12 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines of 2021

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The home needs to be good-looking at all times. That explains why many homeowners are particular about using hardwood floors to add some extra shades of glamour to the floors of their rooms.

The decision is because hardwood floors help to increase the value of your property. That takes the clue from the fact that it is a long-term investment, which ensures the durability of the floor.

Therefore, having the best hardwood floor cleaning machines can perform magic.

While hardwood flooring is the best option for many homeowners, it could turn out to be a bad investment.

For some reasons, the use of wood in construction is something worth considering. Ideally, wood is a living material. Hence, it is susceptible to fluctuating temperature and humidity.

These combine with the possibility of drying out when kept in a warm environment.

Although these downsides can cause you to have a rethink about going for hardwood flooring, you can still get around the problems by using the best wood floor cleaner machine.

Top 5 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine Picks:

We understand the needs of homeowners, especially those that choose to go for wooden floors.

Hence, our hardwood floor cleaning machines review is the perfect solution to help you make the most out of your hardwood floor.

Read further to discover the machines that would elongate the lifespan and durability of the hardwood flooring in your home.

Best Floor Cleaning Machine Reviews:

1. BISSEL PowerFresh Steamer Cleaner

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with Natural...
  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; Eliminates 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria with the natural power of steam
  • Power through tough, sticky messes with the flip down easy scrubber

The first machine that we would look at is the BISSEL PowerFresh Steamer Cleaner. Homeowners are not just looking for something but also a tool that can perform to the optimum.

These features are available on this best hard floor cleaner. Let’s look at some of the functionalities.

First, it can clean and sanitize your hardwood floor without leaving behind any dirt. It would interest you to know that it doesn’t make use of any harsh chemicals to achieve this feat.

Besides, there is the assurance of over 99% eradication of bacteria and germs that must be lurking around the flooring. It pulls these off using the natural steam power infused into this machine.

You would be expecting the cleaner to be fast and precise. That informs the reason behind the 1500 watts power rating on the BISSEL PowerFresh Steamer Cleaner. It doesn’t stop at that.

Also, the machine features a swivel steering that allows you to turn to different directions without hassles. Besides, you can start working with it within 30 seconds of turning it on.

For better efficiency, this steam cleaner incorporated additional features like a soft microfiber pad, a 23-foot power cord, and a scrubby microfiber pad.

You would also find the two spring freeze fragrance discs and the carpet glider useful for the work you intend to do.

Highlighted Features

  • Eliminates over 99% of bacteria and germs
  • Uses the natural scrubber to remove dried-on messes
  • Cleans across multiple hard floors, such as hardwood, ceramic, granite and marble
  • Utilizes demineralized scent water to leave behind a fresh scent after cleaning
  • Allows you to customize your cleaning needs using the three levels of steam

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2. Hoover FloorMate Jet Hard Floor Cleaner,

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate Jet Hard Floor...
  • VACUUMS WHILE WASHING: For one-step cleaning on multiple sealed surfaces including hardwoods, tile and laminate
  • CORDLESS: Delivers cord-free convenience powered by the removable and rechargeable ONEPWR 4. 0 Ah Battery with up to 25 minutes of runtime on a full charge

Are you working on a budget and looking for the best spray mop for hardwood floors?

You can’t be luckier when you purchase the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner. The machine is a definition of efficient cleaning without compromising on other essential areas.

The formulation is simple. On the one hand, the SpinScrub has the duty of scrubbing the floor for you. On the other hand, the built-in dual tanks on the machine help to separate clean and dirty water.

That way, you wouldn’t need to push dirty water on your floors while scrubbing. The collective efforts of the dual tanks help in the scrubbing process.

The SpinScrub feature also dries the floor immediately after washing. Therefore, you can be sure that your hardwood flooring will be dry and shiny at the end of the exercise.

Understandably, some dirt is stubborn. It is not surprising that you would have a hard time taking away debris even after exerting all the energy in you. There is an easy way out when you use this machine.

The Clean Boost Control has the duty of taking off stubborn stains. All you need do is to use your fingertip on the control button. That helps the cleaner to release more detergent that would eradicate those stubborn stains.

