10 Best Spray Mop For Hardwood Floors of 2021

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So you want to keep your floors clean and shiny? Whether you want to do it to impress your guests or want to maintain a hygienic home, I am certain you’re familiar with mopping.

It isn’t a new discovery but the mops have evolved over the years, to say the least. Nowadays, there are countless types of mops to select.

It is not like the olden days when you would walk into a store to pick a random mop. With spray mops gaining popularity, we decided to review the best spray mop on the market today.

Not so long ago, people began to realize that spray mops are infinitely better than traditional mops. In fact, you are likely to encounter one at your local hospital or school.

But as more and more brands venture into this space, it is becoming more difficult to find a suitable spray mop for your home. Check out our buying guide of under cabinet range hood.

Best Spray Mop For Hardwood Floors: At A Glance

This comprehensive buying guide takes care of that problem. It features ten of the most preferred spray mops, a section that details how to pick the right one, how to master your mopping technique, and everything else you need to know about spray mops.

Stay tuned till the end to increase your odds of finding the ideal spray mop for your household.

10 Best Spray Mop For Hardwood Floors:

1. BISSELL PowerFresh Only Steam Mop

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with Natural...
  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; Eliminates 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria with the natural power of steam
  • Power through tough, sticky messes with the flip down easy scrubber

The BISSELL PowerFresh is regarded as the best spray mop for many reasons. Here are the major reasons why this is so. Like with all spray mops, this particular Bissell PowerFresh uses steam power over chemicals to get rid of germs and contaminants.

This is a hugely beneficial factor if you have pets or children running around your household. It guarantees cleanliness without causing the toxicity involved with chemicals.

Another factor why this Bissell PowerFresh is highly regarded by users is its versatility. It comes with a customizable setting that allows you to control the steam settings of the mop based on your needs.

If you want to clean hardwood floors or fluffy carpets, this PowerFresh is the mop for you. You also get the added benefit of selecting the scent you want through its fragrance discs.

If you want your house to have the scent of roses, lavender or peach, simply change the fragrance discs when mopping to give your house a lasting fresh scent.

Unlike other steam mops, this PowerFresh mop comes equipped with all the accessories you need. You don’t need to spend extra buying aftermarket accessories.

For instance, you get a spring breeze, eucalyptus mint, and citrus scented discs to alter the smell of your home.

Highlighted Features

  • Steam cleans 99 percent of all germs and contaminants
  • Flip-down scrubber for getting rid of tough, sticky messes
  • Smart set digital steam control
  • Features swivel steering system
  • 23-foot power cord
  • Easy setup

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2. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Microfiber Floor Mop...
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE: Safe to use on all floor types including hardwood, vinyl, laminate and tile
  • 50% MORE DIRT PICKUP: Microfiber cleaning pad picks up 50% more dirt and dust per swipe than traditional mops

This Rubbermaid Reveal is one of the most sensible spray mops to get if you’re looking for value for money. Its microfiber cleaning pads can be cleaned and reused up to 100 times without affecting the cleaning performance.

The great thing about these cleaning pads is that they are non-abrasive. This means that you can clean stubborn, sticky messes on your floors and get rid of them by simply applying a little elbow grease when cleaning them.

What’s more, its size and weight make it ideal to use even for people below the height of 5’4″. Compared to other mops, this Reveal mop performs exceptionally well when it comes to cleaning larger areas.

This is because it has a larger cleaning base than most spray mops in its price range. One thing about the Rubbermaid Reveal is that it is not battery operated.

This, however, does not affect its spray distance. The Rubbermaid Reveal uses a pump action trigger system when cleaning.

This means that if you want to spray far and wide, you can hack the mop’s system by holding it in an upright position, and let gravity work its magic.

The reveal mop is one of our favorite mops for its quiet operation. You can clean your house at any time without waking up your sleeping toddler or upsetting your nosy neighbors.

Highlighted Features

  • Multipurpose; Safe to use on all floor types
  • 22 oz. refillable bottle for mixing own solution
  • Reusable microfiber cleaning pads
  • Non-scratch scrubber for cleaning stubborn spots
  • Highly durable build
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to assemble

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3. 18” Professional Microfiber Mop/Stainless Steel Handle

18" Professional Microfiber Mop - Hardwood Floor...
  • ✔️【 CLEAN LIKE A PRO 】Truly designed for professional cleaners, home owners have found this to be the perfect floor cleaning solution for daily and weekly cleaning. Pro's demand products that get the job done quickly and efficiently, This kit has everything you need for perfect professionally cleaned floors. Remove dust, pet hair, and dirt, and debris from your floors with the mojave dust mop, then follow up with the premium wet mop pads for a deeper pro clean.
  • ✔️【 EASE TO USE AND MANEUVER 】Simply secure the wet mop pads to the bottom of the frame, adjust and lock the handle in place to match your height, and you're ready to get the cleanest floors. Easily breeze through the most challenging corners, nooks and crannies of your home. Then make quick work of open floor areas with our 18" professional mop pads. The commercial mop maneuvers with a full 360 swivel so you can mop under furniture and other hard to reach areas.

