8 Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights for 2021

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The best thing about jeep wranglers is the off-roading reliability they offer and the impressive grip on all terrains.

However, the riding experience is complete only if you install the best jeep wrangler led headlights.

Well, you’re probably wondering why you should invest in another headlamp when your jeep certainly rolled from the factory with several. I’ll explain.

Factory-made headlights are equally great, but they are less likely to meet all your requirements. For example, during bad weather, foggy days, or at night, these lights may not produce the perfect lighting.  

Our Top 10 Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights: At A Glance

You will understand it better if you struggle with night blindness or you’re just exhausted after a long day.

LED headlights are very helpful! They give you the authority to drive at any time of the day regardless of the weather conditions.

No driver will ignore your presence, especially with the premium reflectors and the excellent projecting LED lights.

8 Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights Review:

1. Xprite 7” LED Halo Headlights for Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ 1997-2018

Xprite 7" Inch LED Halo Headlights Compatible with...
  • 【HIGH-PERFORMANCE CREE LED CHIP】﹣DOT Approved. Newest Fantastic Design 7" LED Headlights w/ Angel Eyes Halo are more Brighter than Original Halogen and HID. 9600 LM / Kit; Over 50000 Hours Lifespan.
  • 【FOUR LIGHTING MODEs】- High Beam , Low Beam , Daytime Running Light and Amber Turn Signal Light.

If you’re looking for the best halo headlights for jeep wrangler without shaking your account balance, you certainly need this model.

It brags a lightweight ribbed design with a die-cast aluminum housing and a polycarbonate lens for durability. It has a waterproof rating of IP67, hence, strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Being a plug and play device, the Xprite 7″ headlamps are easy to install. The package includes H13/H4 adapters and has inbuilt LED canbus.

Regardless of whether you’re a frequent DIYer of not, you will only take a maximum of 20 minutes. If you own the newest JK wranglers with OEM LED headlights, you’ll need to purchase a separate bracket.

About the performance, Xprite is brighter than the standard high-intensity discharge (HID) or halogen lights.

The high beam has a lumen flux of 9600LM while the lowest beam is 7200LM. You get the advantage of up to four different lighting modes, which include daytime running light, amber turn signal, low, and high beams.

When you’re making a turn, these headlamps will switch to a flashlight mode. They have a brighter lumen, which flashes with perfect amber-colored hue such that the illumination overshadows that of your original jeep blinkers. With proper installation, you will not encounter the annoying flickers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Scratch-resistant aluminum housing
  • A lifespan of up to 50,000 hours with low power consumption
  • An integrated cooling system for efficient dissipation of heat
  • LED CREE chips
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Up to four lighting modes
  • Ribbed design for optimized ventilation and cooling of the headlights
  • Versatile enough to fit most 1997 – 2018 jeep wranglers.

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2. 7” Round LED Projection Headlights Kit for Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

SUNPIE 7 inch Black LED Headlights Bulb for J eep...
  • 🧡SUPER BRIGHT 7 INCH BLACK LED HEADLIGHTS FOR FOR J EEP WRANGLER🧡Made with high power cree leds and high light transmittance clear lenses, provide much higher brightness output and more focused light beam compared with oem halogen 7 inch headlights. High beam: 4500LM Low beam: 3200.
  • 🧡PERFECT FIT PLUG AND PLAY HEADLIGHTS REPLACEMENT FOR OEM 7 INCH J EEP WRANGLER HEADLIGHTS🧡Perfect fits for J eep Wrangler (2007-2018)JK/JKU Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, Sport S, Unlimited Rubicon, Unlimited Sahara, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport S, 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, J eep Wrangler TJ(1997-2016), J eep Wrangler LJ(2004-2006), J eep wrangler CJ-7(1976-1986), J eep wrangler CJ-8(1981-1985)

We believe that as a Jeep owner, night-time darkness shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your ride. Keep your adventure going with the newly improved and enhanced system that lights up your experience up to 150 yards ahead.

The LED Projection Headlights is a new system that upgrades your headlight system giving it better performance and projection with up to four times the power of halogen, and that is just the projection on the low beam.

It’s durable aluminum housing material which is also waterproof has a clear lens that never fades.

You might be worried about other oncoming drivers, but the 7″ LED Projection has got you covered.

The lens keeps the light on the road and not in the eyes of the oncoming drivers, and it has an attractive, brilliant 6000k natural daylight color shining at 4500LM at high beam.

