How to Remove Wax From Carpet?

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Carpets are important things you will find in most homes. They are meant to add beauty and elegance to our living spaces. However, you will get elegance if you maintain your carpet always clean.

Most carpet owners always try the best to maintain them clean. They will all time prevent them from spills and other dirt that may sit on their surfaces.

However, over time, they will attract dirt and lose their appeal at large. Different stains will pop up on your carpet to give it a bad look.

This stain destroys the overall look of the carpet and the entire room at large. Stain removal can be tedious at large.

You can do it yourself or hire a specialist cleaner to help you accomplish the job. In our discussion today, you will learn a few techniques to remove wax from the carpet to give it its original look.

Wax Removal Techniques

Different techniques are employed to get rid of wax from carpet surfaces. They are all proved effective to do best to remove wax from the surface of your carpet.

This article shall discuss the common techniques experts use to get the job done the best way. The techniques include;

  • The hot iron technique
  • The icing wax removal technique

The necessary equipment to remove wax from your carpet

You need to gather all the essential tools for the job before you embark on the real wax removal task at large. To remove wax from your carpet, you need the following;

  • An ice pack
  • Vacuum
  • A carpet cleaner
  • An iron
  • A paper towel
  • Butter knife

The hot iron technique

hot iron technique to remove wax from your carpet

For you to remove wax from the carpet surface, you need to ensure you get through all steps experts use. Below is a step by step guide to removing wax using the hot iron technique.

Allow the wax to cool

Being patient is a crucial factor if you need to achieve desired results. You need to allow your wax sometimes to cool before you start scraping it off.

If you try working on it while wet, you will end up smearing it to other parts and entrench into the fibers of your carpet.

Start by large deposits

Using a cutlery tool, start to pull off dried wax from the surface of your carpet. At this time, you will be simply trying to limit damages that might occur to your carpet as you wait for an expert.

Do it with care to avoid cutting deep and ruin the fibers of the carpet.

Breaking the vacuum

breaking the vacuum to remove wax from your carpet

Once all larger pieces are loose, it is time you should consider vacuuming your carpet. Vacuuming the carpet ensures you don’t melt all available chunks.

Ironing using a Paper Bag

You should set your iron low for this job and adjust higher whenever you need to do that. You will start by covering the surface occupied by wax.

Iron over the paper bag and wax will begin to get out of the carpet fibers. You will require repeating this process slowly with low pressures until you remove all wax from the surface.

Low pressures are applied to avoid damaging the carpet fibers.

The icing method

icing to remove wax from your carpet

This is another common technique most people employ to remove wax from their mats. As usual, you will always be patient until the wax freezes.

You will place some ice cubes in a bag and place it over the waxed surface. Wait some time for the wax to harden and become solid.

You will follow to loosen hardened wax; use a blunt object to pick open. You are almost done; you now remain to pick the wax debris from your carpet’s surface. Run a vacuum over the carpet to get all debris removed at large.

The vacuum might not completely pick up the debris. You will get a blunt object to scrape off any remaining debris. Avoid sharp objects like the knives as these can damage the fiber of your carpet.

Tips to get rid of the wax from your carpet

1. Always don’t run over, be patient

Most people panic when such instances occur. However, this is not something you should get stressed about.

Avoid using the common house cleaning cleaners to such spills since you might worsen the situation.

Also, you can seek the help of an expert if you lack idea about the best cleaning solution to use to advice you.

2. Act fast on the incidence

Always deal with the problem at hand as soon as possible to achieve excellent results. In situations spills happen without your knowledge, you need to relax and use appropriate tools and wax removal techniques to get rid of it.

3. Remove the dried wax as much as possible

remove the dried wax as much as possible on carpet

Whenever you notice wax on your carpet’s surface, you need to use appropriate tools to remove dried or wet wax as much as possible.

Don’t agitate it but simply scrape it off as you can from the surface of the carpet.

Other important guiding tips

  • Removing stains from a thick fibered carpet can be challenging. Get a comb with a fine-tooth to pick all wax debris from the surface of the carpet.
  • Paper towels are preferable to paper bags.
  • If you need to treat your clothes, ensure you spray a powerful spray in that particular room.


There are common mistakes that carpet owners do while doing such tasks, and they end up damaging them. Below are a few warnings you should always try to avoid.

  • If you work on a carpet made of delicate materials, you should ensure you work under low iron settings all through. Start with the lowest setting as you increase if there is a need to do that.
  • Consider most the size of the iron plate and the grocery bag. Ensure the grocery bag is bigger than the iron plate.
  • Avoid ironing over the grocery bag; it might catch fire if the heat is too high.

Homemade carpet wax stain remover

Homemade carpet wax stain remover

Apart from these two common wax removal techniques, you can also employ a homemade stain remover for this project.

However, this is ideal for only light wax stains. Below is how you will make and use a homemade carpet stain remover.


  • A cup of warm water
  • One teaspoon liquid of dish detergent
  • A cup of rubbing alcohol


  • Form a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol in a sprayer bottle.
  • Get a liquid dish detergent and add to your content
  • Shake the ingredients to make it ready for use
  • Spray your solution on the stain and allow it to sit for some minutes
  • Use a clean white cloth to rub off the wax stain.

How to remove colored wax on the carpet surface

remove colored wax on the carpet surface

We have different candle colors in the market. Whenever a colored spill happens, it leaves a colored stain on the surfaces.

These can be tragic as it will leave your carpet colored even after removing the wax spill.

Homemade carpet spot remover/cleaners are the best to deal with colored stains on your carpet. However, you need to check the color fastness of the stain before you apply any homemade cleaner.

Using wax dissolving chemicals

In the market, you will find wax dissolving chemicals purposely meant to remove wax from carpet surfaces. However, your choice of a chemical depends on the fabric of your carpet.

If you lack the idea of the chemical for your carpet, consult an expert to guide you.

How to use chemicals

Spray the chemical on the surface occupied by wax. Allow it to sit for some time and vacuum the debris away.

However, wax dissolving chemicals are costlier; you can save your hard-earned money by employing the homemade solutions to complete the job.

Contacting an expert carpet wax remover

Carpet wax removal can be a challenging task; this is, especially if you don’t have a clue on the subject.

If such a problem hits you, you are only required to control the stain from penetrating the carpet fabric as you wait for an expert to take control of the situation.

Expert wax removers have extensive expertise to get the job completed well. They employ advanced tools and solutions to ensure long-term damage to the carpet fabric gets sustained.

All times there happen a spill on your carpet, don’t rush rubbing over. You will spread it to cover a large area. Use these expert techniques to get everything complete as required.

If you have no idea about how to handle it, ensure you get the expert’s help to take over the job on your behalf. Throughout the process, work diligently to ensure the wax gets completely removed.


Carpets are an excellent investment for all homeowners. They are meant to add décor to make it appealing to dwellers and visitors.

But then, you need to maintain them cleanest to serve its purpose for an extended period.

Always prevent spills and other debris that may damage the carpet fiber from resting on the carpet surface. Keep your carpet clean to give your house an elegant look.

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