Commercial Vacuum vs. Residential Vacuum Cleaner

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Our homes have and will always be the haven we turn to. It is the one place that everyone gets to relax, but nothing is more frustrating than a home that is not clean.

Whether you live a clean lifestyle or not, eventually, you will need to buckle down and start cleaning the home to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria.

Vacuum cleaners have been around for more than 100-years, with the first upright vacuum cleaners released in 1901.

However, the vacuum cleaner has evolved significantly in the past century, with many advanced options being designed to specifically target businesses and to improve the cleaning ability you have.

A Brief History Vacuum Cleaner

History Vacuum Cleaner

As mentioned, the vacuum cleaner is more than 100-years old, with the first option released back in 1901.

However, 7-years later, Hoover acquired the patent from John Murray Spangler, and later the name was changed to Hoover Vacuum Cleaners.

Almost 120-years later, we are seeing some of the most advanced vacuum cleaners available.

Multiple brands have also joined in the development of the top vacuum cleaners, adding more features and technology that enables you to clean your home more efficiently.

The Roomba, which was invented back in 2002 was one of the first commercial-grade vacuum cleaners that also serves as a personal cleaning maid for removing dust and debris from your home.

In the modern era, we have seen vacuum cleaners that feature tubing, which can be installed through your walls.

These vacuum cleaners will suck out all of the dust and debris while dumping it outside your home.

One of the benefits is that you don’t need to walk around with the vacuum cleaner and most of the operations are automatic.

Now, we will look at a few of the common differences that will set the commercial and residential vacuum cleaners apart from one another.

Instead of having to suffer by cleaning a commercial building with a standard vacuum cleaner, the commercial vacuum will now be one of the best options that you can rely on.

Residential Vacuum Cleaners

Residential Vacuum Cleaners

The commercial vacuum cleaner is by far one of the most impressive options on the market. However, you don’t need to buy a commercial vacuum cleaner if you are only cleaning your home.

Yes, it could make the cleaning process a bit more efficient, but when we consider the price of these vacuum cleaners, a smaller one will be more valuable for your money.

There are a few benefits with the residential vacuum cleaner that you will not find in the commercial versions.

However, these benefits are often outweighed by the speed and efficiency of the commercial vacuum. Here are a couple of things that the residential vacuum cleaner should be great at doing to make your life easier:


The first thing that comes to mind is that a residential vacuum cleaner is much smaller than your commercial version.

The smaller design means that it does not feature the same tech features and can be much cheaper.

Aside from the overall price, you will notice that the replacement components are also much more affordable and easier to find.

These vacuum cleaners might not have the same lifetime as there commercial counterparts, but they can be replaced often.

In many cases, you can find 2 or even 3 residential vacuum cleaners that have the same price as the commercial competitors.

Easier To Operate

The operation process of these vacuum cleaners is much easier and you don’t need to worry about massive cables or large units that require multiple people to move around.

Since they are fairly smaller in size, one person can move around the home to use it and clean some of the dust and debris. However, you will need to clean out the bag or bin often.

We should also mention that many of these residential vacuum cleaners are cordless, which means you don’t even have to deal with a cord that could get entangled when you are moving around.

The residential vacuum cleaner has a portability feature that allows you to get around the home and into smaller areas.

Faster To Use

Whether the residential vacuum cleaner is faster to use can still be a topic that is up for debate. However, they are generally stored inside your home and they can be accessed at virtually anytime that you need to go about cleaning your home.

Since they are faster to use, you don’t need to worry about dust settling or accidental messes not being cleaner.

Why You Might Consider The Commercial Vacuum

Commercial Vacuum

Alternatively, you might want to consider the commercial vacuum cleaner if you have large areas that need to be thoroughly cleaned.

These vacuum cleaners are heavily marketed in recent years, but they remain an effective way of cleaning a large area fast. Many of the leading cleaning services also choose them to improve productivity.

Compared to the residential vacuum cleaner, there are a couple of benefits that are common sense. However, we have identified a few other benefits that could also make your life easier. This is what you can expect to get from a top commercial vacuum cleaner:

Extended Cleaning Time

The standard vacuum cleaners used for your residents will have a battery life if the unit is cordless. It should make no difference if the unit features a cord, but since the cords can often be too short, a cordless option is better.

The commercial vacuum cleaners feature some of the best lithium-ion batteries that make them last much longer.

Since you are cleaning a larger area, it makes sense to have a better battery and more cleaning time to make sure that you cover an entire area.

In addition, the corded commercial vacuum cleaners are fitted with longer and better cords. They are generally designed to cover an entire commercial area for cleaning.

Less Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, the commercial vacuum cleaner is much easier to maintain. It might be more expensive and often harder to find some of the parts, but once you have them, the unit is much easier to keep in working condition. The parts are made from industrial grade materials to ensure a longer lifetime.

If you don’t spend as much on maintenance, you will be saving a lot of money when you are a cleaning company.

Additionally, the expedited cleaning process should be done swiftly, allowing you to save time, which is one of the most important resources we have.

Some Are Automatic

As we have mentioned, some of these vacuum cleaners are almost entirely automatic and does not need you to operate them.

Aside from simply flipping a switch or turning a knob, it should get the job done. However, they can be tedious to install if you want a fully operational automatic vacuum cleaner in your home.

If the unit is automatic, it will work with a suction feature that will remove all the unwanted dust and debris. However, it might not be able to lift heavier debris that could often be on the floor.

These vacuum cleaners can often be coded to operate without you even having to be present, which should make life much easier.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should You Buy?

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should You Buy

The vacuum cleaner that will be efficient for you, might not be efficient for everyone else. It is often best to look at your home and to buy a vacuum cleaner for the right purpose.

If you only have a small area that needs to be cleaned, a portable vacuum cleaner could get the job done efficiently, without you having to do a lot of work.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are often not a good investment for the average person living in a standard home.

They are hard to install and often the maintenance or repair costs are more expensive in relation to how often you will be using the unit.

Commercial vacuum cleaners will work best for commercial buildings like offices and shops.

We can’t specifically recommend the right vacuum cleaner for you. You will need to put in a little bit of work to do some digging and find the option that is best suited for all your needs.

Both types of vacuum cleaners have their merits and benefits.


No matter how old you are or where you live, cleaning is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.

With so many infectious diseases going around, it is hard to live in dust and debris that can often lead to sickness. The top vacuum cleaners will enable you to clean your home or commercial building efficiently.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any specific vacuum cleaner that you have your eye on and you want us to look at it.

We would also like to read some of your experiences using some of the top commercial vacuum cleaners on the market today.

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