The installation has never been easier. The headlights slide into your original headlamp slot and plug into your H13 or H14 connection with an included free adaptor that ensures an aligned connection with new or old models and can also work with your vehicles CPU to ensure a perfect beam everywhere.

Pack up your gear and get ready to take back your adventure because the product includes everything that you need to maximize your performance while providing more light along your path.

Highlighted Features:

  • Slides into the original headlamp
  • 400% more light
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Bulb life of 50, 000hours
  • Long lasting Creed LED
  • Clear lens that never fades
  • Over 3600 times of light

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3. Jeep Wrangler 7” Round RGB Headlamp + 4 RGB LED Fog Lamps

SUPAREE 7 inches RGB Headlights with Amber Turn...
  • 2007-2017 Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door/2 Door ; 2004-2006 Wrangler LJ Unlimited; 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ; 1981-1985 CJ-8 Scrambler; 1976-1986 CJ-7. (Note: The headlight need 9" headlight bracket to fit 2018+ JL /2020+ JT, but the fog lights do not fit JL and JT)
  • CHASING RGB DESIGN: SUPAREE 7” Wrangler RGB headlights with amber turn signal,brand new design with Amber turn signal, multi-functions RGB headlight, including Timing Function & Music Mode & Color Grad & Flashing & Automatic Control, is the choice for you to replace the old one.

If you are a jeep owner, you are probably always concerned about future days when your eyesight will not be as good as it is now or those foggy nights.

The new jeep wrangler 7 inch LED Headlights has three times the brightness and has high-intensity Cree LED chips, and they also come with high and low beam.

This product is better than the traditional design from Halo Angle Eys that are in full function of flashing function, manual control, unlimited colors options, and features.

And the icing on the cake, the Halo Angle Eyes are Bluetooth controlled, iPhone and Android compatible.

On those foggy nights 4 RGB LED Fog Lamps have got you covered. The fog lamps peer through the foggy night almost as if uttering some magic words.

The brightness will absolutely wow you and your night vision. You will be like a bat in the night.

This is the newest design and the best wrangler led headlights with RGB Halo Ring that replaces original halogen and HD headlight.

Highlighted Features:

7 Inch LED Headlights

  • 7-inch dimension
  • 600k color temperature
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Cree chips for LED chip
  • Aluminum housing material
  • More than a 50000hrs lifespan

4 Inch LED Fog Lights

  • 4-inch dimension
  • DC10-30V voltage
  • 30W power
  • 1020LM luminous
  • LED Chip: Cree chips

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4. 7” LED Headlights Bulb with White Halo Angle Eye Ring DRL

SUNPIE 7 inch LED Headlights White Halo DRL Amber...
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT WHITE HALO/AMBER TURN SIGNAL LED HEADLIGHTS FOR FOR J EEP WRANGLER】Made with high power cree leds and high light transmittance clear lenses, provide much higher brightness output and more focused light beam compared with oem halogen 7 inch headlights. High beam: 4500LM Low beam: 3200. Pure Amber Halo turn signal lights help safety driving.
  • 【PERFECT FIT PLUG AND PLAY HEADLIGHTS REPLACEMENT FOR OEM 7 INCH J EEP WRANGLER HEADLIGHTS】Perfect fits for J eep Wrangler (2007-2018)JK/JKU Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, Sport S, Unlimited Rubicon, Unlimited Sahara, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport S, 75th Anniversary, Unlimited 75th Anniversary, J eep Wrangler TJ(1997-2016), J eep Wrangler LJ(2004-2006).

If you consider giving your jeep that new look, these headlights are the right direction to take. Don’t let your jeep appear worn out and old, just pimp your jeep with these headlights.

With Halo Angel Eyes DRL that replaces original halogen and HID headlight. Halo can be white or Amber for DRL and signal respectively, and you are to be the envy of other jeep owners.

You will be glad to know that there are built in internal fan and integrated cooling system so don’t stress about overheating. This will increase the lifespan and the brightness.

High precision, constant current, driver chip, and low voltage protection are added advantages to purchasing these headlights.

The price is clearly worth the product. The product has low power consumption and a long lifespan which you as a jeep owner will be glad because it also comes in two.

