10 Best Under Cabinet Range Hood For 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Range hoods are one of the most useful kitchen equipment but perhaps the most underrated of all. They help in many ways.

They get rid of smoke, grease, odor, and other types of impurities formed while cooking. If you are looking for the best under cabinet range hood, you’ve come to the right place.

In this review and guide, we feature the top 10 under cabinet hood ranges that are currently available on the market.

Our Top 10 Picks: At A Glance

We have also compiled a buying guide that highlights some of the things you ought to know and consider when buying the right range hood for your kitchen.

Stay tuned till the end to get our full thoughts on under cabinet range hoods. You may feel interested to go through our spray mop review.


Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews:

1. Chef 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Hauslane | Chef Series 30" PS18 Under Cabinet...
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: Whether you’re remodeling your entire kitchen or just upgrading appliances, this sleek stainless steel range hood with its convenient digital screen and baffle filters will fit in perfectly and stand the test of time. Choose from matte white, matte black, and stainless steel.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Lingering odors in your kitchen? A thing of the past. Prevent toxic and harmful chemicals with customizable ventilation and suction. ideal for heavy-duty cooking including heat, and smoke; boiling, steaming, poaching, braising, frying, searing, and sauteing.

If you own a restaurant or host guests regularly at your home, you might need to upgrade your kitchen. Chef’s 30-inch under cabinet range hood is one of the best range hoods for gas stoves for your kitchen especially if you cook meals often.

It helps ventilate your kitchen by trapping and absorbing the steam, smoke, heat, and smells produced when cooking food. All you have to do is merely install it under any kitchen cabinet and watch it work its magic.

Another advantage of this under cabinet hood from Chef Appliances is that it helps improve the cleanliness of your kitchen.

If you’re a frequent cooker, you know that grease builds up on walls, under cabinets, ceilings, and on other appliances at home. This appliance helps reduce that build-up effect.

It features vents, filters and a motor that produces 860 CFM to help capture and trap grease to keep your kitchen sparkly clean.

The best thing about Chef’s 30-inch under cabinet range hood is that as much as it’s built for ventilation purposes, it also features a modern contemporary look for those that wish to maintain their kitchen’s modern design or those that want to refurbish their kitchen’s design.

The modern theme of this 30-inch Chef appliance also transpires to its features. You get a touchscreen display, a delay shutoff function that helps absorb residual byproducts after cooking, and energy-saving LED lights to help with illumination.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contemporary modern design with a digital screen
  • Full stainless steel body to protect against corrosion
  • Powerful 860 CFM with delay shut-off
  • Easy to clean and remove stainless steel baffle filters
  • Bright energy-saving LED lamps
  • A six-speed fan setting for suction and noise level control.
  • Three-way venting with two top and one rear ventilation option

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2. BV 30″ Under Cabinet Range Hood

BV Range Hoods 30 Inches Under Cabinet| Dual Motor...
  • Powerful Airflow 750 CFM Greatly Reduces Cooking Smoke and Grease - Dual motors with high airflow up to 750 CFM can take away most cooking smoke and grease. Leave your kitchen clean with fresh air.
  • Provide Extra Lighting Aids in Prep Safety – With bright 3 watts Energy-Saver LED Lights, they will not only provide extra lighting to the space you cook in, but also aids in prep safety.

Next up is the BV under cabinet range hood. Like the Chef featured above, this BV measures 30-inches in length and costs roughly the same price.

Performance-wise, both range hoods perform excellently, but this particular BV has the edge over the Chef.

The BV has two motors that produce a whopping 900 CFM of airflow to the 860 CFM of airflow generated by the Chef.

On paper, the difference in CPM output of these two kitchen appliances might be a factor, but in real-world operation, the difference in performance is insignificant.

This and the fact that the Chef is more user-friendly with its digital display screen make it a better all-around tool.

However, despite all this, one cannot discount the brilliance of this BV under cabinet range hood. Design-wise, it looks just as good as the Chef variant.

Its design, stainless steel build, and satin coating give it a modern look that compliments any contemporary kitchen design. It is the best under cabinet range hood.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual motors that produce up to 900 CFM of airflow
  • Two high-intensity 3 Watts energy-saver LED lights
  • Centrifugal fan blower with 4-speed fan control
  • Features easy to remove and clean stainless steel baffle filters
  • Full body stainless steel body with a satin coating for maximum protection against corrosion
  • Modern design with smooth, seamless installation
  • Protected by a 2-year product warranty

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3. Proline Wall Undercabinet Range Hood

PROLINE 185.30 PLJW 185, 30"
  • SUPER SLIM CONTOUR SAVES YOU SPACE; The PLJW 185 is one of the slimmest under cabinet range hoods available, offering a height of just 5 inches. This level of combined style and performance is simply unrivaled in the range hood industry.
  • COOL LIGHT CASCADES FROM THESE LED BULBS: You will love the light that is cast from these new 1.5 W GU10 LED. They are energy efficient, and bright enough to cover your whole range top.