The lightweight design of this cleaner empowers you to lift it to any destination. Finally, you now have the best hardwood floor cleaning machine that you can carry up and down the stairs and to different sections of the house for cleaning.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual Tank Technology for water separation
  • Clean Boost Control functionality releases more detergent for effective stain removal
  • Lightweight
  • Suctions up dirty water in one motion
  • Hassle-free clean-up after use

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3. Steam Mop Multifunctional Handheld Steamer

LIGHT 'N' EASY Multi-Functional steam mop Steamer...
  • On-demand HI, MED and LOW steam settings fit for various floors surface: marble, tile, grout, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, and sealed wood flooring.
  • Detaches into a separate handheld steam cleaner for multi-purpose cleaning: garment wrinkle remover, upholstery refresher, bathroom/kitchen deep cleaning.

Some homeowners are not particular about moveable cleaning machines. Some prefer something light and handy. That is where the Steam Mop Multifunctional Handheld Steamer appears.

The device has a striking design that makes it convenient. You would also love the lightweight feature that facilitates mobility.

Indeed, your hardwood flooring adds more beauty to your home. You may have some other rooms that have different types of flooring, like tiles and laminate flooring.

In that case, you have a willing floor cleaning machine that fits into all the needs. This Steam Mop is multi-functional. That makes it feasible for use on many floors, including hardwood, tiles, laminate, and carpet.

Are you worried that your floor may be at risk after the cleaning? Worry no more! The machine has three steam settings. These are High, Medium, and Low. They ensure that the right steaming is in use when cleaning your floors.

It also has various features tailored to enhance your cleaning operations. For instance, you can convert it to a handheld steamer for use as a garment steamer.

The dual smart switch functionality allows you to start steaming by tilting the handle and stop the steam by keeping it upright. The smart sensor is also there to help you operate it with ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Multifunctional for different tasks, including garment and floor steamer
  • Lightweight
  • Utilizes 110ºC for quick stain removal
  • Detachable
  • Adjustable steam settings

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4. Sharp Rocket DuoClean

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded...
  • Duoclean technology: Dual brushroll system deep cleans carpets and directly engages floors for a polished look.
  • Ultra lightweight it converts into a 4.5 pounds handheld vacuum for versatile above floor cleaning.

Dirt lurks in different corners of your home. You need a machine that is capable of reaching into the deepest holes to pull them off. That is the concept behind the Sharp Rocket DuoRocket.

This vacuum ensures you get the best out of your cleaning exercise. It has a dual brush roll formulated for the Triple Particle Cleaning.

The cleaner ensures that it gets rid of all types of particles from the carpets and floors.

Humans find it challenging to spot dirt. That informs the reason why this machine features powerful LED lights. These are on the handheld nozzle and vacuum. Their function is to hidden debris and dirt on the floor’s surface.

The additional features are also something worth commending. For instance, the fingertip controls on the vacuum have the optimization of facilitating better bare floor and carpet cleaning.

That is just as the suction remains active at all times without losing power. The machine also has a more efficient removable dust cup that is functional than the traditional Rocket.

There is no doubt that your floors would be shiny at the end of the exercise. The dual duoclean brush roll helps to remove stuck-on dust.

On the other hand, the bristle brushroll combines with the suction power to remove stuck-on debris and dirt without hassles. The machine does not have a front wall, which ensures that it removes large debris in real-time.

Highlighted Features

  • Directly engage floors
  • Corded ultralight vacuum
  • Powerful LED light for spotting debris
  • Convertible to a handheld vacuum for efficient floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Fingertips control

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5. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and...
  • Powered hard floor mop scrubs your floors so you don't have to
  • Safe for cleaning sealed, hard surface floors; 28 ounce clean water tank capacity. Power rating : 0.9 ampere

How do you go about cleaning stubborn stains after many hours of hectic cleaning? It is important to note that you cannot wish them away. You cannot keep doing the same thing over again either.

The way out is to get yourself the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner.

It is interesting to note that you wouldn’t need the use of conventional mops to bring stubborn stains to their knees.

Instead, you can rely on the efficacy of the robust, spinning Mop Pads built into this cleaner. It is ideal for safely cleaning dirt of all kinds.

Also, the on-demand spray feature allows you to conserve your detergent. You can only apply when needed.

You may see some debris on the surface, but beneath it is tons of dirt that the eye may not spot. There is a way to get around it. This cleaner is lightweight and maneuverable.