Highlighted Features:

  • 30000hrs of lifespan
  • 7-inch dimension
  • Cree chips for the LED Chip
  • Aluminum is the main material
  • Has DC12V voltage
  • 80W/set , 40W/bulb power

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5. Xprite 7” 75W CREE LED Headlights Hi/Lo Beam with Daytime Running Light (DRL)

Xprite 105W CREE LED Headlights with Hi/Lo Beam,...
  • [PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT] Xprite headlights is the latest upgraded 105W high-power cree LED chip combination. Xprite round headlights provide a more powerful light output effect, gather a brighter beam, and ensure the clarity and broadness of the night driving field of vision.
  • [MULTI-FUNCTION LIGHTING MODE] LED headlights contains 4 light modes: daytime running light, low beam, high beam, and turn signal. DOT Approved. The most complete car light mode, giving you an unparalleled driving experience.

Xprite7″ 75W is the perfect headlight for those on a tight budget. Its housing is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum with ribbed design and coated polycarbonate lens.

The design makes the headlamps strong enough to resist corrosion, shock, and bad weather.

Installing the Xprite 75W headlights will take you less than 30 minutes. It is a plug & play device with included H13/H4 adapters, LED canbus, and LED ballast.

However, for the JK Jeep models with OEM LED headlights, there’s the need for headlight brackets.

Xprite 75W features CREE LED chip that plays a huge role in the brightness and luminosity of the headlights. The lumen flux rating for both the high and low beams are 10920LM and 6500, respectively.

Unlike the original HIDs and halogen lights, these daytime running lights have brighter illumination with broader coverage.

When it is snowy, don’t make a fuss since the headlamps generate a reasonable amount of heat to melt any ice falling on them.

Logically, the snowflakes contribute to car crashes since they interfere with visibility. It’s even worse when your headlights are covered with ice because the on-coming motorists won’t notice your presence.

Don’t worry about overheating because Xprite 75W features a ribbed design that facilitates heat dissipation. Besides, it has an integrated cooling system with an inbuilt fan.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in internal fan with an integrated cooling system
  • Waterproof rating of IP67
  • A lifespan of about 50000 hours
  • It has received the DOT approval
  • Three lighting modes including low beam, high beam, and daytime running lights
  • Plug and play installation with H13/H4 adapters

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6. OLS Magnum 7” Round 65” LED Headlight with DRL

7" Round LED Headlight with DRL [65 Watt]...
  • PUSH THROUGH - With up to 5,525 lumens of clean white light pouring out of 13 powerful LEDs, these 7" headlights cut through unpredictable weather, light up dark roads, and make a statement that won't soon be forgotten.
  • BETTER THAN THE REST - Compare the details. Our Headlights come equipped with additional daytime running lights, a moisture removal port for clearer lenses and a shatterproof polycarbonate body and lens.

Driving in the night is always a challenge to everyone no matter how familiar you are with your jeep and the road.

Well, worry no more because now you can take back your night with this new LED high beam with parabolic spot-focusing reflector cone, 8-LED wide-flood low beam array and two wicked looking bracket style LED daytime running lights. The lamps are sturdy, bright and rugged.

The headlights are compatible with vehicles equipped with 7″ OEM sealed- beam headlights this includes Harley Davidson,  F-series pickups, jeeps and many more.

Don’t fuss about its completeness because the headlights include two replacement headlights with 5 inch H4 connector and 39-inch DRL extension wire and you are sorted with a printed installation guide.

If this is not attractive enough, what’s more, is that the headlights are built to last. They meet the standards for water and dust intrusion, and they are rugged with shatter-resistant polycarbonate and a one year warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

If you are looking forward to a headache and hassle-free installation, then this design should be on your list.  With a built-in wiring harness that connects directly to your EOM electrical socket. What more could you ask for?

Highlighted Features:

  • 600k cold white color temperature
  • Compatible with all 7” round sealed beam headlight application
  • High beam of 2.45A
  • Low beam of 1.38A
  • DRL: 150mA
  • Each unit includes 11 high-efficiency long life LEDs

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7. LX-LIGHT 7” Black 75w LED Driving Headlights with DRL +4 Inch LED Front Fog Lights

7'' Black 75w LED Driving Headlights with DRL+ 4...
  • Basicly are plug and paly for headlight and fog lights,only the DRL wire need to be wired,usually take 30 minutes to install.
  • DOT approved,5500LM High Beam & 3000LM Low Beam for each Headlight;1600LM for each Fog Light.3 times than original stock lights!

If you are looking for a two in one package, then this should be your first consideration. The combo combines both driving headlights and fog lights and comes with a pocket-friendly price.

The headlights have easy to install driving headlights with black durable aluminum headlights plus toughed glass and plastic just as an extra caution. Isn’t that worth your hard-earned money?

