Can You Use Carpet Cleaner on Hardwood Floor?

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Just as the name suggests, many people might think that a carpet cleaner can only be used to clean the carpet. That is not the case as a carpet cleaner can be used to clean other items like; mattresses, furniture, curtains, comforters, and even hardwood floors.

Carpet cleaners do clean, varied floors depending on the type of material or stain on that particular floor. All the carpet cleaner owner has to do is change from scrubbing mode to the light cleaning mode setting of the carpet cleaner.

Knowing how to clean your hardwood floor with simple methods will help you in maintaining a polished and clean look with ease.

Your hardwood floor receives a lot of beating every day, from the inevitable scrapes, to spill to daily traffic.

The best available way to clean your hardwood floor is by use of preventive measures, which not only reduces your cleaning time but also helps in protecting the floor.

Reduce dirt being tracked in the wood floor by placing a floor mat inside and outside the door to trap the dirt.  When it is a rainy season, set a boot and shoe removal area.

This way, you prevent floor damage when water gets tracked on the wood floor.

It should be like a routine to remove the shoes outside the door before coming into the house. It helps prevent grime, germs, and dirt tracked all over in the house and even the floor.

The good thing about taking off shoes at the door prevents the hardwood floor from getting scratched, especially with cleats and high heels.

You can also prevent scratches on the wood floor by ensuring the floor is not scratched by the children’s toys and using protectors underneath the furniture.

A simple tip of using a carpet cleaner for cleaning hardwood floors

A carpet cleaner is the perfect tool one can use to tidy his hardwood floor as it acts as a highly active cleaning device for cleaning filth on the hardwood floor and getting rid of naughty stains on your carpet.

Following the tips below, you can appropriately utilize the carpet cleaner to clean your hardwood floor.

1. Dust your hardwood floor before cleaning

Like any other carpet, make sure your hardwood floor is dusted properly before cleaning it with a carpet cleaner.

It is important to dust your floor to avoid cases where you scratch the floor when the carpet steamer is underway with cleaning.

Dust your hardwood floor before cleaning

It can also result in a pile-up of dirt on the floor, making it hard for the steamer to clean the floor.

With the help of a vacuum cleaner, it is easier to dust your room before steam cleaning. In areas where the vacuum cannot reach, a feature broom is important in getting rid of the hiding dirt and dust.

2. Make sure your wood floors are sealed properly

Your floor needs to be properly sealed before thinking of using a carpet steamer on the wood floor. A carpet cleaner running on the unsealed floor will damage the steamer and even excessive water tracked in the wood floor, causing it to wear out or even grow mildew.

It does not take much effort to repair the unsealed wood floor. It is a matter of getting a flooring sealer for your hardwood floor type, then using a paint roller or paintbrush, you apply the sealer to your unsealed floor.

wood floors are sealed properly

Ensure you follow the sealer’s instructions and do the sealing in an open and well-ventilated place. After sealing the floor, let it dry for sometimes before steam cleaning it.

With this, you are trying to avoid hazardous and poisonous chemicals reacting ordinarily with the carpet steamer’s cleaning solutions.

3. Check if your carpet cleaner needs a steam cleaning solution.

You need to confirm whether your carpet steamer needs any cleaning solution before cleaning your hardwood floor.

Depending on the type of carpet steamer you are using, we have those that use specific cleaning solutions with water mixture and those that do not need water to clean the floor.

Whatever carpet cleaner you are using, make sure the steamer’s cleaning solution is safe for use in hardwood floor cleaning.

Not all carpet steamers use cleaning solutions favorable for all floor types, and other carpet cleaners specify different cleaning solutions for different floors.

4. Make sure your carpet cleaner can be used on hardwood floors

carpet cleaner in hardfloor

it is important to make sure your carpet cleaner is safe for use on your hardwood floor.

While most of these carpet cleaner has features designed for use even in hardwood floor cleaning, other cleaning steamers are specifically designed for cleaning the carpets and no other floor. 

When purchasing your carpet cleaner, go through the manufacturer’s manual to know if it is safe to use on the hardwood floors.

Many people believe it is easy to clean and take good care of hardwood floors than any other floor or carpet.

One important thing to maintain a good hardwood floor is not to allow water to get tracked inside. These tips will help you on how to clean a hardwood floor;

  • You should alternate drying and cleaning of your floor. That way, your floor will neither be wet or dry for a long period than required.
  • Clean the floor with a cleaning solution designed for wood floors. Getting the hardwood floor cleaning solution will ease your cleaning work, making your floor dry faster, preventing floor swelling and mold growth.

As seen above, a carpet cleaner seems the best solution to use in cleaning hardwood floors. Its simple trick is to know the type of carpet cleaner you are using is designed for hardwood floor cleaning, and if its cleaning solution can be used to clean wood floors.

One should not also forget to change the carpet cleaner sets when he needs to clean the hardwood floor.

Finally, please do not soak the wood floor as it will lead to damages like swelling when water gets tracked inside the wood floor and mildew growth.

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