12 Best Pant Hangers of 2021-Editor’s Recommended

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You invested time to seek the best pants in the market and spent a considerable amount of money to get one.

Naturally, you would need to store these precious items to keep them safe from wrinkles and creasing.

When looking at these options, it is ideal to look for the best pang hangers that keep your clothing safe and wrinkle-free.

It is interesting to note that these hangers come in different shapes and sizes. Hence, it is easier for the user to choose the right item that meets his needs.

These are also space-saving, which helps you to store away many clothes without hassles.

Top 5 Pant Hangers: Editor’s Choice

Your clothes are ready for hanging, and you need to discover the best items that would fit into the needs. If this is your consideration, then you must read our review pant hangers to make an informed decision.

12 Best Pant Hangers Reviews:

1. Jeronic Hangers Trousers Organizers Friction

Jeronic Pant Hangers, 20 Pack Steel, Black, 20...
  • Made of iron with black rubber paint coating
  • No worry about deformation even if put multiple items on the same pant hangers

Understandably, you need to have your clothes in top form. A wrinkle-free pant isn’t a bad idea, especially when you want to impress your colleagues at the office or appear dazzling at a dinner date.

That is the reason why men of class that understand the game of fashion rely on the Jeronic Hangers Trousers Organizers Friction.

The hanger is useful in keeping away your pants from deformation. Besides, the stainless steel and eco-friendliness make it a good option for hanging clothes in your wardrobe or storage room.

Are you in a hurry and don’t have enough time to bring down the hanger from the rails to slack your clothes. You needn’t bother because there is a consideration for that.

It is open-ended, which makes it easy to slip the pants and get going. The same formulation makes it easy to remove the pants.

It can be embarrassing to have your pants slipping off the hanger. Such a scenario is not applicable on the Jeronic Hangers Trousers Organizers Friction.

The chrome-plated metal with sure-grip coating ensures that your pants remain the same way you hung them. It is worth mentioning that many users are pleased with the sturdy nature that makes it the best pick than regular plastic hangers.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel
  • Fits into standard closet rails
  • No sharp edges
  • A bit sturdier than regular plastic hangers
  • The rubber paint coating makes it non-slip

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2. DOIWON Stainless Clothes Organizer

DOIOWN S-Type Stainless Steel Clothes Pants...
  • ★ Material -- DOIOWN S-type trouser hangers made of stainless steel which is durable and won’t get rust.
  • ★ Advantages -- Durable and Rust Resistance. It can be used for a long time. & Sturdy construction and won’t easy to be out of shape; & Save space and keep your wardrobe clean and tidy; & Smooth surface and scratch resistance. Protect your pants and clothes from scratching and creases.

This hanger offers you the best way to store dress pants. We are confident when we say that the DOIWON Stainless Clothes Organizer is the definition of a sturdy and classy way to store away your clothing.

The first feature that would strike your consciousness is the Stainless Steel material. This provision does not only make the hanger sturdy but prevents it from rust.

Also, the sturdy construction ensures that it serves you for many years before showing signs of wearing out.

You would agree that you wouldn’t cherish chasing after the manufacturer to return the item after getting out of shape in a short time. Even when this happens, you are sure of clinching the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

There is no doubt that you are looking to save space in your wardrobe. That is why you chose to go for the best pant hangers. You would be getting more than that when you opt for the DOIWON Stainless Clothes Organizer.

It comes with an S-design that makes it easy to store up to four (4) pants in a hanger. What a way to save space without compromising on the creasing of the clothes!

Highlighted Features

  • Durable and Rust-Resistant
  • S-Type design to save space
  • Smooth surface that keeps your pants from scratching and creases
  • Multipurpose
  • Sturdy construction keeps it in top shape

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3. HOUSE DAY Velvet Skirt Hangers

HOUSE DAY Velvet Skirt Hangers 24 Packs Velvet...
  • 【High Performance Velvet Skirt Hangers】-You can get more hangers with same price.Set of 24 Hangers with ideal dimensions each :16.7"Lx 8.5"W x 1/4" thickness.Multipurpose hangers,it not only can hold jeans and skirts,tank tops,dress,bars,ties,belts,nightgowns,shawls,skirts,also great for hanging your value clothes like suit ,coat ,shirt.
  • 【Durable Velvet Clips Hanger】-Made from eco-friendly durable ABS+Stainless that will last for years.The stainless bar and corners are reinforced so that it's stronger that other velvet hanger.It can hold up to 10lbs like the heavy coats and jeans also most of your clothes.The pant clips and bar are finished in shiny chrome and resists corrosion.It is stronger as wooden suit hangers but it's more thin than wood hanger.