If you covet owning a mop that will help you clean all types of messes with ease, the 18” Professional Microfiber is your ultimate choice. It features two wet mop pads for use with water and a microfiber dust pad to attract dirt, dust, and hair.

Together they help clean all surfaces surprisingly well. Even better, they are machine washable making them look like a million dollars and at the same time save you money spent on disposable cleaners.

The 18” Professional is the best spray mop due to its efficiency and top-notch durability. Boasting of a stainless steel handle and an aluminium frame, it lasts long even for cleaning freaks that use it frequently.

Additionally, the handle is adjustable with its height changing from 4-6 feet while the mop head rotates 360 degrees. The beauty of these adjustments is that you can reach all spots and taller people won’t have to break their backs.

Its heaviness helps the mop put more pressure downwards to collect all dust and debris leaving your floor spotlessly clean. Coming with complete instructions, you will not have to bear the shame of asking your neighbor to illustrate its use.

You will certainly not struggle to clean your floor anymore. For your light or massive messes, this do-it-all mop will effectively clean them with much ease in a heartbeat.

Highlighted features

  • The mop features 2 Microfiber wet mop pads and one microfiber dust pad.
  • Its frame is Aluminium made.
  • The Stainless Steel mop handle is adjustable.
  • It comes with two microfiber cloths.
  • The package comes with a user manual.

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4. BISSELLSpinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Map and Cleaner

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and...
  • Powered hard floor mop scrubs your floors so you don't have to
  • Safe for cleaning sealed, hard surface floors; 28 ounce clean water tank capacity. Power rating : 0.9 ampere

Scrubbing your floor doesn’t have to drain all your energy, the Bissell Spinwave will do it for you super efficiently without leaving you dog-tired.

Designed with a powered mop for hard floors, it eliminates all the dirt; you won’t get enough of your friends’ compliments when you invite them over for dinner.

Also, it has scrubby pads and soft touch pads. The bonus of having both pads is that they allow gentle cleaning on hardwood surfaces and tough cleaning for those not-so-pleasant messes.

This best mop for hardwood floor is well-loved for its effortless cleaning thanks to its power spin pads whose rotating action picks up all the dust and dirt. Wondering how to dole out the correct amount of solution needed to clean your floors?

The on-demand spray lets you dispense just what is enough for thorough cleaning. Another standout capability is that this mop offers peak power. With a power rating of 0.9 Amps, it will do the trick.

Additionally, the swivel steering makes cleaning under the furniture a simple task. The 2-year warranty for every user will cater for the loss in case the mop breaks down accidentally.

The Bissell Spinwave scores top marks in almost all of its features. Its lightweight and effortless cleaning will satisfactorily solve your cleaning ordeal.

Highlighted Features

  • The water tank capacity is 28 ounce.
  • It features power spin pads.
  • It includes scrubby pads and soft touch pads.
  • The power rating is 0.9 Amps.
  • The mop weighs 9.5 pounds.

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5. Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

MOPNADO – Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin...
  • ENJOY A CLEANER HOME FASTER THAN EVER - Our mop system is perfect for cleaning all types of floors, including laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl, stone, and concrete. Our microfiber mop heads are durable and machine washable, providing money-saving value over traditional mops. The 180* swiveling mop head makes it easy to reach under furniture, while the extendable 56 in. long handle allows you to clean windows and ceiling fans.
  • EASIER TO USE THAN THE COMPETITION - Our patented mop plates make rinsing the mop head easier than any other mop on the market. You don't have to spend as much energy to get the mop head to spin.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Put an end to buying low-quality mops that need replacements now and then. The Mopnado mop is a good investment because it will offer you a huge bang for your buck considering the features it has.

Made from high-quality material, it provides exceptional durability hence replacing mops will be a long forgotten tale.

Another thing that makes it the best spray mop is its versatility. It is a concrete, stone, laminate, hardwood cleaner all in one.

