10 Best Whiteboards of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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OK, so you are looking for the best whiteboard for your office, school, or even for home use. While it appears that this is a simple enough task, the fact is, it is a little more complicated than that.

You see, there are so many types of whiteboards from which to select the right one for your needs. The plain inexpensive whiteboard is not the only option out there for you.

Even if your budget is limited, you can still find a premium quality whiteboard that will keep performing at a high standard.

Top 5 Whiteboard: Editor’s Choice

Reliable whiteboard reviews are a great resource you can depend on for the information and tips that will help you in selecting your whiteboard.

Best Whiteboard Reviews:

1. OfficePro Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry...
  • High clarity, scratch resistant dry erase board - 24" x 36" smooth writing surface that easily cleans with the included eraser or a dry wipe.
  • Lightweight, durable magnetic board - Resists staining and ghosting for a lasting clean finish and is guaranteed not to warp over time.

First off, the OfficePro Ultra-Slim Magnetic Dry Erase Board is your solution for keeping track of your plans, things-to-do, and other reminders.

You might even find the OfficePro Ultra-Slim to be the best dry erase board for your money.

Although this whiteboard is super slim, it does not get bent out of shape. It is lightweight and easy to mount.

Not only is the OfficePro useful in the office, but it can be used at home, school, or anywhere that whiteboards are needed.

The dry erase whiteboard remains white and does not ghost. Furthermore, it is easy to keep clean and maintain.

The OfficePro Ultra-Slim whiteboard is supplied with a high-quality black marker pen and pen holder tray, magnetic eraser, and three whiteboard magnets.

With its solid yet smooth surface for writing, your dry erase markers move smoothly as you write whatever you need to jot down.

Furthermore, the board is easy to delete with the dry eraser. Nothing is left behind when you erase the board.

Highlighted Features

  • This whiteboard remains white no matter how often you use it; There is no ghosting;
  • The OfficePro Ultra-Slim is a magnetic whiteboard that you can stick your notes on;
  • Although the OfficePro Ultra-Slim whiteboard is lightweight, it is sturdy. It does not warp.
  • Easy to hang with the OfficePro mounting system;
  • Versatile for many different uses.

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2. Quartet Glass Whiteboard, Non-Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

Quartet Glass Whiteboard, Magnetic Dry Erase White...
  • FRAMELESS GLASS – Elevate your office or home with this premium glass dry erase board. The sophisticated frameless design appears to float on the wall, making it a unique focal point of your space.
  • CLEAN ERASE – Non-absorbent glass lets you write, erase and rewrite on a clean surface. It is stain and ghost resistant, so your message can be communicated without distracting streaks.

Alternatively, you may select a glass whiteboard that is not magnetic. In this case, the Quartet Infinity Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board is the option to choose.

This frosted glass whiteboard combines a sleek, contemporary look with versatile functionality. Designed without frames, the Quartet Glass appears to be floating against the wall.

Apart from this unique feature, the Quartet Glass Whiteboard functions like any of the best office whiteboard products on the market.

The glass is non-absorbent, so it allows you to write and erase on its clean and spotless surface. Your messages are well communicated, so no one doubts what you are trying to say.

Furthermore, the surface of the durable frosted glass does not scratch or dent easily. You also won’t have the ghost effect that inferior quality whiteboards produce.

The Quartet Glass Whiteboard measures an impressive at six by four feet. So, it may be a little heavy to put up without some help.

Highlighted Features

  • The Quartet glass whiteboard adds a touch of sophistication to your space;
  • Glass does not absorb ink and does not leave streaks or ghost marks;
  • Ideal for every-day use as the glass is strong and durable;
  • You can either mount your glass whiteboard horizontally or vertically;
  • This 6’ by 4’ glass whiteboard comes with easy to attach accessories that are also useful.

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3. Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard

Quartet Porcelain Whiteboard, Magnetic Dry Erase...
  • CLEAN ERASE – Keep your board clean and legible with the easy-to-erase surface. The porcelain surface will not stain or ghost, so you can write, erase and rewrite on a clean surface, every time.
  • STRONG & LONG-LASTING – The porcelain whiteboard surface is extremely durable and will not scratch or dent. This board is meant to withstand heavy use and comes with a 50 year surface guarantee.

Another high-quality whiteboard from the Quartet brand is the Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard. This 17-inch by 23-inch dry erase board has a smooth surface that is a joy to write on.

Whatever notes, reminders, and messages you need to leave, the Quartet magnetic dry erase board is the best dry erase board to use.

