overall efficiency levels.

Eliminate smaller objects

Be sure to remove any small items before you start vacuuming. It makes work easier as it can be cumbersome to clean and move them at the same time.

Switch on the Vacuum

Carefully move the canister vacuum forward and backward with clear and precise strokes.

Add attachments to clean other areas such as the crevices or flooring if done with the mats

Wash the brush and dry the bristles for better maintenance

Why Choose a Canister Vacuum?

Choose a Canister Vacuum

You may be asking why you should use a canister vacuum instead of upright, robotic, or even handheld vacuum cleaners. The answer is simple.

The canister vacuum cleaners offer a range of benefits that others do not have. These benefits include:

They are more soundproof in comparison with other vacuum makes or models. Their motors emit no or less sound making it efficient in its use.

Besides, you can use it during the night after putting the kids to bed due to the low sound emission. Your family sleeps through your cleaning activities.

It has additional attachments or tools that help clean the hidden spaces, including the crevices. Using wands, you can clean the upholstery and the ceiling.

With a pet brush, you can groom your pets and clean up after them. Furthermore, even with the attachments, the canister vacuums are light, which makes it easy to clean different areas in the house by carrying it.

Finally, canister vacuum cleaners are versatile in their functionalities. They clean every area of your homestead.

Form the furniture, different types of flooring, the stairs, mats, and carpets, among others. With a canister vacuum, you get the assurance of a clean home at all times.

Frequently Ask Question About Canister Vacuum

1. What is the best canister vacuum cleaner to buy?

Finding the best amongst a variety of canister vacuums can be tiring if not troublesome at the end of the day. The trick is identifying your cleaning needs. These offer you the specifications and the type of canister vacuum to buy.

Do you want your carpets clean, floor surface clean, and well maintained with no scratches? No pet hairs and enhanced dust clearing system with a quality air filtration or cleaning system?

Then you might consider Miele Complete C3 Vacuum, or the Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum, among others with similar features.

2. Which is a better canister or upright vacuum?

Select a Canister Vacuum if you have the following needs.

  • Efficient in cleaning a variety of furniture as it is a lightweight and easy to maneuver with up and down the stairs, below the bed or kitchen table.
  • Versatile: Suitable for different cleaning needs, including mats, floor surfaces, rugs, and carpets.
  • Are afraid of pushing the uprights and finally require a lightweight
  • Dust capacity is not on the high
  • Not suitable for commercial use or full applications

Select an upright canister if you have the following needs.

  • Full area application and commercial use ‘hard to clean but stationary furniture with minimal varieties due to restrictions in maneuverability
  • For dense or thick carpets of a wide range and piles
  • Rugs with huge people traffic using them such as in a church, auditorium or hotel

3. What is the advantage of a canister vacuum?

  • It’s convenient and versatile in its use
  • It is soundproof
  • Offers a wide range of home and commercial applications
  • Comes with several attachments that improve on your cleaning capabilities
  • Powerful motor capabilities which increase suction power
  • Better health care especially for individuals who have asthma and other allergic medical conditions
  • Reaches even the hidden spaces amongst the furniture and the corners of the house that are difficult to achieve when cleaning

4. How long do canister vacuums last?

Each mechanical device requires proper maintenance and care if it outlives its lifespan. Similarly, taking care of your canister vacuum increases its lifespan. How do you do this?

Ensure you purchase the right brand. Companies take pride in assuring you of their brand’s durability. Conduct maintenance tests and take proper care of the machine.

Use it for only where it is capable. Don’t force it to pick dirt that is too heavy for it, such as substantial rock chippings if not built for it.

5. What is the best vacuum cleaner for 2019?

The best vacuum cleaner for 2019 is any canister vacuum that fits your needs and performs following your expectations. A brand that is suitable for you and one that delivers several accessories, ensuring you meet your cleanliness standards.

As a result, the best is as declared by the various functionalities, best features, and above all, enhanced technological capabilities to suit your every requirement.

Final Verdict

Canister vacuum comes in a wide range with different features and different expectations from the clients. The reviews bring all these and more for you to select one that rhymes with what you are searching for.

The buyer’s guide will help you know what to look for and get all the benefits that canister vacuums have to offer. At the same time, you learn how to use canister vacuums to keep and maintain cleanliness.

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