No need to worry about a fishy smell emanating from your kitchen, this range hood got you. The Proline PLJW 185.30 is one of the best range hood brands available in the market.

It boasts 600 CFM which moves the air considerably fast. Detailed with a super slender contour, it saves on space making it one of the slimmest models available.

This design adds on style and elegance to your kitchen while the atmosphere remains clean. Another good thing is that its installation takes the twinkling of an eye.

You will love the amount of light cast by its LED lights, bright enough to let you undertake your activities on the range top.

Do not let the massive power of this range hood fool you into thinking that it is noisy; its noise level is pretty low thanks to its soundless motor.

This range hood is quite versatile due to its ability to be used in many ways. Just by removing the rear panels of the range hood and it gets vented out from the back or the top.

And with the 3-year Limited Manufacturer Guarantee, you do not have to worry about the loss of anything breaking on it.

For that range hood that offers versatility without having to make all the noise, the Proline is the real deal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: Depth 19”, Width 29.5” and Height 5.”
  • The maximum output is 600 CFM.
  • The maximum noise level it generates is of 5.0 Sones.
  • Features 2 Energy Efficient 1.5 W LED lights.
  • It has a four Speed Dual Blower.
  • Stainless steel is used to make its Baffle Filters.
  • The Rectangular Vent Duct size is 10”x3.”

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4. Broan 413604 ADA Capable- Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 413604 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood...
  • HIGH-QUALITY DUCTLESS RANGE HOOD INSERT: Stainless steel hood insert improves ventilation and lighting over your stove with the non-ducted filtration system that effectively removes smoke and odors
  • EFFECTIVE INCANDESCENT LIGHTING: A protective lamp lens distributes light evenly over the cook-top and accepts up to 75W bulb (bulb not included)

Your search for a new range hood is over! This Broan under cabinet range hood will keep all odors in your kitchen at bay making it a small piece of heaven.

It is popular because it fits under the hoods of most cabinets considering its 36-inch width and non-ducted design. Made of premium stainless steel, you will undoubtedly use it to the end of time.

The unit works together with ant ADA-compliant accessory and features a rocker-type fan that moves air through the filter to offer you incredibly fresh air and reduce the heat in your house.

The included lamp lens uses 75 watts for improved illumination and beauty for your cooktop. The replaceable charcoal filter and easy-to-clean sides enhance fast and easy maintenance by eliminating grease and food residue.

The durability of its filter is impressive compared to that of others. We cannot overlook the fact that its non-ducted filtration system effectively gets rid of any smoke and stenches while its mitered sides and hemmed bottom assures of safety and elegance.

The Broan 413604 has all the right features needed to get the work done efficiently.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: Width 36” x Height 6” x Depth 17-1/2.”
  • Available in various appliance matching colors and widths.
  • Features a lamp lens that distributes light evenly over the cook-top.
  • The range hood includes a non-ducted filter.
  • It only installs as non-ducted with a charcoal filter.
  • It has a two-speed motor.

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5. BV Stainless Steel 30” -Under Cabinet High Airflow (800 CFM)

BV Range Hoods 30 Inches Under Cabinet| Double...
  • Powerful Airflow Greatly Reduces Cooking Smoke and Grease - Dual motors with high airflow up to 750 CFM can take away most cooking smoke and grease. Leave your kitchen clean with fresh air.
  • Provide Extra Lighting Aids in Prep Safety – With bright 2 watts Energy-Saver LED Lights, they will not only provide extra lighting to the space you cook in, but also aids in prep safety.

Bid smoke, excess moisture, and airborne particles goodbye with the BV range hood. Its easy cleaning and high power make it a great choice. It boasts a CFM of 800 thanks to the dual motors that offer high airflow.

With the help of a push button, controlling the fan is as easy as drinking a glass of water. The oil tray and baffle filters made of stainless steel are easily removable making cleaning easy without the need of any specialized tools.

The slanted housing is designed to offer adequate, noiseless airflow while providing complete coverage to the whole cooking range.

No need to worry about cooking in the wee hours, the BV range hood has two high-intensity LED light bulbs that will give you sufficient light while saving energy at the same time.

You’ll have no trouble cooking your cookies in the after-hours; this range has the quietest range hood reviews producing only 3.6 Sones at maximum fan speed.

The solid structure and quality appearance make it not just a regular range hood, but a cool one too. Its high CFM beats other range tops in the industry, and its and ETL rating gives you even more reason to purchase it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Product dimension: 30L” x 22W” x 10H”
  • Stainless steel of 18 gauges constructs the range hood’s full body.
  • Every user gets a 3-year product warranty.
  • It has dual motors with airflow of up to 800 CFM.
  • Features two high intensity LED lights that are energy savers.
  • This range hood has a three-speed fan push button control.

