How to Start Commercial Cleaning Business (Step By Step Guide)

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A cleaning business is very important as most other companies do not want to incur costs in employing someone to be doing their in-house cleaning.

The commercial cleaning company comes in for their rescue. To start a commercial cleaning business, follow some simple guides.

They will help out a business that is not all about registering but how you will maintain it.

Simple Steps to Follow

Plan on Your Business

Setting a clear strategy is very necessary for your business. It is crucial as it helps you know your business information and the unidentified.

Before outlining the simple tips to follow, you should determine what type of cleaning services you want to offer your clients: window washing, carpet cleaning, janitorial services, organic cleaning, or floor waxing services.

Here are Some other things to consider are;

Start-up and ongoing cost

The cost needed to start a commercial cleaning business is very minimal. With a budget of $500, be sure you are set to start a small cleaning business.

If you want to start a big professional cleaning company, your budget should be around $100; not forgetting to start with professional cleaning tools like cleaning vans, floor washers, floor waxing machines, and cleaning buckets

Your business name

Getting the right name for your business is also important. Do not just go for any other name, but your cleaning company name should be meaningful.

Some have a name for their business; to some, they need to brainstorm to get the name.

Your cleaning business name

It would be best if you put the following aspects in mind when selecting your brand name; how to get a brand name for your cleaning business. 

The other thing to consider in choosing your business name is; checking whether the name you intend to name your business is available in your state, this is to avoid copyright cases.

How Much to Charge for Your Services:

The amount of cash to charge your customers depends on the type of cleaning service you will offer them. It also depends on how you will be working; do you plan on charging them hourly or according to the cleaning service provided.

Some cleaning companies charge $50 to $200 per hour while a group of cleaner charge approximately $100 per hour. A smaller crew will cost you more for their services as they take long hours to complete their services.

At times you may charge your clients highly with the surety of completing the work on time. However, this is not always the case as the cleaning service may take more time than expected to bring about the business’s profit loss.

Your Target Market

As your cleaning services is commercial, then your appropriate target clients are the large commercial companies.

These clients include; chain restaurants and malls. Objectionable consumers are companies that do not need regular cleaning services.

Your target area

When starting a cleaning service business, you should put the location of the company into consideration. It should not be commercial just by its name.

It should be in a place where a client can have a quick check into your offices and know what cleaning services you offer.

The choice of your location has some pros and cons; you should be careful of the following needs before making your decisions;

  • You need a room or space from where you will be operating. When deciding to use your home as your working office, there are advantages to it, like saving a lot of money compared to a leased room where you have to pay rent. On the other hand, as this is beneficial, there is the negative side of it. Your cleaning tools will have to be stored in your home.
  • A storefront is also necessary for your advertising and brand building. You can display your cleaning company logo and name that no potential client will pass unnoticed.
  • With a commercial room, your clients will be meeting you professionally. Set up several and chairs in the room for your clients to sit on comfortably as they get to know your cleaning services offered.

How Much Profit to Make From the Business:

How Much Profit to Make From the Business

A cleaning company does not get so much profit as one may think. The profit margin ranges from 1% to 5%. A company with less cleaning crew can make a profit of up to 50%.

The local market can also define your profit and pricing unless you offer an extra-added package that excludes you from your competitors.

1. How to Make Your Business Profitable?

For your cleaning business to make an extra coin mean you were specializing in a particular type of industry or giving your client an extra-added package.

For example, you can specialize in cleaning house couches, which need special procedures and knowledge.   You can also add some services to your clients like cleaning their carpets and fumigation.

2. Create a Legal Body

It is advisable to create a legal body for your business. The legal person must be liable for your commercial cleaning business if you get sued.

Whatever authorized personnel you consider, it should be from a registered agent of advocates or lawyers.

3. Register Your Company

Before thinking of opening your business, the company needs to be state and regional registered for taxation. To be listed in the taxation bureau, you need to register for an EIN, which is free in the IRS fax and website.

4. Open a Bank and Credit Account

As you start your commercial cleaning company, you will need the accountability of your money. Opening a bank account is necessary for the safety of your assets.