To enhance mobility while cleaning, it features a mop bucket that has wheels and two handles. Also, cleaning under your furniture and other hidden spots should not be a stressful affair; this microfiber mop’s head is capable of rotating 180 degrees.

The extendable handle makes it easy to clean your ceiling and window fans without hurting your back.

If you keep spending money on replacement mops, then this machine-washable mop heads will save you the hassle.

The original mop plates make the rinsing of these heads a breeze and spinning them does not require as much energy.

The Mopnado mop has the best mop reviews ranging from its ease of use to its durability. If you are interested in a mop that delivers the above, then the Mopnado deluxe will undoubtedly meet your needs.

Highlighted Features

  • The kit includes a solution dispenser, scrub brush attachment and two mop heads.
  • It comes with one year warranty.
  • It weighs 9.9 pounds.
  • The handle is adjustable.
  • The mop heads are machine washable and spin 180 degrees.

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6. Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop, includes 28.75 oz....
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Safe for wood floors

The Bona mop’s easy to move and lightweight design makes it a good bet compared to other spray mops in the industry. This design contributes to its smooth movement to areas that need cleaning throughout the house.

Its quickness in cleaning the pancake dough or office glue spills will thrill you. The Bona also features a good quality microfiber mop and solution cartridge that will never in a million years disappoint you.

When it comes to leaving behind residues, it cleans all grime leaving your floor spotless; after all, its microfiber cleaning pad is large enough to collect all the dirt.

You will not struggle to adjust the quantity and frequency of the cleaning solution released, just by the pull of a trigger you’ll get it done. It makes a low sound during operation making it convenient to clean even in the after-hours.

No need to worry about finding the suitable mop head pad for your mop; the bona head pads come in different styles and formats for either dry dusting or wet cleaning.

Throughout your busy life, cleaning the floor should not add on to the tiring activities that you perform daily. Consider buying this best wood floor mop and cleaning your floor will be a piece of cake.

Highlighted Features

  • It weighs 6.25 pounds.
  • Its warranty covers for one year.
  • This spray mop features a machine -washable cleaning pad and a hand trigger.
  • It isUSA-made.
  • The kit measures approximately 4 by 15 by 30 inches.
  • The Bona has a 28-3/4-ounce non-toxic cleaner.

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7. Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop Starter Kit BgNICE

Keep your floor clean and free from dust and grease using the Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop. It cleans up messes three times better than a broom leaving the surface looking and feeling good.

You have not experienced that magical clean that this best floor mop offers; its 2-in-1 tool sweeps and mops your floors pleasingly well thanks to the possibility of either fastening a wet sweeper cloth or a dry Swiffer cloth.

One of the best parts about this mop is that its sweeping cloths are thick and have ridges which make it compatible with your floor surface hence trapping and locking all the dirt.

On the other hand, the wet mopping cloths dissolve the dirt and capture it from the floor to provide you with a flawless clean. Its rotatable head makes it easy to reach behind the sofa and under the fridge without straining.

Also, the kit includes extra refills to offer additional service. In case you may not get satisfied with the purchase, the Swiffer Sweeper caters for that by giving a money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Featuring the best 2-in-1 mops, it leaves no streaks, dust or pet hair on the floor. The Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop deserves to be your must-have cleaning equipment if you love cleaning efficiently and quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • The starter kit includes one sweeper, three wet mopping cloths and seven dry sweeping cloths.
  • The mop is plastic made.
  • It is a multipurpose cleaning tool.
  • Dimensions: 23.03 x 5.0 x 2.01
  • The kit weighs 7 pounds

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8. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop, Red
  • Super-absorbent microfiber effectively cleans with just water
  • DUAL-SIDED MOP HEAD - The large, dual-sided microfiber mop head flips allowing you to clean floors fast without having to change the mop pad.

For a spray mop that packs with all the right features which will make your cleaning process easy-peasy on a budget, the O-Cedar Promist is a good choice. Coming with a microfiber pad, not lasting long is not an issue.

This mop is a real timesaver due to the 180 degrees head flip that allows you to continue cleaning even after one side becomes dirty.

Dirt and dust particles have no place on your floor; the pad boasts lots of microfibers for easier absorption of the smallest grime. For a versatile mop, the O-Cedar ProMist excels in both dry and wet cleaning.

Its pad is machine-washable, giving you extra service up to a hundred times without needing a replacement. What sets apart this mop is that it has a button just above the handle which upon pressing, doles out cleaning solution as you clean.

Your cleaning solution is over? No problem, the microfiber pad works equally well even with plain water. Also, the mop features a spray nozzle designed to give an impeccable spray.