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6. Broan 403004 30 In. Stainless Steel Ducted Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 403004 Range Hood Insert with Light...
  • 30-INCH UNDER-CABINET RANGE HOOD INSERT: Fits neatly underneath cabinets to offer a complete solution to your kitchen ventilation needs by providing both an exhaust fan and overhead light
  • IMPROVES KITCHEN AIR QUALITY: Provides a MAX 210 CFM and 6.5 Sones performance to quickly remove smoke and cooking odors from the air, and the 2-speed rocker switch allows for quick fan adjustments

Are you concerned about finding a range hood that will perfectly fit in your existing cabinet? Worry no more, the 403004 range hood fits on almost all cabinets as its design allows for both vertical and horizontal installation.

Measuring only 30 inches, taking up a lot of your space is out of the question.

It is a big winner because of its excellent performance that its 160 CFM airflow offers. It also comes in various appliance matching colors and widths to give your kitchen the perfect style and finish.

Made of durable stainless steel, you get the assurance that it provides long-lasting service. Another fantastic thing about Broan is that its powerful motor gets rid of smoke and odors super efficiently.

Interested in making your range hood quieter?  This hood features a 2-speed rocker fan switch that lets you select your ideal speed setting making it either more silent or powerful.

The easy to clean grease filter helps the range hood eliminate any grease in the air while the protective lamp lens evenly distributes light over the cooking range for a more comfortable cooking experience.

Not only do the hemmed bottom edges and mitered sides enhance your safety but they’ll also give your kitchen that sleek look.

Do away with the unwanted smell from your kitchen and give it that classy look that you’ve always yearned for with this revolutionary range hood.

Highlighted Features:

  • The range hood produces 160 CFM and 6.5 Sones of sound.
  • Dimensions: 17-1/2” D x 6” H x 30” W
  • It comes with an Aluminium filter and a built-in damper.
  • The duct direction can either be horizontal or vertical.
  • It accepts a light bulb of up to 75 watts.

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7. Chef Range Hood 30” C400/TASTEMAKER

Hauslane | Chef Series 30” C400 Range Hood Slim...
  • EFFECTIVE WATER CLEANING SYSTEM: The 30-in under cabinet range hood features an innovative water-based self-cleaning system. It dissolves grease and thoroughly cleans the range hood for a more efficient and longer-lasting motor.
  • VERSATILE 3-WAY VENTING: Save money and time. Choose from 3 venting options for the most efficient airflow: vertical 6” round, vertical 3-1/4” x 10” rectangular, or horizontal 3-1/4” x 10”. Fits 6” round duct or 3-1/4” x by 10” rectangular duct.

Revamp your kitchen cabinet and do away with uninvited smell with the Chef Range C400. What makes it one of the best range hoods for gas stoves is its unique parts and improved features that provide clean and efficient cooking.

Other than its ability to handle different tasks, using this range hood is a walk in the park.

Offering a CFM of 750, the smelly air got no place in your kitchen. Its 30-second auto-clean function makes sure that your kitchen’s hygiene is in check by preventing accumulation of grease.

Controlling the functions doesn’t have to give you a headache, this range hood comes with a display screen that you can easily use.

You can also choose your ideal speed from the 6-speed setting. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Included in the kit are halogen lamps whose light lasts thirty times longer than conventional bulbs, giving your kitchen that desired warm glow.

Did I mention that the bulbs are energy saving? It also comes with three different adaptors for a smooth installation.

If you are interested in improving your culinary experience with a sturdy, durable and stylish range hood, then this is for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • The material type used is stainless steel.
  • Product dimensions: 29.8 x 22.1 x7 inches
  • It comes with 2 x 50 w halogen lamps.
  • Air Volume: 750 Cubic feet per minute
  • It is ETL approved.
  • The duct size is six inches.

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8. Broan F403604 Two-Speed Four-Way Convertible Range Hood

Broan-NuTone F403604 Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet...
  • 36-INCH UNDER-CABINET RANGE HOOD INSERT: Fits neatly underneath cabinets to offer a complete solution to your kitchen ventilation needs by providing both an exhaust fan and overhead light
  • IMPROVES KITCHEN AIR QUALITY: Provides a MAX 230 CFM and 6.5 Sones performance to quickly remove smoke and cooking odors from the air, and the 2-speed rocker switch allows for quick fan adjustments

The Broan Brand is famous for making the best under cabinet range hood, the F403604 being one of its high-quality units. This low-key range hood is convertible, and its design allows for installation in different ways.

Due to its large surface area, this unit dramatically reduces kitchen temperatures so that you do not have to suffer the excess heat produced by your stove.

What’s more is that it offers 190 CFM airflow for fast removal of bad smell, smoke, and improved ventilation.

With this hood, durability is a guarantee since the stainless steel used in its manufacture doesn’t rust. Better yet, the hemmed edges assure long life and strength for a stylish and safe range top. Its grease filter is dishwasher safe and made of aluminum for stress-free cleaning.

