How to Get Slime Out of Carpet?

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If you are a parent with children who love slime, it is good to face its dark side. The headache comes in when removing stuck slime substance from the carpet.

Most of the parents feel great when their children make themselves busy and active.

It is good to allow your kids to play with slime since sometimes it is very educational. They can learn scientific patterns through this art. But it is good to be aware that the game will end up in a mess.

This substance may stick on their clothes, hair, table, and the worst of your carpet. This should not make you lockout children because removing slime from your carpet is simple: using a few tricks.

Let us define what the word slime means before discussing how to get slime out of the carpet.

What is Slime?

Usually, slime is defined as a combination of several household materials with the primary purpose of making polymer substances.  We can call it “non-Newtonian fluid,” basing on how to handle it.

Playing with slime can be messy, but it is good to educate your kids about simple scientific principles.

How to get slime out of carpet

Below are step by step ways on how to remove grime out carpet

1. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also referred to as isopropyl alcohol, which is a necessary cleaning reagent. If you want to clean with this rubbing alcohol, it acts as a powerful cleaning agent to your arsenal.

You can use to get the jewelry sparking and, at the same time, make the baseboards pristine beautiful.

Once you have all your tools, you can use the following instructions to clean your carpet using rubbing alcohol.

get slime out of carpet for rubbing alcohol

Before the process begins, you should note that rubbing alcohol may stain different kinds of fabrics. You should test the solution on a spot that is out of the carpet.

Besides, it is essential to prevent rubbing alcohol from getting into your carpet’s back to avoid any accident.

After testing, the next step is to scrap and vacuum out all large slime debris from your carpet. Then you can soak the sponge into concentrated rubbing alcohol. Blot the slime stains.

Continue with the process until all stains varnishes from your carpet. If you don’t see any spot, then you are through. Give your carpet time before stepping on it.

 2. Use warm water

This is the simplest and available way that you can use to get rid of slime from the carpet. Next, you will need other few tools like a blunt scraping tool or butter knife, sponge, elbow grease, and cloth.

The carpet is one of the most hectic items to clean at home. Based on the components responsible for slime, it is advisable to try cleaning it using elbow grease and hot water.

Note that slime doesn’t dissolve in water, but when you combine old-fashioned rinsing items and scraping, you can clean it easily. There is no need to harm your carpet. You may decide to get a traffic carpet cleaner daily.

use warm water to get slime out of carpet

Why do we need a scraper or butter knife? They are useful for scraping out and breaking up large particles of slime.

When you are through with scraping, it is good to vacuum the place to remove all loose pieces of slime.

Next, it is time to use a sponge by soaking it in warm water and blot the available stains. The warmth that comes from the hot water will weaken the remaining slime stains.

Give it about 2 minutes before blotting the place using a dry towel or cloth; ensure no water remains.

3. Club soda

This is another simple way of removing slime from your carpet, just like using warm water.  Using club soda fastens and eases cleaning.

It consists of carbonic acid that acts as a gentle cleansing agent. It can consume slime stains from rugs. Using club soda is an excellent alternative way of removing slime stains if warm water fails.

Like the above ways, except club soda, you need other essential tools like a dry cloth, spray bottle, and scraping tool.

removing slime from carpet with club soda

As usual, you will start by scraping, breaking out, or scraping off the slime. Vacuum the place to remove all excess slime particles.

Continue vacuuming until all particles of slime are no more. After cleaning, pour club soda on your spray bottle, and then spray on the slime stains.

Give the club soda enough time to work on slime stains before blotting. Use a dry cloth for blotting.

However, you can use this method to remove slime stains from your car seats, blankets, and mattress pads.

4. Baking soda and vinegar

Both baking soda and vinegar are popular household cleaning agents. Vinegar consists of acetic acid that is responsible for eating out grime and stains. Combining baking soda and vinegar increases cleansing power to handle notorious stains.

You will need other essential tools or items. The items include a sponge, water in a bucket, blunt scraper, spray bottle, dry cloth, or paper towels. Now, let’s get into simple procedures to remove slime from your carpet.

Use your scraper to break up slime pieces and vacuum your entire area. Repeat the process to ensure all debris is no more.

After the area is free from slime pieces, sprinkle your baking soda on slime stains. Fill your spray bottle with vinegar, and the wet-stained area by spraying. Baking soda and vinegar will react and work on slime stains.

Allow the mix to stay on stains or slime for about five minutes. Use the sponge to blot stains.

Continue blotting until there are no more stains, then clean your sponge and soak it in the bucket of water.

Blot those stains to ensure your carpet is clean from both vinegar and baking soda. Use your paper towels or dry cloth to dry the place.

