How to Clean Carpet With Baking Soda (Step by Step)

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Using our carpets is enjoyable, and they add beauty to our rooms, but problems chip in when they get dirty. How to clean carpet with baking soda is our today’s discussion.

When you want to clean your carpet, you may come across many ways, but this one is a sure bet.

Using baking soda is the most efficient way to go than others; this solution’s final result is excellent.

Using other methods, you may not get cool results than with baking soda. This method may leave your carpet with a brand new outlook after cleaning.

Furthermore, you can employ different methods to clean your carpet with baking soda. What I mean is that you may use the substance to clean carpets with other methods.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to discuss the best and efficient ways to go.

Let us not get into the in-depth discussion

Three Ways to Clean Carpet With Baking Soda

clean carpet with baking soda

Before you kick off the cleaning process, you will have to gather some essential materials to help you achieve the strategy.

Some of these items include; a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, a stiff-bristled brush for scrubbing, old rags, table salt, a spray bottle, and a water-detergent solution.

When you have all the above items, you are ready for the task ahead. More so, with necessary materials near you, it will cost you less cleaning time. You may take a few minutes or an hour, depending on the situation of your mat.

First Method: Getting Rid of Pet Hair and Odors

remove all hair and odors from the carpet with baking soda

The first step is to remove all hair and odors from the carpet. Sometimes, getting rid of pet odors may be tricky if you don’t have baking soda.

Using baking soda can easily handle pet stains and give your better results. More so, employing the deodorize method with ensuring thorough cleaning of your carpet.

Step one: Sprinkling baking soda on the carpet

This step is usually very straightforward as it involves adding baking soda on the place you want to clean to remove unpleasant odor.

Give the substance enough time to work in the area. Don’t hurry to move in the next step; every step counts.

Step two: Vacuuming the area

After 45 or 55 minutes are over, the next task will be vacuuming the whole place with baking soda.

Under this step, you need to be much keen so that you don’t leave any dirt. Therefore, you can repeat the action if you are not sure.

Step three: Repeating the cleaning process

However, sometimes you may finish cleaning the carpet, but there is an unpleasant odor; I recommend you repeat the complete above steps until you experience the results of your desires.

Therefore, you should be careful with all measures to avoid repetition.

Second Method: Removal of Non-Greasy Stains

Removal of non-greasy stains on carpet with baking soda

If your carpet has nasty stains that are not greasy, baking soda will answer the problem. The substance can correctly handle the situation with a lot of ease.

The reason behind this chemistry is because the stains do not contain underlying residues. Therefore, you will find it easy cleaning the areas with baking soda.

This method also has its steps that you will have to follow while cleaning a carpet.

Step one: Applying baking soda on the carpet

It would help if you sprinkled baking soda on the areas or stains you want to clean under this step. This step has no specific rule; you can carry it out the way you wish as long as you apply the carpet’s cleaning substance. Baking soda can dissolve all stains for easy vacuuming.

More so, give the substance some time to work on the stains before adding hot water.

Step two: Sprinkle little hot water on the carpet

Apply baking soda on stained areas; then add some hot water. Adding warm water to baking soda areas will form a combination that can tackle stains with a lot of ease.

Besides, you can make a solution containing hot water and baking soda in advance. Now it is time to use your spray bottle, fill it with the mixture, and then apply the solution to the areas you want to clean.

Doing so will loosen stains, and cleaning them later will be straightforward; the mixture has enough time to dissolve all stains in advance.

Using such a solution will also save you some time that you would use to apply hot water and baking soda separately. But is you find the other way is simple, go on, but I recommend this one.

Step three: Allow the mixture to perform its job

After baking and hot water applications, don’t start cleaning the areas immediately. Please give the solution a few minutes to work on stains.

Based on how dirty your carpet is, you may decide to leave it overnight, creating enough time for the cleaning substance to dissolve stains completely.

However, if your carpet isn’t that dirty, you can wait for at least 1 hour before vacuuming. Don’t forget to confirm whether stains are dry or wet. If not dry, give it some other few minutes or hours to completely dry.

Also, you may scrub the areas with stains using a stiff-bristled brush.

Step four: Vacuuming stain areas

After ensuring the mixture does its job, you need to get your vacuum cleaner and begin swiping the combination and stains thoroughly. Vacuuming will also leave your carpet with a fresh look and pleasant smell.

Slowly move the vacuum cleaner on stain areas to avoid repetition. By doing so, you will barely leave any stain behind.

If you still see some stains, repeat the vacuuming process or reapply baking soda and hot water on the spots until you get a brand new carpet surface.

Third Method: Removal of Greasy Stains

Removal of Greasy Stains on carpet with baking soda

When all the above two methods fail, maybe you should try this one. It is true, cleaning greasy stains can be hectic than non-greasy stains.

Therefore, you will have to be more careful and apply some efforts while cleaning. The method involves the following steps.

Step one: Soaking the grease

This step involves soaking the grease before kicking off the entire cleaning process. The importance of your old rag now chips in.

However, you can also use paper towels as long as you don’t exert a lot of pressure on stain areas.

You might make the grease to spread and penetrate deep in your carpet; you will sweat while removing the stain.

Step two: Adding baking soda on the areas with stains

After soaking the grease stain, the next thing will be to apply the baking substance to the area. Under this step, I encourage you to use a lot of baking soda because grease stains are always stubborn and hard to dissolve.

Roughly use baking soda of not less than four tablespoons to areas with stains. Doing this will result in a deep clean carpet. You can leave the rug overnight after applying the substance to it.

Leaving your carpet overnight will give the cleaning substance enough time to dissolve and work on grease thoroughly.

Remember, giving baking soda too much time will enable you to clean the carpet efficiently.

Step three: Vacuuming

Under this step, you need to take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum all areas with baking soda. Vacuuming is not a total guarantee for stain removal, as in you may still see some grease stains.

You may need to reapply baking substance in such situations, give it some few minutes, and then vacuum.

Vacuum the area until you restore the color and beauty of your carpet. However, you may also repeat the complete above steps under this method.

Step four: Drying stained areas

If all the above methods don’t make a difference, vacuum the areas with baking soda and then take your stiff-bristled brush, a sponge, and soap to clean the carpet using your hands.

However, you may reapply baking soda alone before you get into this step.

Work on the grease stains until the carpet retains its color.

When all the above methods are successful, give your carpet some fresh air to dry before stepping on it.

This art applies to all the ways; you may cover wet areas with a chair or table to prevent pets and kids from strolling on the regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. My carpet has grease stains. How can I clean it?

The first thing to do is to soak the stain and then apply baking soda to the stained areas. I suggest you use a lot of baking soda because grease stains are always stubborn and hard to dissolve.

Roughly, you can use baking soda of not less than four tablespoons on areas with colors.

#2. What is the trick while vacuuming?

Move the machine slowly over the carpet—slow vacuuming results in a thorough cleaning.


If you have a dirty carpet, sometimes there is no need to go for professional cleaners; do it for yourself.

I present this report to you on how to clean carpet with baking soda due to public demand. Carpet cleaners affirm that baking soda is the best cleaning substance for carpets.

Therefore, what you need to do is to make the guide useful for you. You only need some everyday items and baking soda.

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