Women are fashion-freaks, and anything that would help them look glamorous is welcome. They are not left out in the quest to get the best space-saving hangers to keep their pants, skirts, and blouses away from creases. Thankfully, HOUSE DAY has something for them!

Here is a high-performance pant hanger that comes in different dimensions to fit into the measurements of different types of clothing.

For instance, you can easily stash away your clothes of different sizes without bothering if the hanger can accommodate it.

The wardrobe of every classy woman that keeps up with the latest fashion trends contains different types of clothes.

If you have many clothes to stash away in the closet, then the HOUSE DAY Velvet Skirt Hangers is the right item to choose.

The multipurpose nature of the hanger makes it flexible for you to store different types of clothes, including tank tops, jeans, blouses, and skirts.

Your high-value garments like shirts, suits, and coats are also welcome to have a place in the hanger.

You can buy the hanger with confidence because it has a Stainless Steel bar that enforces firm hold of your clothes. It follows this up with the metal clips that facilitate a stronger hold. 

The clips are also conditioned to prevent snagging and can be moved along the bar to accommodate a variety of clothing sizes and shapes.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from eco-friendly and durable ABS + Stainless
  • 360-degree Swivel
  • Resists corrosion
  • Can hold heavy clothes like winter weight slacks and jeans

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4. ZOBER Premium Hangers Lacquered Trouser Pant Clip Hangers

High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers with Clips 10 Pack...
  • LUXE WOOD -- These high-quality smooth wood hangers will maintain their pristine quality for years to come. The extra layer of lacquer will preserve its original sheen & enhance your closet appearance.
  • RELIABLE NONSLIP GRIP -- The 2 wood bars lined with nonslip felt & tight-clip mechanism will firmly grip your clothes to ensure that clothes never fal, keeping them gently yet securely placed on its full-width grip hanger.

Your search for the best clamp pant hangers just landed a deal with the ZOBER Premium Hangers Lacquered Pant Clip Hangers. A mere look reveals the sturdy formulation.

Going deeper, you would realize that the design is with LUXE WOOD.

The idea behind this concept is to maintain the pristine quality for many years. It is exciting because you would be getting a high-quality, smooth wood hanger without breaking the bank.

It doesn’t matter if you have a box or suitcase filled with different types of clothing. Provided you have some space to spare in your wardrobe or closet; you can be sure that this hanger would hold all of them.

The versatility ensures that it maintains your skirts, shorts, jeans, and pants. It doesn’t stop at that because you can also hang your pillowcases, socks, and towels.

It also comes has a slim body that makes your clothes to appear organized without the clutters associated with other hangers.

The chances of having your clothes dropping from the hanger are rare because it has two wood bars. These bars come with a tight-clip mechanism, which ensures that your clothes never fall from the rack.

There is also a practical aspect. The 360-degree rotatable hook that makes it easy to hang and retrieve your clothes from any angle facilitates this.

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable Non Slip Grip
  • High-Quality Anti-Rust Chrome Metal to boost the durability and sturdiness
  • The versatility that makes it ideal for skirts, shorts, jeans, and work trousers, etc
  • Tall enough to grip the clothes below the cuff
  • Space-saving

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5. HOUSE DAY Pants Hanger Polished

HOUSE DAY Black Pants Hangers, 12 Inch Skirt...
  • Hangers with Strong Clips - Each cilp has 6-coil thicker spring washer, which is more powerful than the common 5 layers. Our pants hangers with clips can hold 5lbs things in each side easily without deformation, and the clips are easy to open, easy to put clothes on and off .
  • 360° Rotatable Steel Hook - 360 degree flexible swivel hook makes the pants hangers hanging and accessing clothes so easy! Metal hook is made of superior stainless steel not easy to bend or deform, and finished in polished chrome for rust-resistant shine!