The hood includes 2-speed fan control, a polymeric blade and a light lens that evenly distributes light above your cooking range.

It also comes with a damper and a 7-inch round adapter. Being an ADA-compliant application and HVI certified this range hood scores even more marks.

You can never go wrong with the Broan F403604. Its easy installation, stylish design, and effortless cleaning make it quite an investment.

Highlighted Features:

  • It produces 6.5 Sones.
  • The kit includes a damper and an aluminum filter.
  • Dimensions: 17-1/2” Depth x 6” Height x 36 “ Width
  • The duct direction is either vertical or horizontal.
  • It uses 1 Incandescent 75-watt bulb.

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9. Cosmo Under-Cabinet Range Hood in Stainless Steel

COSMO 5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with...
  • Built with cutting-edge technology and with the utmost care, Cosmo brings you beautiful premium range hoods at an affordable price. Expect cooking and cleaning experiences that make life easier while brightening up your kitchen
  • SLIM SPACE SAVING DESIGN: Slim profile range hood saves space. Great for condos and apartments. Converts to ductless range hood with Carbon Filter Kit Purchase Part # CFK4 (Sold Separately). Suitable for top or back venting; install under a cabinet or against a wall

If you are interested in installing a range hood in your little kitchen space, you’ll need to consider this range hood. Designed with a slim shape the Cosmo range hood saves on space.

As for the power, it boasts 200 CFM of suction hence giving optimal results. Wondering how to deal with grease in the kitchen atmosphere?

The two aluminum mesh filters that are dishwasher-safe will do it in a jiffy. Using a range top has never been easier; you only need to push one of its five buttons to get the speed motor started.

You do not have to wake your neighbors when you decide to cook in the witching hours; this range hood is pretty silent. Its maximum Sones being 1.5, it qualifies as one of quietest under cabinet range hoods.

This range top offers versatility by its back or top venting. You will like the fact that you can install it against a wall or under the cabinet.

Also, your electricity bill will not cost you an arm, and a leg, this top-quality hood’s 140-watt motor uses little energy.

The Cosmo hood is one of the best under cabinets range hood considering its high performance, durability, and quietness. It will undoubtedly take your cooking experience to a whole new level.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its maximum and minimum Sones are 1.5, 1, respectively.
  • The filter material used is aluminium.
  • The maximum Air Movement is 200.
  • This Cosmo hood comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • It uses a ducted exhaust method.

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10. XtremeAir Ultra Series UL 10-U30, 30” width, Under cabinet hood

XtremeAir Ultra Series UL10-U30, 30" width, Baffle...
  • COMPLETION IN THE U.S.A.: This is why XtremeAIR range hoods are different than other brands.
  • 10 Year Limited Motor Warranty

If you are seeking to buy a range hood that is quiet and has extreme power, then the XtremeAir Ultra Series Range Hood is a contender.

As you might be expecting from its name, this unit packs up to 900 CFM making it perfect in handling heavy odor and smoke.

Anyone who has struggled to cook in a kitchen filled with heat and smoke will appreciate its functionality. Its noise level is not noticeable, and this makes your kitchen feel calm.

Cleaning has never been this easy; this high-rated range hood features dishwasher-safe filters. They are also made of stainless steel to last long.

Many people particularly love the good-looking seamless radius corner construction as it adds on the classiness in your kitchen. The lighting that the 2 LED lights give is incredible.

Not only will you cook without having to strain your eyes but your kitchen will on no occasion stop looking awesome.

Due to the3-speeds mechanical push-button controls that this hood features, operating it is easy.

The efficiency that this range hood offers is unrivaled in the industry. Its high power, quietness and ETL certification makes it quite an asset.

Highlighted Features:

  • Assembled in the USA.
  • The hood has squirrel cage blowers.
  • 1.0, non-magnetic stainless steel manufactures the range top.
  • This range hood comes with a 10-year motor(s) warranty.
  • Product dimensions: 22 x 29.8 x 9.8
  • Certified by ETL US and Canada.

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Additional Products:

11. AKDY Wall Mount Cooking Range

AKDY Convertible Kitchen Wall Mount Range Hood in...
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Whether you’re a professional chef or you simply enjoy cooking as a hobby, a professional range hood is a must for every kitchen. The AKDY wall mount range hood is the perfect solution!
  • INCREDIBLE POWER: The kitchen exhaust fan comes with powerful motor that are durable and noiseless. The 3 venting speeds allow you to choose the intensity of the air flow with a simple press of a button.

This wall-mount stainless steel kitchen range comes with an LED display and a touch control panel for ease of use.

For anyone who is looking for the latest Italian and European-designed range hood, then this is absolutely a great option for you to consider.

It has a clear glass canopy that spans its entire width. This makes the 30-inch hood undeniably Eurocentric.

You can easily enable the three-speed fan on the touch panel and it’s capable of removing every trace of smoke, steam, and grease in your kitchen air.