5. Hydrogen peroxide

This is also another handy cleaning method that is simple to use. This is because hydrogen peroxide attacks stains and grime using its frothiness by breaking slime stains into small pieces. 

You will remove slime from your carpet with this method.

However, you have to be keen on hydrogen peroxide because it may bleach carpet fiber and fabrics.

Therefore, I recommend applying it on light-colored materials or carpet. More so, ensure you test it before going on with your cleaning process.

This will help you to ensure that it does not harm your carpet.

hydrogen peroxide to remove slime stains from your carpet

Before using hydrogen peroxide to remove slime stains from your carpet, you have to dilute it using warm water.

Then pour the mix on in your spray bottle. It is good to ensure that you have a sponge, scraping tool, and vacuum to accomplish the mission.

Just like in the above methods, you will begin scraping out slime pieces from the carpet. Scrap all big slime pieces and vacuum the place to remove debris. Spray your hydrogen peroxide on the stains using a spray bottle.

Give the solution enough time to stay on the carpet, use a sponge to blot the stains. Continue with the process until all stains are clear. Dry the place using a dry cloth.

6. Using liquid dish soap

Up to this juncture, you must have many ideas and ways on how you can remove slime from your carpet.

You can also try liquid dish soap to get rid of slime stain from the carpet. This method is also simple as long as you have one teaspoon full of unscented and clear liquid dish soap.

You need to have a scraping tool, a bucket of water, a vacuum cleaner, and a dry cloth or paper towels.

You will have to mix your one teaspoon full of a liquid dish with two cups of hot water and then pour the solution in the spray bottle.

liquid dish soap to remove slime stains from your carpet

The instructions are also similar to the above ones, whereby you begin by scraping out slime and then vacuum the place. Ensure you drive out all debris from the carpet before spraying the liquid solution.

After spraying, use a sponge to blot slime stain areas. Continue with the process of cleaning to work on all stains.

Once you are through with blotting, rinse your sponge using clean water and then rub. You can as well tap slime stain areas to ensure you clear soapy water that may remain on the carpet.

Next, you will have to dry the area. This is the time to use your paper towels or a piece of dries cloth. Dry the place and give it some time before stepping on the carpet.

7. Citrus solvent

The citrus solvent is the final method on our list and an excellent alternative to DIY cleaners. It is also the best of the so-called high-strength commercial items or products.

Therefore, the citrus solvent is suitable for removing slime from the carpet by cutting into slime stains.

The most exciting fact about citrus solvent is its nature to harm the carpet when removing slime stains, unlike other high-quality commercial products in the market.

However, you should test the solution before applying in on your carpet. Another precaution, when using this solution, it is good to wear gloves and gumboots. This is for your safety.

As usual, you cannot use citrus solvent alone; you need other tools like a scraper, bucket of water, sponge, vacuum cleaner, and dry cloth.

Besides, procedures are the same as the previous ones. Use the scraper to break slime and then vacuum the place to drive loose pieces. Soak a sponge into citrus solvent and blot on the stains of grime.

However, you will need to follow the product’s instructions concerning wait times then followed by blotting.

If the process is over, rinse your sponge using clean water and then ensure there is no residual solvent. The last step will be using a dry cloth to dry off your carpet.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to clean out old slime from the carpet?

You can try to use each of the above methods. However, old slimes will consume much of your time. You will have to spend few hours repeating the cleaning process.

Follow the instructions and procedures in the above methods.

2. Why do we use a blunt scraping tool?

No one would like or wish to harm his/her carpet. When you use a sharp scraper, the chance or cutting your rug is high, which increases the current stress.

Therefore, you need to have a blunt scraper or knife for the safety of your carpet.

3. Can I remove slime out of my clothes?

Yes, it is possible as long as you respond fast when it appears. If you give it time to stay on your cloth, you have a tough time when removing cleaning the slime.

Sometimes you may not spot it immediately, worry no more, use the above methods.

4. How do you remove dried slime?

To remove dried slime altogether, you can begin by scrapping them gently off using a butter knife or even a spoon. You should scrap it gently.

Avoid removing any paint. Next, you can mix water and baking soda using a minimal amount of vinegar in order to create a thick paste.

5. What are the components in the slime?

We refer to slime as a sticky, gooey substance made from a mixture of sodium Borate and water. It is moist with a glue-like structure that comes in different colors.


You have to accept that cleaning out slime either from the carpet and many other places at home is hectic. However, this can be challenging when you have no idea how to get out slimes from the carpet.

Many children love playing with slime because it is educative, but sometimes it can be messy. You may decide to lock your children out.

But this is not the best solution because slime may stick on their bodies, clothes, and hair. Therefore, the above different methods should help you remove grime from the carpet.

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