It is essential to go for the best products, and that is why our reviews pant hangers picked yet another space-saving hanger for your clothes.

It doubles as an organizer of sorts. It is because of the flexibility and the large clips that ensure your clothes remain organized on the hanger.

The HOUSE DAY Pants Hanger Polished serves many purposes in the home. Ideally, the pack of 25 hangers is sufficient to hold pants and other clothes for a family. Besides, the design helps to create a uniform look in your bedroom closet.

The days of worry about falling clothes are over. The hanger comes with large built-in non-slip clips that hold the pants at both ends.

Also, you wouldn’t find it difficult to retrieve your clothes when ready to use. All there is to do is gently pressing them open and repeating the same process after hanging your clothes.

This method ensures that your pants are pointing downwards, thereby reducing the occurrences of indentation or wrinkle.

Another unique aspect of this hanger is the hard, sturdy plastic design. It makes it firmer to hold more weight than other plastic hangers do. It backs these up with the 360-degree rotation that offers better hanging options.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality plastic
  • Uniform closet look
  • 360-degree Rotatable flexible swivel hook for easy hanging and accessing of clothes
  • Non-slip clips
  • Compact

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6. Tosnail Metal Pants Skirt Hangers

Tosnail 15 Pack Metal Pants Skirt Hangers with...
  • Pack of 15 pieces; Unit Size: 13" L x 5" H; Hook Open: 1.75" ; Fits most standard closet rods.
  • Sturdy and Anti-rust Metal Construction - Black vinyl coated no-slip solid steel clips, heavy duty to hold your weighty garments.

The ladies now have something to get them excited once again. The product we have right here offers the convenience expected of best luxury hangers. It comes with an intricate design that would arrest your attention at first sight.

This hanger provides an ideal way to save space in your closet, especially when you have many clothes to handle. It also has a slim design, which is modeled to fit into a variety of places, including closets.

Aside from this unique disposition, the hanger also has a soft non-slip rubber in the end. The design helps to protect your garments after hanging it.

If you are wondering about the adaptability of the hanger to hold your cloth and that of your kids, you can be confident that the option is available. It comes with two clip slides at either end, which are designed to enhance adjustability.

That way, you can move it a few inches forward or backwards to contain different kinds of clothes.

The ranking as one of the best huggable hangers doesn’t come as a surprise because it is versatile. This model makes it ideal for holding different types of clothes, ranging from pants to slacks and skirts.

You would also love the anti-rust metal construction that combines with the black vinyl coated non-slip solid steel clips to hold weighty garments.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits most standard closet rods
  • Slime design facilitates space-saving
  • Adjustable Non-Slip Clips
  • Sturdy
  • Suitable for different types of clothes

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7. Titan Mall Non-Slip Rotatable Economic Plastic Hanger

Titan Mall Pant Hangers - 30 Pack, 14inch Plastic...
  • 【EXTRA STRONG CLAMPING - 6-coil thicker spring washer compared with those common 5 coils', one more "coil" for clamping clothes from falling off 】: Its clamps are undoubtedly more powerful than the common 5 layers', which make it could even take 5lbs things in each side and keep high spring in the long term. In addition, upgraded bigger & stronger clips can even hold 2 pants or skirts. No worries of clothes falling off when in hanging.
  • 【WITHOUT “BITE" MARKS - Built-in non slip waved plastc swell in clips, it prevent clothes from marks especially after long term hanging】: It makes clothes being held tightly and without worry about wrinkles and marks when you choose our products. Take the dry one from this clips pants hangers, wear, and go out for dating.

Some homeowners are looking for the best way to hang pants but find it challenging to get the best pant hangers that fit into their budget.

If you are in this purchase dilemma, then you may consider buying the Titan Mall Non-Slip Rotatable Economic Plastic Hanger.