The hood also comes with two baffle filters made of stainless steel. This offers superior filtration, ensuring that any unwanted oil or grease never leaves your kitchen.

If your home doesn’t have an outside vent, you can purchase the carbon filter kit which is sold separately for recirculating installations.

As you can see, this AKDY kitchen range hood offers a lot of impressive features and it will make a great addition to your home whether you are a professional chef or if you love to cook as a mere hobby.

Highlighted Features

  • The range features an incredible powerful 194W motor
  • Ductless and noiseless operation, less than 65DB
  • Bright LED lamps offer additional lighting
  • Electronic LCD touch panel control
  • Comes with two premium baffle filters included

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12. Cavaliere Wall Mount Range

CAVALIERE 30" Range Hood Wall Mounted Brushed...
  • 900 CFM: More powerful then most competitors, this exhaust system is made for heavy duty cooking that removes grease, odors and potentially toxic pollutants from the air in your kitchen. Commercial grade heavy duty 19 gauge stainless steel construction is non-magnetic and rust proof with a brushed finish. 6" inch round ducting comes from the top of the range hood and a adjustable chimney accommodates a 8' ft to 9' ft ceiling. If your ceiling height is above 9' ft, then a higher chimney extension
  • Designed with a single chamber centrifugal blower. The noise level is at 32 decibels on the lowest setting and 72 decibels on the highest speed setting.

This brand certainly knows how to create a product that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, too.

With this cooking range, you will have fresh air in your kitchen and throughout your entire home at all times.

As you well know, exposure to smoke, cooking fumes, and grease can make you feel ill. This range hood is designed to remove every trace of impurities in the air to leave your home fresh and safe for everyone around.

It has an adjustable chimney that allows you to accommodate ceilings between eight and 9 feet. It’s also fully equipped with an energy-efficient LED lighting system which is more durable and longer-lasting than traditional lighting.

The all-metal design baffle filters are built to offer durability while improving airflow. They are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean and maintain.

This hood also comes with a powerful exhaust system for those times when you do serious, heavy-duty cooking.

The fan blower has a whisper-quiet motor that removes excess heat and toxic pollutants from your kitchen without making too much noise.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful 900CFM exhaust system
  • Designed for both normal and heavy-duty use
  • Removes all potentially harmful toxins in the air
  • 68DB noise level on the fan’s highest setting
  • Made from commercial-grade 19-gauge stainless steel

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13. Ciara Wall Mount Hood Range

CIARRA Range Hood 30 inch 450 CFM Soft Touch...
  • POWERFUL BUT QUIET: Wall mount range hood with 450 CFM strong suction power, effectively remove smoke and odors. Quiet operation, 8.5 Sones max at the highest speed.
  • DELAY SHUT OFF FUNCTION: Stove vent hood with 4 different timer preset functions, 5 minutes apart from each setting, maximum 20 minutes.

This 30-inch wall mount hood from the Ciara brand boasts a three-speed motor to cater to different levels of cooking.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this range hood is solid and durable. You can be sure that when you install this in your home, you’re making a great investment in your family’s health and comfort.

It’s designed to remove all sorts of impurities in the air during cooking, including grease, humidity, steam, and even unwanted smells. It has a clean and fresh function that will keep your air pure throughout your house.

In addition to functioning in such an incredible way, this kitchen range hood produces much less noise during operation. It’s designed to be extremely easy to use, clean, and maintain.

The adjustable chimney is ideal for households of different size ceilings, and the LED lights offer you additional illumination in your kitchen.

This hood also comes with five-layer aluminum mesh filters that are detachable and washable. With this range hood, you can be sure that there will be no unwanted impurities in the air while you’re cooking in your home.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful three-speed motor with low, medium, and high settings
  • Includes 2 1.5W LED lights for added brightness
  • Comes with two detachable, easy to clean filters
  • 450CFM airflow removes all toxins from the air
  • Convenient touch panel control for easy use

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14. Kobe Range Hood

KOBE Range Hoods IN2636SQB-650-5A Insert Range...
  • Durable 18-gauge commercial grade Stainless steel with seamless design and Satin finish
  • 700 CFM at maximum power

The Kobe Deluxe 36-inch insert range hood can seamlessly fit under any custom cabinetry without the need to install a liner. It has a high-performance, 700CFM internal blower and it operates extremely quietly.

Even at its highest setting, the noise level is still significantly lower than many other range hood brands in the same category.

With this hood, you get stainless-steel baffle filters that are detachable and easy to clean. This unit has versatile multi-exhaust options that allow venting at the top and at the rear. It also has LED lights and electronic button control.

The eco-mode function turns the hood automatically for about 10 minutes each hour to remove air particles that are trapped inside without you having to manually turn the hood on and off.