The magnetic accessories that come with this whiteboard are useful to hang any item or written notes you want.

Plus, the dry erase marker that comes with the board is the right one for writing notes and reminders. Also, you can use this dry erase board at home as well as at the office.

You have the choice of selecting the Quartet magnetic whiteboard with a black frame that matches most home décor.

Furthermore, this whiteboard is flexible; it can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Highlighted Features

  • The surface is smooth for writing your notes and messages;
  • This whiteboard also works as a magnetic notice board;
  • Measures 17-inches x 23-inches;
  • Mount the board either horizontally or vertically;
  • Board is supplied with a dry erase marker, magnetic accessories, and mounting hardware.

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4. Dapper Display, the Premiere Brand of Magnetic Mobile Double Sided

Magnetic Mobile White Board Dry Erase Board Double...
  • STAIN RESISTANT MAGNETIC DRY ERASE BOARD – Ever buy a whiteboard that leaves ghost marks after usage? We hate that. This is why we have developed a stain resistant technology to make sure we give our customer an easy write & wipe experience. Please make sure to take off protection film layer first, and wipe thoroughly before use!
  • COMPLETE BONUS ACCESSORIES – Want to start using your whiteboard right away? Well now you can. With our complete bonus kit, you get our MAGNETIC whiteboard with BONUS 4 Marker Pens 1 Magnetic Eraser, 12 Round Magnets, Blue Magnetic Ruler and Long Marker Holder Tray!

Your training sessions, presentations, and school lessons get better with the Dapper Display Premiere Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard.

The first thing you will notice is that this best office whiteboard option is that it is double-sided. You have more writing surface to use. Not only is this whiteboard magnetic, but it is also mobile.

You can take it around anywhere you want to take it. At the same time, this whiteboard can be mounted on your wall. With the mounting hardware included, you can mount your whiteboard vertically or horizontally.

Also, the Dapper Display whiteboard does not leave ghost impressions after you wipe it. That is possible, thanks to the whiteboard’s stain-resistant design. It is easy to clean away whatever you have written on it.

No matter how long you use this board, it will remain white and free of residue ink. The Dapper Display double-sided whiteboard is easy to set up and use.

It comes with a complete kit consisting of four marker pens, one magnetic eraser, twelve round magnets, a magnetic ruler, and a holder tray for markers.

Highlighted Features

  • This display whiteboard is double-sided, so there is more writing surface to work with;
  • Board remains white and does not leave ghost marks;
  • It is portable; you can take it anywhere you like;
  • The board is magnetic so you can stick your notes and messages on it as well;
  • It is easy to set up and use this whiteboard.

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5. Audio-Visual Direct Magnetic White Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

Audio-Visual Direct Magnetic Ultra White Glass...
  • Express Yourself - Our smooth glass surface is perfect for dry-erase markers. Brainstorm and plan while having all your thoughts organized in one place.
  • Erase Effortlessly - Our boards prevent ghosting and staining while being easy to clean. No more distracting streaks or marks. 

The whole family will also love the Audio-Visual Direct Magnetic White Glass Dry-Erase Board. With this excellent whiteboard set, you can put your reminders, messages, and to-do lists so everyone can see them.

Also, this glass dry erase board is easy to clean and does not leave streak marks or ghost impressions. Although the installation of this whiteboard is straightforward, it is better to get a little help when you are ready to set it up on your wall or elsewhere.

With glass whiteboards, you would need to check which colors show up better. Apparently, darker colors like black and blue show up well while lighter colors like green are not that clear against the glass.

That said, this audio-visual direct magnetic whiteboard is the perfect choice for the best magnetic whiteboard your whole family will enjoy.

Highlighted Features

  • Dry erase markers work well on the smooth glass surface of this whiteboard;
  • With one swipe remove all marks without leaving traces on this whiteboard;
  • Unlike regular whiteboards, this glass whiteboard is longer lasting and cleaner;
  • Can be mounted on the wall with the high-quality wall anchors;
  • This whiteboard comes with a set of magnets, metal wall mounts, and an aluminum marker tray.

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6. VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board

VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board, 48 X 36 Inches,...
  • Smooth & durable magnetic writing surface, easily drywipe with all dry-erase markers
  • Silver finished aluminium frame, ABS plastic corner with screw-fixing in corners

Choose from the vast array of top-quality presentation products offered by VIZ-PRO. As a leading maker of presentation products, Viz-Pro is the logical choice for the best office whiteboard that is available.