That ensures that the SpinWave deploys the swivel steering to clean around the surface and along baseboards. Hence, the assurance of a dirt-free hardwood floor is valid.

The cleaner also comes with additional features that enhance the efficient cleaning of your floor. The first on the list are the two (2) multi-surface formulas.

These are gentle on sealed hard floors to prevent damage. However, they are hard on debris and dirt intending to get them out in good time.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • On-spray demand
  • The sturdy mop spin pads reduce the hassles of cleaning the floor
  • Multi-surface formulas are tough on dirt
  • Ideal for sealed hard floors and bare floors
  • Swivel steering allows you to reach into deep corners of the room

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6. BISSELL PowerFresh Steamer Cleaner

Bissell Steam Mop, Steamer, Tile, Hard Wood Floor...
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Sanitize your hard floors to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals; (When used as directed; Does not include fragrance disc)

It can be embarrassing when you have a visitor only to realize that some stains didn’t go off when you cleaned your rooms. It is ideal for getting the best hardwood floor cleaning machines to prevent this sore sight and the embarrassment that comes with it.

When you’re considering one, ensure that the BISSELL PowerFresh Steamer Cleaner is in your shopping cart.

Are you wondering about the advantages of this best hard floor cleaner? They are many, but we would detail some of them.

First, it cleans across a variety of floors. Do you have a hardwood, linoleum, or even a ceramic floor in your home? You have this machine at your disposal, as it works across all hard floors.

There is no hassle in filling the water tank because the included measuring cup helps to make the process seamless.

After cleaning, your floor does not only shine but also has some pleasing smell to go with it. This is courtesy of the Spring Breeze Fragrance Disc that releases a burst of freshness while you steam clean your hardwood floor.

Highlighted Features

  • Convenient filling storing of water using the included measuring cup
  • Inserted Spring Breeze Fragrance Disc for a scented boost while cleaning
  • Ideal for different hard floors, including hardwood, linoleum, and ceramic
  • SpotBoost Brush takes away tough dirt and stains faster
  • The heater warms up in 30 seconds
  • Adjustable steam settings between high and low

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7. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with 1 Extra Refill
  • CLEAN WITHOUT HARSH CHEMICALS: The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop kills 99.9% of bacteria* without any cleaning chemicals! Our lightweight, electric steam mop cleans up tough stuck-on messes, grease, and grime on sealed hard floor surfaces including tile, wood, vinyl, and laminate.
  • CLEAN BETTER WITH MICROFIBER: The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop Refill Pads are super absorbent, so your floors dry faster! The mop refills contain a unique weave pattern allowing steam to penetrate quickly for optimal floor cleaning. Microfiber mops attract dirt, dust, bacteria and hair better compared to traditional cotton mops.

Do you want a machine that can suction up that debris and get rid of the stains and dirt lurking about your home? Then you may consider getting the O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop, which is a simple steam mop for use on hardwood floors.

Before now, your plans may be to use harsh cleaning chemicals to get rid of the stubborn stains. However, there wouldn’t be a need for that because this mop handles all that correctly.

It might interest you to know that it passed the test on E.Coli bacterium. Hence, it can tackle all kinds of bacteria on your floor with an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

You may want to set to work early. That is why this mop uses a 20-second plug-in to steam functionality to start working as fast as possible.

When in motion, you can use the mop to reach into different surfaces in your home. For instance, the triangle head empowers you to clean into corners and other hard to reach edges in your home.

For better precision, the adjustable steam settings allow you to use the right steam for any surface. Besides, the lightweight design ensures that you swivel and glide the mop across your floors without hassles.

Highlighted Features

  • Heats up quickly
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Microfiber pads absorb bacteria, dirt and dust
  • Features a snap-on carpet glider

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8. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop
  • Safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Extra-large mop head cleans 40% faster than the leading competitor

Many homeowners have an interest in the best hard floor cleaner that guarantees an efficient cleaning of their rooms.

It is essential because traditional mops may not be able to reach into the surfaces to take off the debris and stubborn stains. Hence, the tide turns to machines to do the work better.

The Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop is one of the best options you can find out there. The first feature that would get your attention is the versatility. The mop is ideal for polyurethane polished, unoiled, and unwaxed wood floors.