If you’re searching for a high-quality, durable, stylish, and affordable range hood, then this one from Kobe brand is definitely one you should check out.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from durable 18-gauge commercial-grade stainless steel
  • Powerful 700CFM motor offers great performance
  • Six-speed electronic button control with LED display
  • The fan has extremely quiet operation even at top speeds
  • Includes two bright LED lights with 3-level lighting

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15. Awoco Under Cabinet Range Hood

Awoco RH-C06-30 Classic 6" High 1mm Thick...
  • SUPER SLIM 6” HIGH, 1mm THICK - under cabinet or wall mounted, high quality 1 mm thick stainless steel with brush finishing. Please don’t suspect that a range hood without protective films is not a new product. The protective films on the body were removed to complete the brush finished polishment on the surface. Perfectly fit under the 12” deep standard cabinet; provide slick style and powerful performance.
  • DUCTED VENT OUTDOOR, 6” ROUND TOP VENT - 6” round top exhaust vent (NO rear vent). Air damper is included. CAUTION: please check your existing venting duct before purchasing, there are rectangle or round ducts at different sizes.

Awoco is a brand that is well known for its high-quality, stainless steel kitchen range hoods, and this particular product certainly does not disappoint.

It is stylish, powerful, and quiet. If you want to add a modern look and feel to your kitchen, then this is a great way to do it.

This range hood has a slick low-profile design for understated elegance. It works efficiently to get rid of all kinds of toxins in the a during the cooking process, including grease, smoke, steam, and odors. It features a beautiful brush finish that will transform your kitchen immediately.

With four-speed operation, you’ll be able to control its operation according to the type of cooking you’re doing. It comes with two powerful, dishwasher-safe filters for easy cleaning and maintenance.

It also has bright, energy-saving LED lights that will help brighten up your cooking area anytime you need it.

This innovative technology will allow you to cook with confidence no matter how large or small your kitchen space is.

Highlighted Features

  • Three-minute timer-delayed auto-shutoff
  • Convenient blue-lit electronic press buttons
  • The super-slim design is ideal for limited spaces
  • Powerful four-speed operation with quiet motor
  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty

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16. Golden Vantage Island Mount Hood

Golden Vantage 36" Stainless Steel Island Mount...
  • WHAT YOU NEED: On the search for the ultimate range hood for a professional-looking kitchen? We have the answer: the Golden Vantage 36” stainless steel island mount hood vents will eliminate any steam or odor!
  • PREMIUM POWER: The island mount hood has a powerful 194W motor that will suck any steam or smoke from cooking. The range hood has 3 speed levels through which you can choose the intensity of the air suction.

This Golden Vantage range hood boasts a flawless, modern design that most homeowners will absolutely love.

Made from high-quality stainless steel and tempered glass, it also has a steel brush finish for anyone who wants a Eurocentric style.

The island range hood has push controls lined at the front and four LED lights for additional brightness in your cooking area.

It also has a three-speed fan with a maximum airflow of 343CFM. Even at its highest setting, this motor has low noise levels of under 65DB.

This helps to ensure the perfect ambiance in the kitchen while clearing the air of harmful pollutants like smoke, grease, and fumes.

This is undoubtedly a great option for those who demand high performance and aesthetic beauty from all of their kitchen appliances.

Highlighted Features

  • Beautiful, Eurocentric, stainless steel and glass construction
  • Ideal for ceilings with heights of 8 to 9 feet
  • Extremely low noise levels under 65DB
  • Powerful motor with a max airflow of 343CFM
  • Comes with a three-year limited parts warranty

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17. Perfetto Convertible Wall Mount Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 in. Convertible Wall...
  • WHAT YOU NEED: On the search for the ultimate range hood for a professional-looking kitchen? We have the answer: the Firebird 30” black painted stainless steel wall mount hood vents will eliminate any steam or odor!
  • PREMIUM POWER: The T-shape wall mount hood has a powerful motor that will suck any steam or smoke from cooking. The range hood has 3 speed levels through which you can choose the intensity of the air suction.

This Perfetto kitchen and bath wall mount range hood is perfect for you if you are searching for a high-quality, Italian design hood. The 30-inch convertible hood can be used either in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

With maximum airflow of 343CFM from a powerful three-speed fan, you will be able to control the air in your kitchen depending on your level of cooking. Unwanted grease and oil will never leave the kitchen as long as this hood is in operation.

If your home doesn’t have an outside vent, you can separately purchase a carbon filter kit for recirculating installations. This range hood not only looks good but it performs great.

It also has two efficient mesh filters that are easy to remove and dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for both professional and non-professional use
  • 194W-motor offers premium power and performance
  • Designed to remove all impurities from the kitchen air
  • Quiet and practical exhaust fan
  • Made using high-grade stainless steel and tempered glass

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Things to Consider When Selecting Under Cabinet Range Hood

best ducted under cabinet range hood

When buying a range hood, you should know that the best under cabinet range hood is built to provide more than just kitchen ventilation.