It is exciting to note that it doesn’t compromise on quality despite having a plastic design. Instead, it is sturdy and elegant.

Also, the hanger deploys two robust pinch grip clips at both ends to hold your clothes. More thrilling is the fact that the clips are more significant than conventional grip clips, which make them more flexible to keep your pants.

You would undoubtedly want your clothes. That is why the hanger has a decent space-saving design, which combines a 6.5-inch height and 12-inch length. It, alongside the big clips, ensures that your pants are wrinkle-free and neat.

Despite being plastic, the Titan Mall Non-Slip Rotatable Economic Plastic Hanger has a break-resistant and splinter-free material.

It boosts the durability of the hanger, by ensuring that it can hold weighty clothes, including jeans, and wet clothes.

Individuals are not the only beneficiary of this pant hanger’s benefits. It is not only ideal for private use but also families. It would interest you to note that it has a bulk pack of 30 pant hangers.

It provides the family with enough hooks to hold their clothes while maintaining the uniform look that is befitting of your bedroom closet.

Highlighted features

  • Features a 360-degree flexible swivel hook for easy hanging and accessing of your clothes
  • Large non-slip clips ensure that your clothes are in place at all times
  • Decent space-saving design
  • Made with sturdy materials
  • It can hold about 20 lbs of weight

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8. DS Hangers Trousers Stainless Organizer

devesanter Pants Hangers Non-Slip S-Shape Trousers...
  • ✔Space saving pants hangers -- 5 tier trousers hangers. Each hanger can at least hold up 5 jeans, trousers or other clothing. Maximize to save your closet space and keep it clean and orderly. Strong bearing strength and won't be easy to be out of shape
  • ✔Stainless steel clothes trousers hangers organizer -- Quality stainless steel made ensure strudy and durable. Rust resistance and sturdy construction. Smooth surface and scratch resistance. Protect your trousers pants and clothes from scratching and creases

The thrills of having the best way to store dress pants may cause you to leave out some details. It is imperative to choose the best pang hangers that offer firm hold of your clothes, without compromising on the wrinkle-free prospects. That is what you get for selecting the DS Hangers Trousers Stainless Organizer.

You may have many clothes still in your luggage and wondering about the best way to get them all on the closet without creasing any of them.

If that is the case, the sleek model that comes with this pant hanger ensures that your clothes remain in top shape. It may interest you in knowing that it has a 5-tier model that is capable of holding up to 5pants.

The versatility is also another factor that would interest you. It is compatible with all kinds of clothes. So, you are sure that the hanger can hold your trousers, ties, pants, and jeans in a neat and organized state.

The unique design incorporates a rubber coating at the end of the hanger. It has the responsibility of holding the clothes to prevent them from falling off the rails. What’s more?

It has a rust resistance that ensures your pants are not susceptible to scratches or creasing.

Aside from the flexibility and capability of holding clothes, the hanger also has a sturdy construction that ensures durability. Besides, the muscular bearing strength keeps it in shape for many years.

Highlighted Features

  • 5-tier pants hanger
  • Compatible with all kinds of clothes
  • Smooth surface and scratch resistance
  • Quality Stainless Steel
  • Rubber coating to prevent clothes from falling off the hanger

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9. IEOKE Pant Hangers

IEOKE Pant Hangers, 25 Pack Skirt Hangers with...
  • Pant Hangers With Clips - Superior grasping force, Our clips will not let go of your pants, The grasping force of metal clips is very powerful. It can catch the thin clothing even silky pants. The rubber coat of the clips is designed to increase the friction and prevent leaving a scar on your clothes, while also keeping your closet organized. These hangers are an excellent choice for hanging your clothing.
  • Top quality metal material Hangers - IEOKE trouser hanger with clips is made of excellent metal material, It is more durable and space saving than wooden or plastic pant hangers. They can hold wet laundry and heavy pants. Our hangers are able to hold up to 10lbs of clothing, allowing you to relax. No more messy closets!

We all love to look sleek and appear classy in our outfits. It may be a bad day when you are ready for work or your dinner date only to realize that your pants are creased.

Ironing the clothes is out of the question because you may be in a hurry to bother about that.