Aside from the versatility, some homeowners are happy for the lightweight design. That makes the task of carrying it to and from the working site easy. Besides, it is durable and has a retractable hook for secure storage.

During the cleaning process, you can take advantage of the flexible rubber corners, which protects your furniture and baseboard from scratches in the course of cleaning.

On the other hand, the auxiliary grip aids in maintaining control of the mop and boosts the cleaning power.

Also on the list of additional features is the extra-large mop head, which delivers an effective and immediate cleaning.

That is in addition to the original formula that helps you clean hardwood floors effectively with the quick removal of grime, dirt, and dust.

Highlighted Features

  • Safe for different kinds of wood floors, including unwaxed and polyurethane polished floors
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Extra-large mop head for faster cleaning
  • Included: machine washable microfiber pad and refillable cartridge
  • Flexible rubber corners reduce chances of scratches and dings in the course of cleaning

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9. Bona Stone Tile and Laminate Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Premium Spray Mop, for...
  • Formulated for hard-surface floors like linoleum, stone, terrazzo, vinyl, sealed porous marble, laminate, vinyl LVT/LVP, and no-wax sealed tile (ceramic, Mexican Saltillo, quarry)
  • Extra-large mop head cleans 40% faster than the leading competitor

Are you looking to buy the best hardwood floor cleaning machines that would aid you in having a dirt-free home?

Look no further because the hardwood floor cleaning machines review we have here can turn out to be the best option in the market. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the benefits of using this machine.

First, you should note that this is not like the traditional mop that removes only dirt. Instead, it comes with a full-sized floor cleaner that enhances the operations of the mop. Following suit is the extra-large mop head that boosts the cleaning process.

Aside from the individual flooring cleaning prowess of the two, the mop is also ideal for a variety of use cases. For instance, you can put it to work on your vinyl, linoleum, stone, or porous marble floors.

You would also find it useful in the LVT, ceramic, and terrazzo floors.

As a means of boosting your cleaning, the mop with its built-in cleaner uses the flexible rubber corners. These are capable of reaching into deep edges of the rooms to take away the debris in real-time.

The washable microfiber cleaning pad and the refillable cartridge also play leading roles in facilitating the cleaning process.

When you are through with the task, you can quickly retract the hook from the mop before storing.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses a larger and more effective base plate with flexible corners to prevent damage to your furniture and baseboards
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Combines a sturdy handle and grip for easy control
  • Features a trigger that releases a fine mist for easy cleaning
  • Formulated for many surfaces, including laminate, terrazzo, linoleum, and no-wax sealed tile

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10. BISSELL Crosswave Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry...
  • EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • VACUUM AND WASH AT THE SAME TIME. Makes everyday pet mess cleaning quick and easy.

Efficiency and precise cleaning are the highlights of this floor cleaning machine. It is interesting to note that it performs the dual function of vacuuming debris and dirt and washing the floor as well.

What a way to reduce the burden of carrying out both actions separately. You now have the best hardwood floor cleaner machine that assures that.

If you’re adept at cleaning your floors, you may realize that pet hair is hard to come off with other debris. That cause of concern has a solution in this vacuum cleaner.

It has a pet hair filter that sorts out pet hair from other waste during the vacuuming. When it comes to washing, the pet cleaning solution is there to eliminate the odours left behind by pets.

Incorporated Two-Tank Technology is a plan to maintain clean floors. It does this by separating clean and dirty water. That way, you would always have a ready supply of a fresh mix of water and solution to clean your floors.

You don’t need to bother about the fate of your floors after cleaning. The cleaner’s multi-surface pet brush roll ensures that you have a clean surface that is free of scratches.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual Functionality: Vacuums and washes the floor at the same time
  • Two-Tank Technology to separate dirty and clean water
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll
  • Pet Hair Strainer
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Specialized pet cleaning solution to eliminate pet odours

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11. Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Bagged Upright Vacuum

Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Upright Vacuum...
  • Slim swivel design: Enables you to turn on a dime and lies virtually flat so you can easily maneuver around and reach under furniture.
  • Lightweight: Weighing in at less than 8 pounds this vacuum cleaner weighs about the same as a gallon of milk.