Here are some of the things you should know and consider when selecting a range hood for your home kitchen or restaurant kitchen:

1. Size and Ease of Installation

The size, shape, and mounting type are perhaps the most important things to consider before buying a range hood. Most homes use 30 or 36-inch range hoods due to the size of the cooktop.

Ideally, the range hood should protrude 3-inches on each side to capture all byproducts of cooking.

When installing a range hood, you should mount it about 24 to 30-inches away from a gas cooker and about 20 to 24-inches away from an electric stove.

That said, read the installation manual for the correct mounting height.

2. Power and Adjustable Fan Speed

The best range hood brands come equipped with two motors and a fan system with adjustable fan speed.

As you can imagine, range hoods that have two engines are powerful and generate more airflow which is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).

The higher the CFM, the more efficient the range hood is at getting rid of strong odors and contaminants.

On the other hand, the adjustable fan control allows you to alter the airflow within the range hood. Just like with the CFM, higher fan speed is ideal for heavy-duty cooking and getting rid of strong odors.

The only problem with using a powerful range hood at its highest fan speed is that you will have to deal with an increased noise level in the kitchen.

However, you can look at the quietest range hood reviews to avoid this problem.

3. Ventilation Type

Here are the three ventilation types involved with range hoods:

Vented or Ducted

From their name, vented/ducted range hoods use air ducts or vents to get rid of contaminants and irritants.

These ducts run from the kitchen to the outside world, and their job is to purify the kitchen air. It is vital to remember that you will need a powerful range hood if you have long ducts.

Non-vented, Duct-free or Recirculated

These are range hoods that work by sucking in air, purifying it then circulating the air back to the kitchen.

They are fitted with charcoal filters that trap contaminants and release purified air back to the kitchen. The charcoal filters in this ventilation system should be changed for maximum air purification.

Convertible: What is a convertible range hood?

Convertible range hoods are a hybrid between the duct and duct-free range hoods. They allow either ventilation option.

4. Noise Level

If there’s one negative thing you have to deal with when using any range hood; it’s their noise level. However, some models are quieter than others.

If you’re purchasing a range hood online and have no way of determining its noise level, you can check out the quiet range hoods reviews.

5. Features

Here are the most sought out features in range hoods:

Heat Sensor

This sensor automatically adjusts the blower speed depending on the temperature. Excessive heat prompts the sensor to adjust the blower to the highest speed.

Automatic Shutoff Function

It allows you to delay shutoff to give the range hood enough time to purify the air after cooking.


Most modern range hoods come equipped with additional lights to provide extra illumination in the kitchen. LED lights are preferred nowadays over other lighting options for their brightness and energy-saving properties.

Filter Change Indication

Alerts you when the filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced

Types of Range Hoods:

There are many types of range hoods available. The most fitting range hood depends on your kitchen design. If you are planning to overhaul your kitchen design, here are the choices you have;

1. Under Cabinet Range Hoods

They are referred to under cabinet range hoods as they are meant to be installed under the cabinet and right above the cooking stove.

They are the most versatile, most affordable and most readily available range hoods. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to go with all kitchen designs and sizes.

Their quick, easy installation and quiet operation make them a favorite with many homeowners and small restaurant owners. The 30-inch Chef is one of the quietest under cabinet range hood.

2. Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall mount range hoods are sometimes referred to as chimney range hood due to their chimney-like design. They are typically wider at the bottom to cover the entire cooking area and get thinner as you approach their chimney-like vent.

The design of wall mount range hoods means that you cannot install them under cabinets. They are also more expensive than under cabinet range hoods. The Broan-403004 is one of the quietest wall mount range hood.

3. Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are similar to wall mount range hoods but are designed to be installed on island kitchen tops where there is no wall.

The vents of island range hoods are hugged to the ceiling and provide a much cleaner, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing look. They are more expensive than wall mount range hoods.

4. Downdraft Range Hoods

Downdraft range hoods use floor-mounted ducts to suck the smoke in a downward direction. They are considered the most ineffective range hoods as they work against the natural upwards flow of smoke and heat.

That said, they are ideal for people that want an operational range hood that’s visually out of sight.

5. Insert Range Hoods

They are also known as power packs. Like downdraft range hoods, insert range hoods are installed out of sight. However, they are built into kitchen cabinetry above the stove for efficient heat and odor absorption.

6. Pro Range Hoods

These are larger, more professional-looking variants of under cabinet range hoods. Pro range hoods also come with ducted or duct-free ventilation systems making them ideal for mid-sized and large restaurants.

7. Custom Range Hoods

Range hoods come in a variety of shapes and designs. You can customize your range hood based on the size of your kitchen, its design, and more to match your cooktop.

Benefits of Under Cabinet Range Hood:

Benefits of Under Cabinet Range Hood

We know that the main reason why people install range hoods in their kitchens is to purify the air and reduce the heat levels when cooking.