The rule of thumb is to prevent the possibility of such an occurrence, and the IEOKE Pant Hangers is the best way to store dress pants.

Unlike conventional hangers designed for adults or kids, this hanger was designed to hold different types of clothes. Thanks to the adjustable width that allows you to adjust the clips to hang different types of pants.

While you are looking at the versatility of the best luxury hanger, it isn’t a bad idea to also consider the durability. It is essential because it plays a massive role in keeping the wire hanger active for long.

It also helps to prevent scars on your pants. In light of that, the excellent metal material on the IEOKE Pant Hangers is there to serve that purpose.

It also combines a zinc alloy plating to prevent the hanger from rusting or fading. In extension, it helps to make it more durable than traditional wooden or plastic pant hangers do.

Highlighted Features

  • Superior grasping force
  • Adjustable width
  • Excellent metal material with zinc alloy plating
  • Black rubber coat on the clips prevents increase friction and prevent scars on the clothes
  • Ultra-thin metal structure design to save more space

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10. LanGui Metal Pant Hangers

Pants Hangers with Clips - Skirt Hangers 24 Pack...
  • Metal pant hangers -- Our pants hangers with clips are made of high quality metal material. Metal hangers robust and easy to use, prevents rust and resists breakage.
  • Clip hangers non-slip -- The shorts hangers with clips has a powerful grip, which can easily hold heavy duty or even thin silk pants. The end of the pant hanger has a rubber coating to ensure that the pants are flat and not wrinkled.

Metal hangers have a rugged hold, which is why the one we have here is affirmed to be among the best space-saving hangers.

The product is made of a high-quality metal material that prevents rust and resists breakage. Also, it makes the hook robust and easy to use.

You would want your pants to be secure on the rails, wouldn’t you? Then you should not hesitate to get this hanger because it has a very secure grip that holds weighty clothing.

Furthermore, the adjustable clip empowers you to turn to different angles to accommodate different kinds of pant styles and sizes. What’s more?

The clips are flexible and moveable across the entire width of the hanger to accommodate your pants, jeans, and trousers.

Are you bothered about the likelihood of having wrinkles on your clothes? Worry no more because the LanGui Metal Pant Hangers have a plastic tip on the clamp.

It ensures that the braces would hold the clothes securely. Interestingly, it doesn’t leave marks on your pants or any other dresses attached to it.

For space, the hanger is designed to be lightweight. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not durable. On the contrary, it is flexible, which makes it easy to adapt to different use cases.

Therefore, you can be sure that it would fit into your wardrobe or closet without taking up many spaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Accommodate garments of different styles and sizes
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Super grip for firmly grasping your clothes
  • Plastic tip on the clamp to hold items in place
  • Made of metal material to prevent rust and resist breakage

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11. SONGMICS Anti-Slip Rotatable Pant Hangers

SONGMICS 12 Pack Wooden Pants Hangers, Premium...
  • WRINKLE FREE HOLD: A full-width clamp grips skirts or trousers tightly; clamp with felt lining protects clothes and will not leave unsightly creases or marks on the waistband unlike the hangers with clips, great for hanging silk or delicate clothing
  • GOOD FOR PANTS AND SKIRTS: The clamp is designed with a grooved surface to accommodate trousers seams or buttons; ABS clamp lock opens and closes easily while adding strength for securing apparels in place

The ideas behind these bets huggable hangers are enormous and should interest you. It is pleasing to note that the design is in an entirely different form that is not common in many pant hangers.

The full-width clamp grips use a different approach to conventional hangers with clips. Instead, this model ensures that the pant hangers clamp your clothes tightly without leaving creases on the waistband. To that end, you are confident that your clothing would be wrinkle-free.

The design on its part is innovative. The hangers have a premium wood that is hand-polished with a natural finish.

The aftermath is that you can hang your clothes with every confidence that the attractive design wouldn’t facilitate wrinkles or creases on your pants.

Looking at the design once again, you would discover that the swivel hook is far above the base of the hangers. That offers you the opportunity to hang and retrieve your clothing with ease.