The surface of your home’s floors needs extra care. Getting the best spray mop could be the perfect solution to remove debris and clean the surface without hassles.

The Oreck Surface Scrub Hard Floor Cleaner is handy because it helps you to attain a clean floor without hassles.

The first attractive feature is the dual functionality. You can use the included vacuum to remove debris before setting the hard floor cleaning solution to work.

The efficient scrubbing ensures that stubborn stains would not remain when you are through.

If you had some hard time in putting together other cleaning machines, you could be sure of not getting a repeat on this cleaner.

After putting it together, you can then proceed to use the trigger to change it from dry vacuum to wash and vice versa.

When you’re done with the cleaning and want to dismantle the machine, you can do that without any fuss. The cleaner has a tool-free removable handle that you can remove with ease.

Besides, the approximated 13lbs is an assurance of the lightweight feature. You can also move it with ease courtesy of the rubber wheels.

Highlighted Features

  • Features wash and dry mode
  • Has a tool-free removable handle for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Ideal for hard floors
  • Corded
  • Lightweight

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12. Rug Doctor FlexClean All-in-One Floor Cleaner

Rug Doctor FlexClean All-in-One Floor Cleaner;...
  • Capacity (gallons) - 1.5. Rug Doctor’s first all-in-one floor cleaner effortlessly extracts grime, grease, grit, and gunk from both carpet and sealed hardwood floors; one seamless cleaning solution for one powerful clean
  • Lightweight, easy-to-maneuver machine handles like a vacuum cleaner, steering throughout the home with ease; rejuvenate living room, family room, bedroom, hallway, basement, kitchen, and den

Here is the best wood floor cleaner machine that ensures all you complete the floor cleaning in good time.

Interestingly, all the dirt, debris, and other unwanted materials that hid in obscure place would be no more once. Just set your Rug Doctor FlexClean All-in-One Floor Cleaner in motion and start working.

It makes the vacuuming process easy with the back and forth movements that remove dirt and debris at one swoop. The functionality doesn’t end at removing debris on the surface of your hardwood floor.

Instead, it uses the durable rotating brushes and potent suction to facilitate the total elimination of waste in your home.

You would love the deep cleaning routine that is exclusive to this floor cleaner. It is capable of removing set-in dirt and stains and sucks up spills in one movement.

Besides these, it is famous for the versatility that makes it the best spray mop for hardwood floors. In this instance, it can seamlessly switch from cleaning hard floors to cleaning carpets.

All you need do is to change the nozzle and turn on the mode knob to the desired mode.

Furthermore, the cleaner is capable of cleaning your carpets and hard floors without leaving any residue behind. It also features lightweight water tanks that are easy to fill and empty.

Do you have furniture getting in the way or you’re wondering about how to clean far-reaching areas? Worry no more.

You can attach the upholstery and spot cleaning tool to clean other parts of the home, including stairs, and auto interiors.

When at it, you have the assurance of safely removing dirt and stains from all corners of the house without warping or damage.

Highlighted Features

  • Multipurpose: Cleans area rugs, sealed hard floors, and carpets
  • Seamlessly switches from carpet to hard floors and vice versa
  • Tough on stains and gentle on all floor surfaces
  • The FlexClean feature can handle a variety of functions, including cleaning and moping
  • Lightweight and easy to use

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Things to Consider When Select Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines

best floor cleaning machines

You decided to go for one after reading the hardwood floor cleaning machine reviews. You have to understand that the decision-making process is not as easy as it seems.

There are many factors to consider before reaching a consensus on the best hardwood floor cleaning machines that fit into your needs.

Indeed, buying a hardwood floor cleaning machine is like purchasing any other home appliance because the features help to determine the quality. Nevertheless, some features matter the most.

If you’re at this point of making a purchase but need clarifications, then the buying guide below would help you get the most out of your money.


Recent best hard floor cleaners are lightweight. The weight plays a vital role in the buying decision-making process. You wouldn’t want a cleaner that concentrates its efforts on one place, would you?

That is why you should go for one that has less weight. Even if the load must be there, it should be less to help you move the machine comfortably.

Water Temperature

This has to do with the duration it takes for the steamer to function. Ideally, you should go for the best wood floor cleaner machine that heats up in a minute or less.

Water Tank Capacity

Indeed, water helps in the cleaning process. However, it could come in between your work if you did not consider this option before buying the machine.