Here are other benefits of using range hoods:

  • They promote cleanliness by trapping impurities such as smoke, grease, and moisture – thus keeping them from dirtying walls, kitchen counters, and ceilings.
  • Most under cabinet range hoods come equipped with supplementary lights to provide extra illumination when preparing and cooking food
  • They help cool kitchens by absorbing the heat produced when cooking
  • They trap smoke when cooking smoky foods thus preventing the smoke alarms from going off
  • They increase your property value and appeal as the buyer won’t have to go through the hassle of installing a brand new range hood
  • They make selling your house a breeze. They leave kitchen walls, ceilings and cabinets clean therefore removing the need to repaint the kitchen when selling your home
  • An additional benefit of trapping smoke is that they significantly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if your kitchen isn’t properly ventilated.

How to Install Under Cabinet Range Hood:

Install Under Cabinet Range Hood

Tools Required

  • Power drill with screw tips
  • Wire stripper
  • Wire nuts
  • Screws and screwdrivers
  • Circuit tester
  • Hammer

Step by Step

Step 1: Detach the pre-existing range hood by unscrewing all the wire nuts and separating all connections. Ask a friend to hold it in place while you loosen the screws that hold it in place. Make sure you also remove the air filters and the fans. Skip this step if there’s no previously-installed range hood

Step 2: Drill rectangular holes for your vent and install the ductwork. Skip this step if you are replacing your old range hood system. The previously-drilled hole should work fine with the new range hood

Step 3: Hold the new range hood in position (cabinet or wall) and mark its drill holes

Step 4: Remove it and use the power drill to drill the holes

Step 5: Align the vent opening of the range hood to the ductwork vents then tighten the screws to hold it in place

Step 6: Attach all electrical connections in the range hood to the ones coming from the wall. The electrical connections have different colors. All colors should be matched where black should be connected to black, green to green, and white to white.

How to Clean & Maintain Under Cabinet Range Hood:

Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your range hood operational for the long term:

1. Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

The best way to troubleshoot your range hood is by holding a piece of paper over its vent. If the range hood is working correctly, the document should be sucked up and held in place.

Some of the common problems that affect range hoods are excessive noise coming from the motor and not enough power to clear smoke and odor from the kitchen.

A lot of times these issues can be fixed by cleaning or replacing the filters. You can also experience electrical problems such as broken lights and buttons.

These can easily be fixed/solved on the control board of the vent panel.

2. Cleaning

Another way to properly maintain your range hood is by cleaning. Here are the various surfaces that need regular cleaning:

  • Air Filter: There are two types; charcoal filters and steel filters. Remove and clean them at least once a month.
  • Surface: Clean the surface after every use. Use hot water, soap/detergent, and a soft cloth to get rid of grease and other impurities that may have accumulated on the surface.
  • Vent: Cleaning the vent is a more technical job. Call a professional at least once a year to clear the vents.
  • Fan: Remove the fan and clean it with a degreaser to get it functioning correctly again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does CFM mean?

CFM is an acronym for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is a unit that measures the power output of any given range hood.

2. What is the ideal CPM rating for my cooktop?

It depends on your cooktop. Conventional gas and electric cooktops for homes can operate with any CPM rating while high output cooktops used in commercial settings require upwards of 1 CFM of airflow per 100 BTU.

3. What style should I buy?

Choosing the ideal range hood for your kitchen depends on various factors. You have to look at its performance, design, how you are going to use it, its features, noise level, and so on.

For instance, the BV is one of the best range hoods for gas stoves. It is a powerful range hood with a great design, relatively quiet operation, and an extensive range of features.

4. How do I clean my range hood?

Most range hoods have a stainless steel build. You need warm water, a washcloth, and some soap or detergent to clean the stainless steel surface efficiently.

Make sure you rinse the surface then wipe with a dry cloth to prevent unsightly watermarks. You can then polish the surface with some oil for a sparkly touch.

5. How often should I clean the filters?

The filters trap grease, smoke, moisture, and other byproducts of cooking. You should clean the filters depending on how regularly you use the cooktop.

Cleaning once a month should be enough for an average user and more frequently for heavy-duty users.

6. Which is better, ducted or non-ducted?

It depends on your kitchen setup. Ducted range hoods are more effective at ventilating than ductless ranges.

However, since they use ventilation pipes, they require a lot of power to remove the air from the kitchen.

7. Which position should I mount the range hood?

You should mount it about 24 to 30-inches above a gas cooker and about 20 to 24-inches above an electric cooker. That said, read the installation manual to get the correct position.

Final Words

If there is one thing that this review has taught us, it is the importance of having a fully functional range hood in your kitchen. We’ve already looked at the wide scope of benefits they offer a kitchen.

We’ve also looked at their various designs, power levels, noise levels, and other factors you should consider before buying them.

Luckily, our review features the best range hoods on the market. They all have something to offer to everybody.

Once you select the one that makes the most sense to have in your kitchen, we have also provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to maintain it so that you can get the maximum service out of your range hood.