Whether you need a whiteboard for your school, home, or office, the Viz-Pro is your answer. Viz-Pro is a professional grade whiteboard with a smooth and magnetic surface so you can write or display your messages.

Furthermore, the Viz-Pro is lightweight but sturdy. This whiteboard is not easy to scratch and dent. It will retain its new look for as long as you take care of it.

Also included in the starter kit are a marker pen-holder which you can attach, and a screw kit for wall-mounts.

Highlighted Features

  • The surface for writing is 34 inches by 22 inches;
  • The magnetic surface of the Viz-Pro is smooth and easy to clean;
  • Mount either vertically or horizontally;
  • Installation is simple and straightforward; You can get set up to use your whiteboard almost immediately.

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7. Smart Planner Weekly Multi-Purpose Magnetic Refrigerator Dry Erase Board 

With this handy little whiteboard planner that you stick on your refrigerator, you can keep yourself abreast on what needs getting done.

Reminders, to-do lists, chores, messages, and plans are all things you can write down on this smart planner multi-purpose magnetic refrigerator dry erase board.

Not only is this smart planner dry erase board a convenient tool to keep yourself organized at home, but it is also versatile enough to handle any information you want to jot down.

You might say the smart planner dry erase whiteboard is not the best dry erase board available today.

While you can use any dry marker color, such as red, black, and blue, some markers may be a little difficult to erase.

Furthermore, you will need to get yourself an effective cleaner to remove the ghost marks after a while. That said, the smart planner multi-purpose magnetic refrigerator board is easy to set up, just stick it to your fridge.

Highlighted Features

  • Very easy to set up and use;
  • The dry erase over-laminates make it last a little longer
  • Put this whiteboard on your fridge so your entire family can see your messages, and write a message of their own.

8. Magnetic 11’’ x 14’’ Dry Erase Whiteboard

Magnetic Small White Board Dry Erase...
  • MAGNETIC, LIGHTWEIGHT DRY ERASE BOARD: Keep track of tasks, messages, grocery lists with the Kedudes Small Whiteboard. The practical size (11 in x 14 in) and lightweight frame is perfect to fit on your refrigerator, office or bedroom wall, locker, or carry for a personal handheld whiteboard.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simple to install using the double-sided tape or magnetic strips with adhesive, no additional tools needed. Includes markers come with built-in magnetic eraser caps and magnet clips so you can easily hang notes and papers to the board.

You might also appreciate the magnetic 11” by 14” dry erase whiteboard for your messages and other jottings. It can also be used as a magnetic bulletin board on your fridge.

As one of the best whiteboards for home use, this product is a convenient way to keep in touch with what you aim to do daily.

It is also easy to wipe this whiteboard without leaving marks that won’t go away. Furthermore, this board is useful at school and even at the office.

So, if you need a convenient whiteboard to keep on your refrigerator so you can leave messages, reminders, funny drawings, and anything else, then this dry erase whiteboard is your answer.

Not only is it a convenient item to have around, but it is also versatile as you can use it as a magnetic board.

Highlighted Features

  • Stylishly designed for home, school or the office;
  • Handy for grocery lists, notes, reminders, to do lists, and more;
  • Comes with six low-odor magnetic markers that also have eraser caps;
  • Also supplied with magnets for attaching notes;
  • Very easy to mount with double-sided tape.

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9. XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard 48 x 36

XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard 48 x 36, White Board 4...
  • Whiteboard exact outer size: 47. 3" x 35. 2". The magnetic dry erase board can be mounted vertically or horizontally with attached mounting hardware. Reversible Type: No
  • The detachable marker tray can be placed on any of the whiteboard's 4 sides, to keep your writing materials close at hand

For a more professional experience, choose the XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard. This large, 48-inch by 36-inch whiteboard may be the best office whiteboard that gets the job done.

Not only is the XBoard a premium quality product, but it is also a versatile tool to communicate with your family and friends at home or in the office.

Enjoy writing your memos, reminders, messages, and lists on the smooth, easy to clean whiteboard. The XBoard features an all-metal back, a very smooth surface for writing, and an extruded aluminum frame.

The four rounded corners are made of tough nylon that also help to prevent damage to the board and injury to users. It is easy to mount the XBoard with the screws provided (one for each corner).

Highlighted Features

  • The XBoard is very easy to mount both horizontally or vertically;
  • Comes with a marker tray that can be detached;
  • Constructed with a premium grade aluminum frame that is also sturdy;
  • Writing surface is scratch resistant, so it remains smooth over time;
  • XBoard can be used as a magnetic bulletin board for notes, messages, and much more.