Note that the fewer trips you make to the sink or water source empowers you to have more time to clean your floors.

As a rule, you should select a hardwood floor cleaning machine that has a larger tank capacity. You may also want to consider the cleaners with dual Water-Tank Technology that helps in reserving water.


The controls on the machine help you to facilitate the cleaning. It doesn’t matter if the controls come in the form of buttons or dials. The point is that they should be accessible.

Ideally, it is best to go for the machine that has the controls attached to the handle. That makes it easy to reach when cleaning.

Cleaning Pads

The delicacy of hardwood floors demands the use of less or non-abrasive cleaning pads. It is ideal to select steamers that have either a microfiber or a soft cleaning pad that doesn’t scratch the floor.

Dual Purpose

Aside from looking for the best spray mop, you may also consider having a machine that serves multiple purposes.

Some of the devices now have a handheld functionality that makes them easy to use in ceilings. You can also consider those with a glider for carpet cleaning.


You should be in control of the steamer at all times to dictate its movement. That informs the reason why you should select the best hard floor cleaner that doesn’t stop in a particular direction.

As a rule of thumb, consider choosing one that has features like an ergonomic handle, a pivoting floor nozzle, and a chest strap. These ensure that the machine turns swiftly.


We saved the best for the last. The cost of the steamer is one of the most critical factors you should consider.

We placed it here because other factors should be prominent. When you have them figured out, you can then look at the price.

Hopefully, your chosen hardwood floor cleaning machine would match the price you had in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the concerns you have about selecting the best steamer for cleaning your hardwood floor? Understandably, you may have some questions about these machines.

Worry no more because we gathered some of the most asked questions in this field.

Read further to find the answers to recurring questions on the best spray mop for hardwood floors:

1. What is the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

This question confuses many homeowners that intend buying a machine to aid them in cleaning their hardwood floors. Indeed, we listed the top steamers you can get, but you may find it hard to select one.

Therefore, we recommend them by their functionalities. If you’re looking for a steamer that has much functionality, you can rely on the Steam Mop Multifunctional Handheld Steamer.

The BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop Cleaner is ideal for the multi-surface features.

The Rug Doctor FlexClean All-in-One Floor Cleaner is perfect for all-around hardwood cleaning functions.

2. How do you clean Cloudy Hardwood Floors?

Is your hardwood floor dusty than expected? It is time to get to work. But before that, you have to decide on the best way to clean the surface.

To get rid of the dark hardwood floor, you have to take the first step of dissolving the offending layer. You can remove it afterwards. After that, you would use the recommended cleaning techniques to restore the floor’s look.

If that didn’t work for you, then it is time to consider a different solution. The solution is simple: mix a one-to-one solution of water and vinegar. Proceed to dampen a cloth inside the solution.

You can then use the material to rub off the cloudy deposits using your hand. Get another cloth dampened with clear water and use it to dry the floor.

3. What is the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine?

Every machine has its functionality and downsides. The first step to selecting one is to define your hardwood cleaning needs.

With that in mind, you can then proceed to choose the best steamer that falls into the demands.

You can always look through our hardwood floor cleaning machine reviews to make the best buying decision.

4. Is there a machine to clean hardwood floors?

Yes, there is a machine to clean hardwood floors. These come in different sizes and specifications.

For instance, you can get a dual-capacity steam cleaner that doubles as a traditional hardwood floor cleaner and a handheld version for garments and ceilings.

We got all that covered on the guide above. So, look through and chose the best hardwood floor cleaning machine.

5. What is the best way to clean hardwood floors naturally?

You may be tight on budget or want to try the natural method before considering getting a machine to help clean your hardwood floors. Whichever it is, you can still create some shine on your deck without using a steam cleaner.

Final Verdict

The task of selecting the best hardwood floor cleaning machine shouldn’t be hectic after reading through our guide.

Hopefully, you have an idea of the things to look out for with the functionalities of the different steamers on the list.

You’re now ready with a holistic overview of the top 12 machines that would help you in cleaning your hardwood floor. Before setting out for the market, ensure you consider the buying guide.

So, which of the hardwood floor cleaning machines caught your fancy? Which would help you better than the others do? Give us a reply using the comment section.

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