How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner (A Complete Guide)

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A home is an important resting place after a busy working day at large. However, we need to maintain a clean environment at home to give us the comfort we need from them.

Cleaning our homes is the top thing to create these places conducive for us and our families. Cleaning goes hand in hand with the tools and equipment employed for such tasks.

The vacuum cleaners emerge as the best home cleaning tool homeowners should employ to perform their daily home cleaning tasks at large.

Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners

Once you shop for a vacuum cleaner to use in your daily cleaning tasks, few things might come in your mind.

This is how to use your cleaner and proper ways to maintain it to serve you for an extended period. Regular cleaning of vacuum cleaners is one of the best ways to have it continue serving you efficiently for an extended period.

Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners

But then, how do you clean a vacuum cleaner? In our discussions today, we shall learn step by step how to clean a vacuum cleaner and a few tricks on how to maintain them to serve us longer.


Before you start tackling any project, you need to gather all the necessities to ensure everything works out smoothly during the cleanup process. You need the following things to clean a vacuum cleaner;

  • The user manual
  • Scissors
  • A brush
  • A soft cloth
  • Water
  • Soap solution

Once you have gathered all the requirements, it is time to follow your guide closely to ensure you do the exercise correctly.

You should follow all the steps without neglecting any of them to complete the cleaning work successfully. Below is a guide on how you should follow in cleaning your vacuum cleaner the best way.

Step One: Unplug the vacuum, empty and clean the dirtbag

You will not start the exercise while the unit is plugged in. You need to it from unplugging it and then follow to empty the dirtbag or container. If you lack the idea of getting the dirtbag out of the unit, follow your manual guide to get it out smoothly.

In the market, you can get vacuum cleaners using either a bag or container as such. If yours uses a bag, you should get it out and dispose of it in a trash can. If you have one with a dirt container, you need to get it out and clean it thoroughly.

When the time for replacements comes, you need to get a bag or container that is compatible with your machine at large.

Otherwise, incompatible options allow dust and other forms of dirt to reach the motor that will damage it in the long run.

Step Two: Cleaning the filters

Once you are complete with the dirtbag/container, it is now time to clean the filters. The filters clean the air and also separate dust and dirt at large. Open the vacuum and locate the filters.

Follow to clean them thoroughly. Different market vacuum cleaner models in the market are designed with different filters.

Cleaning the vacuum filters

There are those with washable options, and others need regular replacement as such. Use your manual well to determine what you are supposed to do with the type of model you have.

Use your soap and water to wash the filters evenly. If there is any other stuck dirt, you can use a soft brush to remove them. You can likewise soak your filter in a soap solution and clean it thoroughly.

Once you complete the exercise, wipe the filter or allow it to dry before you fix it back to its place. Wet components can cause electric shocks; therefore, ensure all the parts are dry before you can join them to their places.

Step Three: Cleaning other components and accessories

We are in the last steps of the cleaning process. At this stage, you need to clean the hoses and other remaining components that make up the vacuum cleaner.

Get the attachment out and clean separately, bearing in mind where they are fixed not to forget when assembling them back to their places. Other components are permanently attached or connected to the machine.

Wipe them using a soft cloth to remove all dust and other forms of dirt from them. For attachments with wirings, don’t soak them and wipe them using a clean, soft cloth.

Allow all the components to dry and fix them to their respective places.

Step Four: Cleaning the brush

Complete the cleanup task by cleaning the vacuum cleaner brush. If you are using an upright model, you can lay it down on the floor and check for any form of debris that might be stuck or clogged as such.

Pull them out and if there are other stuck parts, use your scissors to cut them out. Follow to dampen a piece of a clean, soft cloth and wipe all the outer parts of the vacuum cleaner.

The power cord is an integral part of this unit, wipe it thoroughly, and ensure you inspect any form of damage to the cord.

These are the steps you will use to clean a vacuum cleaner the best way. However, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer guide keenly if you need to complete the project efficiently and quickly.

The manual guide will guide you on the cleaning necessities of the model you have and how to clean every machine component the best way.

Tips for Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners are essential machines worth having to help us in our daily cleaning tasks at large. However, we need to maintain them the best way to continue working efficiently for an extended period.

Maintaining these machines is also a way of avoiding expensive repair and replacing procedures when other components fail to function.

Since various market models require different maintenance techniques, we must always have the user manual in our hands. Let’s get started on a few tips to maintain these machines.

Always check the vacuum bag and replace them when required

You must inspect your vacuum cleaner bag on regular occasions and replace them when they are full. Whenever the machine is working with a full bag, it strains to push air through the debris, thus lowering its efficiency.

If you note that the machine does not pick up all the trash on the way, then this indicates that the bag is full, and you need to replace it.

If you are working with a model with a collecting container, empty it after few weeks and maintain it clean.

Maintain the brush roll clean

The brush roll is underneath the vacuum cleaner. It is the component that removes all dirt from the carpet at large.

You need to use a screwdriver to get all the screws holding the plate below the unit to locate it. Pull it out and clean it using the fingers.

Maintain the vacuum brush roll clean

Remove the strings, hair, and all other debris that might be attached to it.

There are bearings in the brush roll. Unscrew the caps to locate them. Clean them all and lubricate them before you get them back to their respective places.

Always inspect the belt for cases of wear and tear.

You always need to inspect your vacuum cleaner’s components for any cases of tear and wear at large. Look whether there are cracks or worn out parts that need replacement.

If the belt is loose or damaged, ensure you have replaced it with a new one. Typically, you should ensure you return the vacuum cleaner belts after about six months or annually.

Inspect the hoses for any obstructions

The hose is one of the significant components of the vacuum cleaner. If there is an obstruction in it, the machine will not run efficiently. A functioning hose should provide enough suction power at large.

If you note the machine doesn’t provide enough suction power, then there is an obstruction inside.

Use a broomstick or any other device similar to a broomstick to get out anything or object that might be stuck in the system.

Other Important Maintenance Tips:

Apart from the above maintenance tips and tricks, we have several other things you should have in mind to ensure you have maintained your vacuum cleaner to serve you for an extended period.

They include;

  • If you are using an upright cleaner, ensure to insert the hose securely. This will help to avoid any form of leaks from developing.
  • Always turn off your vacuum cleaner and inspect it if you hear any sound change while using it.
  • Sometimes vacuums can overheat. If your vacuum cleaner overheats when using it, unplug and wait for it to cool to look for any form of obstructions it might have


Vacuum cleaners are essential gadgets worth investing in. They offer us excellent service at large.

However, we should also ensure we maintain them to continue being beneficial in our households for an extended period.

Always clean them with the appropriate products and replace any worn out parts to continue running efficiently.

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