These headlights are both shockproof and waterproof so you are sure of a longer lifespan. 

Most importantly, these lights are compatible with different makes like the Sahara Unlimited Hard Rock Edition, Willys Wheeler, Altitude and Dragon Edition just to name a few.

LX-LIGHT also gives a one year warranty to give you the peace of mind you need.  Installation is easy as the headlights are a perfect fit for your original headlight factory connection.

Although the setup is quite easy only the DRL wire need to be wired which takes about 30 minutes, each fog light is three times brighter than the original stock lights and is DOT approved. I

f you are looking for the best headlights for jeep wrangler, this headlight is worth to be on your list.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7-inch dimension
  • Easy installation except for the DRL which has to be wired
  • Black durable aluminum housing with shock-proof and waterproof material
  • DOT approved
  • 4 inch LED fog lights
  • Creed LED chip
  • 5500LM for high beam and 3000LM for low beam

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8. Omotor 7-Inch RGB Halo LED Headlights

Are you looking for a little color for your jeep wrangler headlights? Do you feel that bright lights will make your jeep come alive? Well, these headlights are the right start for you.

The headlights come in many colors so there is no limit to what you can choose. It is advisable to know the legal laws of your country before purchasing the headlights.

Made from Hi-impact aluminum black and built-in internal fan integrated cooling system you are confident of long service. It is made of high-quality material which is dustproof, waterproof, quakeproof and anti-explosion.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the change of climate. The headlights may appear to have mist when newly installed, but this is normal. The fog will clear in an hour and will remain clean forever.

As if this is not enough, the headlights are remotely controlled. You don’t have to do things manually just a press of a button and the color pops.

Highlighted Features:

  • Remote controlled
  • Two years warranty
  • Anti explosion
  • 7-inch dimension
  • Has both high and low beam type
  • 7” LED Headlight Bub replaces Original Halogen and HDI Headlight
  • Maintainance free

Things to Consider When Selecting Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

Best LED Headlights for Jeep Wrangler

1. All weather lighting options

When you ride in fog, moonlit nights, very dark nights or any form of lighting provided by nature, the best-LED headlight should be able to adapt.

You should choose a package that has HO-LO, DRL, and at least fog lights or RGB if not both to drive well in these conditions.

2. Durability and Customer support

Investing in a LED headlight upgrade for your Jeep is supposed to be a long lasting solution to the company’s weak halogen bulbs.

As a result, a great bulb should have 30,000 to 50,000 hours lifespan to give you value for your money.

A warranty covering at least two years for these bulbs will also help you avoid losses to substandard packages.

How to install LED Headlights:

These are the simple steps to follow when installing your LED headlights.

Step 1:  Unlatch the clips to release the hood hatch.

Step 2:  Unscrew the screws or clips in the front and remove the grille to gain access to the headlights.

Step 3:  Pop the grille by putting one hand at the bottom of the grille and use your other hand to pull it out.

Step 4:  To remove the metal ring around the headlight remove the screws that hold it.

Step 5: Remove the headlights by removing the metal ring.

Step 6: Unplug the headlights

Step 7:  Get the new headlights and replace it exactly in reverse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long do LED lights last?

Regular halogen lights produce more heat, and are less brighter but LED lights. They also generate less heat and are much more polished. Their standard lifespan is 30,000 to 50, 000 hours.

2. Which type of LED lights are suitable for a jeep wrangler?

  • Different LED lights are designed to fit different types of jeep. If you are not sure of what suits your automobile best, just consult the customer support team

3. Are LED lights Economical?

LED lights are the future for jeep owners. Let’s face it, new jeeps require headlights upgrade, and LED lights have the longest lifespan.

Its power consumption is also highly regulated producing more efficient light at lower prices.

4. Do all LED lights require anti-flicker harness?

Not all LED lights will align with your wiring, but it is recommended to get a package that offers an anti-flicker harness.

Although it is advisable not to install the anti-flicker harness immediately, give the headlights some time to adjust.

Final Verdict

Jeeps are elusive cars, and they suit every occasion, from the streets of Hollywood to those of war, they are widely used around the world. Manufacturers are designing better headlights with each evolution.

High quality led lights are the future for jeep wranglers. We can all agree that poor lighting is a barrier to your adventures and, frankly a distressed look on such an elusive vehicle.

If you are on a hunt for the best jeep wrangler led headlights or just looking for an upgrade, the above-featured products are some of the best choices. With their vast range and affordable prices, what more would you ask for?