The spray mist produces sufficient moisture to make your floors clean without sacrificing the quality of your wood floor.

This mop is a worthwhile investment. For an easy and fast clean with a spray mop that is easy on the wallet, the ProMist is an excellent choice.

Highlighted Features

  • It is microfiber.
  • The mop comes with a fillable bottle that you can fill your ideal cleaning solution.
  • Its mop head is dual-sided.
  • The spray mop features a machine-washable pad.
  • ProMist MAX comes with a trigger and grip handle.

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9. Vorfreude-Old Model-Floor Mop with Integrated Spray

Restore the sparkle of your floors with this 100% reusable mop that is not overly expensive. What makes it earn a spot as the best spray mop is its ease of use that makes cleaning a one minute task.

As for versatility, it lets you choose whatever is fit for your specific spills and floors. Whether you want to use cold or warm water, add a little bleach or use fragrance, this extraordinary mop got you.

Another bonus is that the mop is the best quality made to provide you with years of cleaning. While you might not be sure which is the correct amount of water needed to clean the floor, the integrated sprayer does it all for you.

The spray mop is leak proof to ensure that there is no water spilled as you do your cleaning. Additionally, its ergonomic design lets you hold it comfortably without slipping giving you the perfect cleaning experience.

We cannot overlook the lifetime guarantee that comes with the Vorfreude. It saves you the hassle in case any of its parts break down making it a low-risk option.

This mop features two washable and reusable microfiber pads to ensure that you maintain that squeaky clean floor without having to replace them.

Coming with all these great features, the Vorfreude is a real bargain. Not only is it user-friendly but you will not have to break a bank to purchase it.

Highlighted Features

  • It weighs 1.7 pounds.
  • The Vorfreude comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • This floor mop has a sprayer.
  • The spray mop has an ergonomic design for better grip.
  • It comes with two washable and reusable microfiber pads.

10. MR SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop, Stainless Steel Handle-Pad

MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop for Hardwood,...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Built with durable plastic and sturdy stainless steel handle, inlcudes 3 reusable microfiber cloths and 1 dirt removal scrubber, applies to all kinds of floor such as hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, vinyl, make boring chore of cleaning your floors easy and effortless.
  • CONVENIENT STEER - Features 360 degree maneuverable swivel head allows you mop around the stairs, furniture and table legs flexibly. 15" x 5" wide surface mop pad with improved fabric clip-on design covers more area while cleaning, makes cleaning floor fast and efficient. It' also suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

The MR SIGA Professional mop touts itself as a ` double sided’ mop. The advantage that comes with this feature is that one of the sides is microfiber making it perfect for drawing hair and dust.

It also does dry and wet mopping pretty well. The other side’s use is to wax floors giving them that shine you’ve always desired.

Rather than having disposable pads that only offer you short-lasting service, this mop uses washable and removable ones that will give you an excellent clean over and over.

That sticky grime doesn’t have to give you a headache; the MR SIGA mop comes with a scrubbing pad for cleaning the tough mess.

This mop also features a 360-degree rotation pole with a double locking system for better access to those tight spots that need touch up.

You can also extend the pole to your desired length and lock giving you a comfortable cleaning experience.

The mop plates come with a clip-on design which is a significant improvement from the regular plates that don’t grip the fabric firmly.

It doesn’t come by surprise that this is the best mop to clean wood floors. The MR SIGA Professional is a highly recommended mop for its efficiency, and this makes it worth every penny.

Highlighted Features

  • It is double-sided having both microfiber and a plush mop cloth.
  • MR SIGA Professional comes with one scrubber and three microfiber cloth refills.
  • Its pole rotates 360 degrees and has a double locking system.
  • The mop plates have the clip-on design.
  • This mop’s pad size: 42cm(16.5”) x 23cm(9.0”)
  • It has a 90 days warranty and a free replacement on any manufacturing malfunctioning.

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Additional Products

11. SevenMax Spray Mop

HOMTOYOU Spray Mop Upgrade for Floor Cleaning -...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Harmless to floor, Reusable microfiber pad go for all floor types, such as Hardwood, Laminate Wood, Ceramic Tiles and etc. Ergonomic handgrip control and rod length. Make floor cleaning easy and simple.
  • Save Time:- The responsive spray head allows you to spray as much or as little liquid as you desire. Save unnecessary time and frustration moping up unwated water. Add in our 360° swivel head and get around bulky, heavy furniture without the headache of moving it all around.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to mop and clean your floor, then this mop from SevenMax is a great one for you to consider. It’s environmentally friendly, comes with a 360° rotation feature, and is not harmful to your floor.