You will need a business and personal statement- as mixing the two, and one is going to be at risk in case something happens to your business. Here is a simple trick to avoid all the inconveniences;

Opening a Business Bank Account

Opening a Business Bank Account

This is a way of making sure your personal and business assets are well protected. With your business account away from the personal account, it becomes easy to account for losses and profits from the company, while taxing and filling is made easier.

1. Getting a business credit card

Getting a credit card will help separate the business’ expenses and putting the personal costs in one place.

The credit history of your cleaning company is also built, and this can be used later to acquire money from lenders to help in future investments.

2. Set-up your business accounting

Take records of spending, money outsource, and expenses incurred in the company is crucial. This helps you to account for how your business’s financial status is performing.

It would be best if you focused on maintaining a detailed and accurate account record to also help in your annual tax report.

Get the Necessary Business Licenses and Permit

Get the Necessary Business Licenses and Permit

Do not wait until you incur unnecessary fines to get the right permit and licenses for your business. As your company registers, remember to also acquire the proper license for your business; this way, you will not have your business shut down or sued for illegalities.

The type of business permit and licenses to acquire depends on your state. Acquire more about licensing and permit requirements by visiting the federal offices or websites.

Your Business Needs Insurance

Your business needs insurance just like it needs the licenses and permits for a lawfully and safety running. The insurance is to help cover your business in case losses, or the damages occur.

There are different types of insurance, depending on your business and risks it may incur. These insurances include;

  • General liability insurance is one of the necessary insurance any small business might require.
  • The workers’ compensation insurance; an insurance policy any business company should take in case you have employees.

Express Your Brand

What defines your company is your brand and how the public interprets it. How strong your brand is, is what makes it stand out from the rest.

Promoting and Marketing a Commercial Cleaning Business

Promoting and Marketing a Commercial Cleaning Business

One of the simplest ways to market your cleaning services is to go door to door, explain your services, get interested clients, and ask business owners at your local town to clean their offices and kitchens at an established price. Asking for their referrals to other businesses and build your brand.

Another way is by mailing all hospitals, and restaurants at your local place and any other place with kitchens and may need your cleaning services.

Your phone is another way to advertise your cleaning services; try following up companies, hospitals asking if they may need your services. You can also use the email marketing strategy.

How to get your customers coming back?

Make yourself different from your competitors through specialism. While some companies focus on giving cleaning services only, try to focus on other areas you can specialize in while still offering you cleaning services.

For example, if you got a school calling you for cleaning services, you can later give them an added service, like decorating the school walls.

You can offer your first-time clients cleaning service discounts, and you can also run a promotion letting your customers contest and have great chances of winning the discounted or free cleaning services.

As for your existing clients, you can offer them permanent discount rates in exchange for business referrals. Finally, provide discounts to your long-term clients or services exceeding a certain amount of cash.

Create A Social Media Account

create a social media business account

A very important step to take in advertising your commercial cleaning business. We are in an era where everything and everyone uses a social media platform to pass some information.

In everyone’s phone, you won’t lack either a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. This is where to go, as most of your potential clients are online.

You do not need any registration fee to open a social media account. Why not go for it!

Tips for social media posting

  • Use keywords and general terms that people might be using to search for cleaning services. People will be exploring with keywords like; cleaning services near me, cleaning businesses near me or using their local town.
  • Your website posts should be in question form. For example, how much does it cost for cleaning services near you? What is the price range of cleaning services near you?
  • The services you offer should be the keywords in your posting, such as kitchen cleaning services, carpet cleaning, or office cleaning services near you.
  • Make your post fun and creative. It is not always about being professional in your posts. It’s the start of the week, wish your audience a happy week ahead. This helps break commercial boredom.
  • Make your posts attractive by the use of images. I must attest to this that whenever I go to my Facebook account, I pay more attention to a post with an enticing image. Images reach an immerse audience as compared to keyword posts. When you get your clients, please take photos of the services offered and share them on your page. This will not only attract a bigger audience but will boost their trust in your work.
  • Lastly, let social media be social media, be easy-going with your audience. Get a funny video and share it on your page to attract your audience; nothing is boring as the social media audience gets monotonous posts. They get bored easily, and that means they will leave your page to other entertaining pages.