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10. Master of Boards Drywipe Magnetic Whiteboard

Master of Boards® Drywipe Magnetic Whiteboard -...
  • Master of Boards dry erase magnetic white board with high grade aluminum frame - simply write your message on the smooth pearl white surface and wipe off when needed
  • Protective, durable, scratch and stain resistant writing surface - a perfect organizer for home, office, university or school use

Also included in this list of best whiteboard options is the Master of Boards Drywipe Magnetic Whiteboard.

At 44-inches by 32-inches, this whiteboard is designed for the home as well as schools, offices, and other places where whiteboards are used.

Its smooth writing surface provides the perfect area to put messages, notes, memos, and additional information.

Not only is its smooth surface easy to write on, but it is also effortless to erase. No ghost impression is left once the surface is wiped.

The design of the Master of Boards is sleek and elegant. So, it looks great on your wall. It is also easy to install, so there is no hassle to fit it on any wall you like.

Also, the Master of Boards can be used as a magnetic bulletin board for your notes and memos. So, if a large dry erase whiteboard is what you need, then the Master of Boards Drywipe Magneti Whiteboard is just the one for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Master of Boards is made with premium grade materials like the aluminum frame and the white writing area;
  • Durable and stain and scratch proof;
  • A versatile whiteboard that can be mounted vertically or horizontally;
  • Can be used as a magnetic bulletin board for presentations;
  • The Master of Boards also works well with standard dry wipe markers.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Whiteboard

best whiteboard for home office

Buying a dry erase whiteboard is made easier with the right information at your fingertips. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the best dry erase board from what is available.

Here are a few things to consider when you shop for your dry erase whiteboard.

How easy it is to erase

Erasing whatever you write on a whiteboard is essential if you want to save money on replacing whiteboards.

Cheaper whiteboards made of melamine require frequent cleaning with cleaners to make them work. With such whiteboards, streaks and ghost marks remain even after you erase with the best dry eraser.

On the other hand, the more effective porcelain whiteboard has a writing surface that is easier to erase and does not require cleaning solutions to maintain its smooth and clean surface.

Also, you won’t experience streaking or ghosting with these porcelain whiteboards.

How long it will last

If you need to use whiteboards frequently, the best bet is to invest in a durable product. That said, you may go cheap if you are prepared to put up with whiteboards that dent, ghost, or scratch easily.

Otherwise, go for a more durable whiteboard, usually made of porcelain, that does not scratch, dent, or have other damage to the writing surface.

Check the descriptions of the whiteboards you find and confirm with the suppliers that they are as durable as the advertising suggest.

A Special Feature

You might also consider it the best magnetic whiteboard because of the special features it may have. Indeed, magnetic whiteboards are preferred for their magnetic feature that makes presentations more enjoyable.

Other special features that are useful in dry-erase whiteboards include grids that help with writing straight or plotting graphs. These grids are not bold so that they won’t distract your presentations.

Interactive Features

There are more sophisticated whiteboards on the market that also feature interactive sections. These interactive areas allow the user to share web-based content while using the whiteboard.

With this technology, presentations are no longer restricted to what is written on the whiteboard.

Now, presenters can show videos, animations, and other visual displays. It is even used to host online meetings to share information.

The Brand

With many good brands of whiteboard on the market, it is easier to select the brand that represents the best dry erase board for your money. 

Each brand offers whiteboards of different sizes and materials, so you won’t have trouble selecting a high-quality product.

The Price

It is quite tempting to go for the cheapest brand of dry erase board on the market. Don’t. While it may look like you are smart with your money to buy cheap, consider the number of times you will need to replace a cheap whiteboard.

Instead, choose the most durable and versatile whiteboard you can afford. You will not need to replace these higher quality whiteboards so frequently.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of considerations when shopping for dry erase whiteboards.

You could consider other things like how often you need to use a whiteboard, where you intend to use it (home, office, school), and the size of the whiteboard.

How to Use a Whiteboard

Using a dry erase whiteboard is convenient and can be fun as well. While it is easy to use, it does not hurt to be reminded of a few tips on how to use this board.