This spray mop is actually suitable for all types of floors, including hardwood, ceramic tiles, laminate wood, wooden floors, linoleum, vinyl, cement, concrete, and stone floors.

It sprays a mist via the durable sprayer system. The meticulous nozzle ensures that water is sprayed evenly to make your work easier.

The mop pad is braided with carbon fiber and microfiber. The ends of these fibers are hooked-shaped in order to catch all the debris and dust.

This allows you to continue cleaning your entire house without leaving any dirt behind.

No handwashing is required and with its excellent gripping feature, you can be sure that your floors will be left spotless every time.

Highlighted Features

  • Convenient 360° rotation adjusts to any angle
  • Comes with a practical scraper and fine brush
  • Slim design allows you to reach under furniture
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed handle grip
  • Sprays mist, not water, for cleaning floors and windows

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12. OXO Spray Mop

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Spray Mop with Slide-Out...
  • Microfiber mop with detachable scrubber for seamless transition between mopping and spot-cleaning
  • Microfiber head attracts and traps dirt and dust

The Good Grips mop from the OXO brand has a slide-out scrubber which helps create a seamless transition between spot-cleaning and mopping.

The mop features a large microfiber head that attracts and traps dust and dirt throughout the house.

It also has a detachable scrubber that you can slide out whenever you need to by simply stepping on the pedal. This allows for easy, fast spot-cleaning.

The mop has a contoured comfortable handle as well as the reusable bottle with very clear measurement markings. This is ideal for filling it up with your own cleaning solution.

The handle has a trigger that is easy to use. You can pull it to dispense liquid right to the front of the spray mop to facilitate easy floor and window cleaning.

The spray bottle has a powerful pump that makes cleaning a breeze. You’ll never again need a bucket of water to get your floors clean.

The wipe pad is machine washable, which means that there is no waste.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide microfiber pad covers a large surface area
  • Easy to clean, just peel off the pad and machine wash
  • Pivoting head for cleaning around furniture
  • Handle and squeeze trigger are ergonomically designed
  • Comes with a refillable bottle for your cleaning solution

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13. E-Cloth Aqua Spray Mop

E-Cloth Aqua Spray Deep Clean Microfiber Mop with...
  • Effective — The E-Cloth Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop strips grease, grime, dirt, and over 99% of bacteria from hard flooring. Wood, tile or laminate, it cleans and protects your investment — using just water. No repeat trips to the sink. No streaks
  • Easy — Makes easy work of tough jobs, with a lightweight, aluminum handle and refillable water reservoir. Pull the handle trigger to release water and let the thick microfiber mop head do the rest. Quick-grip hook-and-loop fasteners make it easy to attach and remove the mop head. When you're done, toss it the laundry to refresh

This mop from E-Cloth will allow you to perfectly clean your floors with just water. If you’re someone who values chemical-free cleaning, then the E-Cloth is exactly what you need.

For most people, it’s hard to imagine having a totally clean floor using plain water, but with this innovative technology, it’s very possible.

The E-Cloth removes grease, fingerprints, grime, and food spills from all types of surfaces. In addition to being able to scrub away all the dirt, this spray mop also removes 99% of bacteria from your floors.

It has a reservoir and spray system that makes cleaning a breeze. All you have to do is spray and mop, and this amazing fabric takes care of everything else.

The mop is designed to be lightweight, yet durable and strong, thanks to its aluminum construction. With a height of 4 feet and an adjustable handle, you will be able to comfortably mop your floors or clean your windows with this mop.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers great performance and reuse properties
  • Machine washable microfiber mop pad
  • Removable water spray system
  • Ideal for all types of floors
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, chemical-free mopping

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14. Jashen Self-Wringing Spray Mop

The Jashen self-wringing mop has a unique handle and spray-system design. You’ll be able to mop all types of floors without having to bend over or scrub hard.

All you have to do is adjust the handle to your comfortable height. The head has a 360° swing which means you can go around in under objects quickly and easily.

The detachable microfiber pad is easy to clean although it’s not machine washable. With this mop, there’s no longer any need for using a bucket or getting your hands wet and dirty.

You’ll be able to thoroughly clean the spray mop during use by gently sliding the elastic squeeze wiper up and down. No matter how big an area you’re cleaning, you’ll always have a clean mop thanks to this feature.

This spray mop also has multiple usages and you can use it for mopping floors, cleaning windows, and wiping glass surfaces. It’s extremely easy to use.