Hence, the 360-degree shiny swivel hook with chrome plating provides easy access to your garments. The compactness of the hangers also ensures that your clothes are securely stored. It can be in the limited space in your wardrobe or closet.

Highlighted Features

  • Wrinkle-free hold
  • Strong swivel hook
  • Crafted of premium natural material, including hand-polished wood and natural finish
  • ABS clamp lock for securing apparels in place
  • Accommodate different kinds of clothes, such as pants, skirts, jeans, and slacks

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12. High-Grade Wooden Hangers with Smooth Finish

Many homeowners are particular about having the best pant hangers, and their focus is usually on the hangers made of wood.

The idea behind this is because of the natural finish helps in facilitating crease and wrinkle-free clothes. It is on this premise that the High-Grade Wooden Hangers with Smooth Finish took its formulation.

The imperial design is cut out in a way that the clamps are just above the Luxe Wood that holds your clothes. That way, you would have sufficient space to hang your apparels.

The Luxe Wood high-quality design on its part ensures that the hangers remain in a pristine condition for many years.

Also, the dual wood bars come with a non-slip felt, and tight clip mechanism ensures that your garments never fall off the hangers.

The extra layer of lacquer, which ensures that the hangers remain in a shiny, enhances the design and presentable state at all times.

The durability of the hangers shouldn’t bother you because the premium materials used for the design take care of that.

The solid wood and high-quality anti-rust chrome metal used on the hangers ensure that they are sturdy and can serve you for long.

Despite the handcrafted wood and the metal design, the hangers also have additional features that make them the best space-saving hangers.

These unique features are the 360-degree swivel hook that makes the task of hanging and accessing your clothes easy. That is just as the closet look reduces the chances of clutter when on the rails.

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable Non-Slip Grip
  • Versatile use
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Rotatable 360-degree hook for practical access
  • An extra layer of lacquer to preserve the original appearance

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Things To Consider When Select Pant Hangers

best wood pant hanger

You have gone through reviews pant hangers. You may have decided to go for any of the items on the list.

That isn’t a bad idea. But for some buyers, there is a need for additional information to help them make an informed purchase decision.

That is important because it provides brief details you should look for when buying the best pant hangers.

Besides, the $10 you saved to buy an affordable pant hanger can ruin your $1000 suit or cause some irreparable damage on your apparels.

If you’re considering a way to prevent this from happening or want to have more information about choosing the best hangers, then you must read the buying guide.

Here, you would discover valuable information that would boost your choice of a particular best clamp pant hangers. It also tends to swing your selection to another option that has more benefits.


Many hangers can keep clothes wrinkle-free, but it takes extra effort to get the best pant hangers that do the job better than others do.

It is essential to consider the size of the wire hanger when making a choice. Ideally, the size of the pant hanger should correlate with the available space you have in your closet r wardrobe.

Remember that the hanger facilitates the difference between a cluttered and organized closet, and choosing the right size is the best way to start.

Type of Hanger

Many pant hangers indeed support different kinds of clothes. Nevertheless, it is ideal that you go for the ones dedicated to your target type of clothing.

It may seem a smart idea to hang your shirts or suits on the best huggable hangers. However, this may attract some downsides because the neckline may be at the risk of expansion.

Therefore, decide on the type of pant hangers that are suitable for your garments. You can then proceed to confirm the compatibility with other garments before hanging your clothes on them.

Folding vs Clipping

You have the options of choosing either a foldable or clipping pant hanger. It comes in handy when you have limited space.

The choice is also ideal for homeowners that are looking at hanging other apparels aside from their pants.

Ideally, foldable pant hangers are ideal for pants/trouser and can help save space. The clipping hangers, on the other hand, are versatile and can be used for many garments, including strapless dresses and skirts.

Padded Arms

It doesn’t matter if you choose to hang only pants and trousers or to extend your reach to tank tops and skirts. It is essential to consider the fabrics when selecting the best way to hang clothes.

It is advisable to consider pant hangers with padded arms. You may also attach pieces of foam to your hanger to creating the padded.

This concept aims at preventing the stretching of specific apparels like delicate blouses and knit fabrics after hanging them.