  • If you need to write down different thoughts on various subjects on the whiteboard, segment the board with lines to distinguish these thoughts.
  • Also, use different color markers to represent the various ideas you would need to write on the whiteboard. This color coding makes it easier to read diverse ideas than when one color is used.
  • Erase old information from the whiteboard before you place new information or ideas down. This approach will reduce the clutter on the whiteboard.
  • If you are using the whiteboard to list tasks to be done, then you may place a check mark beside the tasks you have already done or erase that task. This strategy will not only keep you motivated to stick to your plan, but it will be a visual reminder of things you need to do.
  • If your whiteboard is also magnetic, use the magnets to highlight headings, stick on notes or illustrations on your whiteboard, or hold anything else you want on it.
  • If more than one person uses the whiteboard, you must indicate which information you don’t want others to erase. One easy way is to write “Do Not Erase” beside them.

Whiteboard Maintenance Tips

For the best results, it is crucial to keep your dry erase whiteboard clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance are, therefore, essential.

To start with, you must clean your erasers frequently to get rid of marker residue. Once your dry eraser is clean, it will become more effective in lifting marks from your whiteboard.

Also, erase as much as possible from your whiteboard with the eraser before you clean it with a whiteboard cleaner.

Next, use your whiteboard cleaner to remove all marks from your whiteboard. You can use a paper towel or a damp cloth when cleaning your whiteboard.

Never use a scrubber or abrasive substance to clean your whiteboard. These will damage the coating and the material of your whiteboard.

To keep you whiteboard clean, you must clean it with your whiteboard cleaner frequently, like every week. This maintenance schedule allows your whiteboard to remain clean and functional.

With this clean whiteboard, you will be able to write and erase anything. Regular cleanings also prevent marks from becoming permanent.

To remove stubborn stains and ghost marks from your whiteboard, a simple trick is to cover the entire area with a black dry erase marker.  Then quickly wipe the area. The mark will be gone! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Whiteboard

How long does a dry erase board last?

You might need to think twice before you decide to toss out an old whiteboard as there are a few ways to restore them to use again.

That said, the quality of the whiteboard and how it is made determine how long it will last. So, from plastic whiteboards, you may get between one to years of use.

Whiteboards made from more durable material can extend from around 10 to 20 years. Some may last even longer. Once you take care of your whiteboard, you will get the maximum number of years from it. Also, check your manufacturer’s warranty for a clue.

How much does a whiteboard cost?

The cost of a whiteboard varies depending on size, material, features, and brand. It, therefore, varies from a few dollars for the small, cheap whiteboards, to a few hundred dollars for the more expensive brands.

The best way to figure out the cost of the whiteboard you want to buy is to check the manufacturer’s prices or the retail prices online and compare with the cost of similar whiteboards.

How do you deep clean a whiteboard?

Deep cleaning a whiteboard helps to eliminate marks that erasing alone cannot remove. So, those ghost marks and other blemishes can be removed with the right product.

But if for some reason, you don’t have the super cleaning product, here are a few ways you can deep clean your whiteboard.

  1. Isopropyl Alcohol: This alcohol solution is very effective in removing marks and stains you’re your whiteboard. Ensure that the type you use is 90% or 99% solution. Weaker solutions are not as effective.
  2. Peroxide: If you don’t have a 99% Isopropyl alcohol with you, you may substitute peroxide which works just as well.
  3. Hand Sanitizer: Interestingly, you may use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to deep clean your whiteboard to remove unwanted marks. It also kills germs on your hands.

Other products you can use to deep clean your whiteboard in a pinch include WD-40, Hairspray, toothpaste, Ben-Gay (contains alcohol which is the active ingredient), vinegar, and coffee grinds.

The way to clean your whiteboard is to apply the solution, wipe, repeat if necessary, and remove the cleaning solution. Then voila, your whiteboard is like new again!

What is the best whiteboard paint?

The best whiteboard paint allows users more space to write whatever they need to present for others to see clearly.

Naturally, the best whiteboard paint also mimics whiteboards in the way it takes what dry erase markers produce. It is easy to delete whatever you write on whiteboard paint.

The whiteboard paint also offers flexibility in the variety of things you can write on it.

Does permanent marker stay on whiteboard?

Surprisingly, no, it does not. While dry erase whiteboards are explicitly made for use with dry-erase markers, if you accidentally use a permanent marker on this whiteboard it is possible to clean it off.

Naturally, removing a permanent marker ink will take more effort and special cleaning solutions, but you will get it out.

Final Verdict

Dry erase whiteboards have become more common as they find their way in the domestic market. So, in addition to offices and schools, the best whiteboard is also used in the home.

Not only are whiteboards becoming more accepted for messages and communication, but there is no sign of them going away anytime soon.

That said, you have seen the recommendations and tips in this review and buying guide. These should help you in selecting the right dry erase board for your needs.

Also, continue to check whiteboard reviews for helpful information that you can use.

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