Simply open the blue lid, fill it with water, and then press the trigger located on the handle to spray the floor.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with four reusable microfiber mop pads
  • Self-wringing mop offers hands-free wash
  • Mop stands upright on its own for easy storage
  • 360° rotating mop head for multiple applications
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee and a 12-month warranty

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15. CXHome Spray Mop

Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning, CXhome Microfiber...
  • ★Remove Stains Easily: 360° rotating mop head is ideal for eliminating the most stubborn dirt, oil stain, on your wall, windows, living room, ceiling, under furniture and even corners hard to reach, bring you a tidy environment
  • ★Spray and Scalable Design: The floor mop is easy to use, no bending, no bucket, just press the convenient trigger on the handle and water will spray out, or add different liquid into the bottle according to your requirements,but we suggest that don’t put the strong acid liquid to the bottle and you can use a two-section or three-section mop stick-MAX length is 50''

There are a lot of benefits that come with using this spray mop from CX home. The spray is designed to cover the full width of your mop head, which means that you get just enough moisture to clean that area of the floor. This helps to prevent damage on wood floors.

Thanks to the microfiber cleaning pad, you’ll be able to absorb even the smallest dust and dirt particles from your floors quickly and easily.

The design features a one-touch release that allows you to quickly remove the spray bottle for refilling. After filling and returning the bottle, it securely clicks into place to ensure that it doesn’t come loose during vigorous mopping.

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, as well as the easy squeeze trigger to allow you to control spray action. Your microfiber pad can be used over and over again.

All you have to do is pull it off and pop it into the machine for a quick clean. This mop is great for busy people who want to have perfectly clean floors in the least time and with the least amount of effort possible.

Highlighted Features

  • Superior quality and durable construction
  • 360° rotating head for easy cleaning
  • Eliminates stubborn dirt on walls, windows, and floors
  • Comes with two washable pads and a bonus scraper
  • Environmentally friendly, water-saving spray mop

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16. AmazonBasics Spray Mop

Amazon Basics Spray Mop - Blue & White
  • Spray mop with reusable, washable mop head for hard floors, and 350 ml bottle for cleaning solution (sold separately)
  • Microfiber mop head naturally attracts and locks in dust and dirt

The AmazonBasics spray mop comes with a microfiber cloth that is reusable and washable. The mob head has a responsive sprayer that allows you to spray as much or as little liquid as you need to.

This is a perfect mop for those who are done dealing with buckets filled with dirty water.

All you have to do is simply fill in the built-in water compartment with your choice of cleaning solution and you’re ready to go.

The cleaning pad has a texture that is designed to naturally attract dirt and dust on your floors and windows. You always get effective, efficient clean every time.

Thanks to the 360° swiveling head, this mop can get in and around tiny areas easily. No more struggling to clean behind appliances and around bulky furniture.

Great for homes, offices, apartments, and more, this AmazonBasics mop will keep your floors looking shiny and fresh.

Highlighted Features

  • Washable, reusable spray mop pad
  • 360° swiveling head pivots into corners
  • Responsive spray lets you spray the amount you need
  • Compact, lightweight, and sturdy design
  • Ideal for mopping hard surfaces and spot cleaning

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17. ForSpeeder Microfiber Spray Mop

Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning,POPTEN...
  • POPTEN Spray Floor Mop Advantages :Wall mounted designed, you can hang the laminate mop on the wall to make your bathroom cleaner and tidy after finished cleaning job. The upgraded aluminum alloy rod of our wood floor mop is more durable and lightweight than the traditional mops, which will not loosen or break. Coming with a multifunctional scraper is given to remove dirt, stains and hair on the spray mop cloth, which make the cleaning job much easier and don't get your hands dirty.
  • Dry Duster & Wet Mop: 2 Packs chenille pads and 1 pack microfiber cloth, which are soft, absorbent, durable and reusable can be used as a dust mop as well as a wet mop.POPTEN microfiber floor mop cloths have millions of microscopic fibers that grab dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and moisture and reach deep into cracks to pick up more grime than flat disposables as defender for the pet owners and families with kids.

This mop is designed to make your life a whole lot easier by getting rid of the hard part of mopping the floor – a bulky bucket. With this spray mop, you will have your floors clean in no time thanks to its wide surface area coverage.

The design is also lightweight and so easy to use that even kids can operate the spray mop without any difficulty.

It has an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to have a comfortable mopping experience. The trigger is easy to reach and pull, and it lets you spray only the amount of liquid you require.