Are you wondering about the reason why your clothes fall off the hanger? The answer is not far from the instability of the wire hangers. Buyers have the options of choosing between the metal, plastic, and plastic pant hangers.

Each of these options has their Unique Selling Points (USPs). For instance, plastic is not only lightweight but easy to use. That helps you to lift it off the rails and replace after hanging your clothes.

Other buyers prefer the metal-constructed pant hangers because of the rugged construction and the firm hold. The wooden option is feasible because of the natural finish that elongates the durability of the hanger.

They are ideal for different types of users. You may need to consult the reviews pant hangers once more to decide on the best pant hangers that fall under this category.

How to Pack Pant on Hangers

When you’re ready to change to another location, you may find it difficult to move certain items. Pant hangers pose a significant problem, and that is why you need to discover the ways to pack them without hassles.

1. Sort the Hangers

You tend to have used the wire hangers for many months or years. During this time, some of the hangers may have either worn out or won’t be efficient as before. Therefore, you need to sort the good ones.

The rule of thumb is to select high-quality hangers, preferably the wooden or stainless steel variations.

2. Group the Hangers

The next step is to group the wire hangers depending on the purpose they would serve. For instance, you can classify them by sized material, such as padded, wooden, stainless steel, and plastic hangers.

3. Stack the Hangers

Proceed to stack the grouped hangers in stacks of not less than 5 and no more than 12. You have to place them on top of each other, so they can face the same angle.

  • Pass and tie a rubber band around the hooks of the hanger but be sure not to overstretch it.
  • Wrap the bundles into old sheets for better protection.
  • Place the bundled hangers into bags or boxes that match their sizes. That way, the hangers won’t move about when in transit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are getting to the last lap of the review. Most times, prospective buyers have some lingering questions to ask about pant hangers. Some of these recurring questions are below:

What are the Best Pant Hangers?

Any wire hanger can keep your clothes away from creases, but you need to look deeper to discover the ones that are efficient than the others do.

When considering the best option, it is essential to look at certain factors, such as the ones on the Buying Guide above. For instance, you need to consider the type of cloth you wish to hang, and the size of the hanger.

You should also consider how sturdy the hanger is because this ensures that your garments do not fall. You can also vary your choices between the folding and clipping hangers to arrive at the best purchase decision.

Why are Wooden Hangers better?

Many buyers prefer wooden hangers because of their higher durability than conventional plastic hangers.

Also, the hangers are capable of holding garments in place better than other hangers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry any longer about your clothes falling off the hook.

Another reason behind the adoption is sturdiness. Wooden hangers ensure that your clothes do not stretch more. Hence, there is no cause for alarm about your garments getting out of shape.

What can you do with Plastic Hangers?

Plastic hangers serve a variety of purposes. Ideally, they are flexible and versatile for holding a range of garments, including pants, strapless dresses, shirts, and jeans.

On the other hand, they can be disposed of when they begin to wear out. You need to find a veritable dealer that can accept them for recycling in exchange for money. Otherwise, you may need to throw them away if the recycling process is not feasible.

How do you dispose of hangers?

Plastic hangers are famous for their recyclability. The idea is to remodel them into other variants or products when they begin to wear out.

To dispose of it or recycle the hanger, you need to inspect it for signs of wearing. If so, you need to gather the unwanted plastic hangers and send them to the recyclers.

It is also worth mentioning that only a few plastic hangers are recyclable. Therefore, you need to inspect the body to ascertain if it can be recycled. If it cannot, then you need to throw it away.

Can you recycle wire hangers for money?

Yes, you can recycle wire hangers for money. However, you have to note that only a few plastic hangers can be recycled. Most times, wire hangers are not accepted for recycling because the curved end can interfere with the recycling equipment.

Final Verdict

Hanging your clothes is the perfect solution to keep the apparel away from creases and wrinkles. Having the best pant hangers offers you a second opportunity at a fraction of the cost.

Hopefully, our review of the best luxury hangers would help you make an informed decision on choosing the best pant hangers.

Which of the hangers discussed in the list is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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