This means that you’ll be able to clean any type of floor, including wood, without damaging it.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, flexible mop that will save you a lot of time, effort, and money, then this is a great one for you to consider.

In addition to all those incredible features, this mop is also environmentally friendly and comes with two washable microfiber pads for when you need a replacement.

Highlighted Features

  • The mop features an ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Comes with four free replacement pads
  • Mop rotates 360° for more efficient cleaning
  • Ideal for all types of floors, including hardwood
  • Environmentally friendly design and use

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18. Libman Spray Mop

Libman Freedom Spray Mop
  • Mop with spray
  • Comes with a scratch free, removable deep cleaning pad

This mop from the Liebman brand has a premium microfiber pad that helps to lift and lock in dirt and dust from your floors.

The pad is machine washable which means that you can reuse it over and over again. The mop also allows you to choose your preferred cleaning solution.

In fact, you can use plain water and you’ll still get perfectly clean floors thanks to the technology used in the mop head material.

You can also use environmentally friendly options like lemon or essential oils in water, and so on. The ergonomically designed handle can be adjusted to suit your individual height. This means that your mopping experience will always be a comfortable one.

No more getting on your hands and knees to scrub floors, now you can get all that work done quickly and easily without even breaking a sweat.

Highlighted Features

  • The removable deep cleaning pad is scratch-free
  • The reusable cleaning pad is machine washable
  • Ergonomically designed handle and trigger
  • Pivoting head for easy access to corners
  • Reduces waste and saves you money

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Things to Look at When Choosing a Spray Mop

spray mop for hardwood floors

If you want the best spray mop for your household, there are things you need to know and consider before committing to one mop. Here are the most important things to consider when buying a spray mop;

Intended Use and Floor Type

How are you intending to use your spray mop? What type of floor are you planning to use it on? These are among the top questions you should answer when selecting a new spray mop for your household.

Most households have floors in various rooms. Nowadays, it is completely normal to find a home with a mixture of wooden, ceramic, marble, and carpeted floors in different rooms.

Some mops are multi-purpose and can be used on any floor type while other mops are made for specific floor types.

For this reason, it is imperative to check whether the mop you’re eyeing is suited to work on your floors before you buy it.

You also need to check the cleaning liquid offered by spray mops as they can also be specially designed for specific types of floors.

For instance, a carpet-cleaning detergent is not necessarily ideal for ceramic floors or hardwood floors.


There are many types of mops available. Here are the most common types:

  • Microfiber Mops: These are regarded as the best mops. They use a combination of polyester and polyamide compounds. When combined, these compounds have non-abrasive characteristics and are known to be hyper-absorbent and highly durable. Microfiber mops are also delicate compared to other types of mops. You can use them on any type of floor without leaving scratches. They are also easy to maintain than other types of mops.
  • Yarn Mops: These are some of the best mops for hardwood floors. Yarn mops are rated according to their yarn ply. The more the yarn ply count, the higher the strength and durability of the mop. However, this is not necessarily a good thing as mops with high yarn ply counts are known to be less absorbent than variants with a low yarn ply count.
  • Sponge Mops: These types of mops are known to be lighter, easier to maneuver and less expensive than other types of mops. The only problem with sponge mops is that the sponge tends to wear quicker than other types of materials. This means one has to replace the sponge tips regularly.
  • Dust Mops: These mops are meant to be used on dry surfaces. Since they excel at sweeping and dusting dry surfaces, they can be used in place of brooms.
  • Steam Mops: These mops are sometimes referred to as spray mops. As their name suggests, they use steam to sanitize floors. Steam is a better alternative than chemicals if you want to get rid of contaminants such as bacteria as it is safe and does not leave any harmful toxins on your floors as chemical compounds.


Let’s face it, steam mops or spray mops are not the cheapest types of mops on the market today. In fact, the feature at the top end of the scale when it comes to price.

However, if you can still find the best spray mop for your home if you do your due diligence.


The size of the mop is an important factor to consider when selecting a spray mop. It determines the handling and maneuverability of the mop.

But most importantly, the size of the cleaning pads dictate the amount of effort you’ll need to put in when cleaning.

If you own a large home you might consider getting a mop with large cleaning pads. This is because the large pads will allow you to cover more ground than the smaller pads.

The only problem with large cleaning pads is that they restrict maneuverability of the mop. It will be much easier to reach tight spaces with smaller-sized mops than larger ones.

Features of the Mop

What are some of the most sought-after features in steam mops? For starters, you want a highly absorbent mop with anti-microbial additives for maximum cleaning impact.

Swivel steering, cordless (battery) operation, and recyclable cleaning pads are some of the secondary features you’d want in your spray mop.

Advantages of Microfiber Mop vs Cotton Mop

Cotton mops existed decades before microfiber mops and were regarded as the best mops. Microfiber mops we introduced a little under two decades ago, and have since taken the mantle as the best mops.

However, this is not to say that cotton mops are useless. Cotton fibers are longer than microfibers and can absorb more liquids than microfibers.

Cotton mops are also better at cleaning acidic chemicals than microfiber mops. This is because microfiber cloths are known to react with acidic compounds, and eventually degrade.

That said, microfiber mops are ultimately better than traditional mops. In fact, schools, hospitals, and other institutions have dumped cotton mops for microfiber ones, and here are the main reasons why:

  • They are more effective at getting rid of bacteria, viruses and other forms of contaminants than cotton mops. A study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed that microfiber mops remove up to 98 percent of contaminants compared to the 30 percent achieved by cotton mops
  • They trap dust without leaving lint behind
  • They are more ergonomic to use as they weigh significantly less than cotton mops
  • They use up to 30 percent less liquid than cotton mops – as a result, floors dry faster leading to fewer slip-and-fall accidents
  • They are more environmentally friendly as they don’t require the aid of chemicals to sanitize an area
  • They eliminate quat binding when they come in contact with quat-based disinfectants
  • They can be washed and reused hundreds of times without degrading
  • They can absorb up to seven times their weight in liquid
  • They are hypo-allergenic and non-abrasive

How does a spray mop work?

While a spray mop is more advanced than other types of mops, your job of cleaning remains the same.

Also, since spray mops offer a different approach to cleaning, we thought we would give you some tips to help you get the best of your brand new mop:

  • Always sweep or vacuum first: This allows you to get rid of all loose debris on the floor. If you skip this step while mopping, you’ll end up pushing the debris everywhere with your mop.
  • Solution: Depending on the spray mop you have, you can add some few drops of detergent or soap into the solution for the best results.
  • Don’t wet the floor: One advantage of spray mops is that you don’t need to wet the surface you’re cleaning. They use steam which is more effective at getting rid of bacteria and other forms of microbial contaminants.
  • Use the “S” Pattern: Always use the “S” pattern when mopping. It allows you to cover more ground when mopping without missing critical spots.
  • Mop your way outwards: Start at the farthest corner from the door and work your way out of a room. If you start at the exit point of a room, you will have to tiptoe your way out of the room, therefore, dirtying the areas you’ve mopped.
  • Use your arms: Use the power of your arms when mopping so as not to strain your back
  • Hardwood tip: When mopping hardwood, follow the direction of the grain to avoid streaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best mop to use on hardwood floors?

What is the best mop to clean wood floors? This might seem like a straightforward question however, it is anything but.

The main reason for this is because our spray mop review features only exceptional spray mops. This means there are many deserving candidates but the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is the best wood floor mop according to our professional opinion.

With non-abrasive microfiber pads and non-scratch scrubbers, this Rubbermaid Reveal has everything you could ever need in a spray mop.

It guarantees a spotless but non-aggressive cleaning performance for your sensitive hardwood floors.

2. How often should you mop your floors?

There’s no standard answer to this question. The regularity on which you mop your floors depend on so many factors.

For instance, institutions such as schools and hospitals receive high traffic of people and need to be mopped up to five times a day.

On the other hand, you can mop your home once a day or twice a day depending on your preference.

High activity areas such as kitchens and dining rooms can be mopped after every meal to maintain a high level of hygiene.

3. How do you properly mop a floor?

There are many tips and tricks you can use to mop the floor. One of the most commonly used techniques when cleaning a floor is the “S” motion.

Another practice followed when mopping floors is starting at the furthest corner of the room and working towards the exit point of the room.

One thing to keep in mind when mopping is to always use the strength of your arms. If you use your back muscles to mop large surfaces, you are likely to strain it.

4. Can you use dish soap to mop the floor?

Yes. However, use it sparingly as you don’t want to leave the floors sticky from the soap residue.

5. Can you use laundry detergent to mop the floor?

Yes. As with dish soap, use laundry detergent sparingly when mopping floors.

Final Verdict

As you’ve seen from our comprehensive review, spray mops like most things have not been left behind with the technological revolution.

They utilize the power of technology and the versatility of humans to deliver spotless cleaning results. On top of killing up to 98 percent of microbes, spray mops offer countless benefits to their users.

We encourage you to revisit our review to pick the best spray mop for your home.