Create A Business Website

Having a business website permits your clients and other potential clients to know more about your services, your company, and your products.

A social media platform is a great place to acquire new clients. As you create the website, make sure you keep it up to date with relevant information about your cleaning services and company.

Try as much as possible to make it look realistic and finally always be a watch to give new clients feedbacks on what they inquire.

If you are not sure how to create a business website, hire a reliable web designer individual to handle it. Try to be cautious of who you hire, there are many web developers, but it takes one to give you what you desire.

You need a business website to help your cleaning business grow, get more potential clients, and increase your brand online.

Website building can be one of the expensive things you have to invest in, but the after results are worth it.

You do not need a website as you begin your commercial cleaning business, but the reality is it is one of the factors that will define the failure or success of your commercial cleaning business.

Is Cleaning Service Business for you?

The business is the perfect choice of people who love cleaning with passion and are good detail listeners.

For the business to work, you should be passionate about dealing with other companies or business owners and retaining an extraordinary level of cleanliness.

How does a typical commercial cleaning business day look like?

typical commercial cleaning business

A typical day to day cleaning service of the kitchen involves the maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen and its areas. These cleaning services include;

  • Machine cleaning
  • Floor mopping
  • Cleaning meat slicers and can openers
  • Disinfecting areas of waste disposals and prep areas
  • Changing flattops, grill linings, and ranges
  • Cleaning and wiping fryers, equipment underneath and grills
  • Machine and floor drain cleaning
  • Sanitization and cleaning of walk-in coolers
  • Backsplashes and down wall wiping.

Skills to Help in Building a Successful Commercial Cleaning Business

For your commercial cleaning business to succeed and be at par with your competitors, you need to have the following skills and experiences;

  • Have dependable cleaning staffs that are knowledgeable to various cleaning methods
  • You should be able to pay attention to details.
  • Be conversant on how to use and mix various cleaning equipment and products.
  • The cleaning services require stamina even though labor-demanding works.

Potential Growth of a Commercial Cleaning Business

The growth rate of a commercial cleaning business is noteworthy. To run a small cleaning business, it will only need one person, but two or three are necessary.

For large cleaning businesses, a staff of twenty to one hundred cleaning employees is remarkable. Get the right number of cleaning staff depending on your budget and services available.

Tips for Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial Cleaning Business

Your focus clients should be more on small business owners than the large chain hospitals and restaurants.

This is because large business owners and corporations may have established a long-term contract with established and professional cleaning companies.

Small businesses may require professional cleaning services, but they can’t afford to hire a long-term cleaning employee due to their size.

It is where you come in; although they have minimal jobs, it is the foundation of long term and great clients.

The other thing is getting set up; this is by getting the right cleaning equipment depending on the type of cleaning services you offer.

You will need equipment like; trash bags, vacuum cleaner, and floor cleaning essentials. As you get the stuff, consider their durability and wear and tear. Get the right safety tools to keep you and any of your cleaning crew at safety.

For any cleaning job you attend, you should wear your gloves and masks; you never know when to handle chemicals.

The last but not least way to start your commercial business is by trying to lease this cleaning equipment, for the first few weeks. This is to check the durability and quality of the cleaning equipment before buying.

You should get a vehicle for your cleaning company; you should buy your company one or two company vans- for transportation to and from cleaning equipment and cleaning crew to different locations.

Some clients are great and can give you their vehicle to use in transit. As you think of getting your company a van or truck, keep the following in mind;

  • Your company van look is essential. You cannot advertise your cleaning business in a van with dents and chips.
  • Your company logo should also be printed on the vehicle as a means of advertisement.

When and How to Establish a Cleaning Service Team

It is a necessity to build your cleaning service team form the beginning. Even when you are working with small businesses, work might get you overwhelmed.

You do not have to hire a crew of many, increase their number when your cleaning business, profit, and revenue expands. A small cleaning business should have a team of two or three cleaners.

As the business grows, so does your cleaning crew. Depending on how large it has expanded, you can employ up to a thousand cleaning crew.

As you establish your cleaning service team, remember your cleaning company needs a recognition. Buy a uniform for your crew.

Never work without uniforms. When invited for cleaning services by a client, never go there without your company uniform, you should look official, which makes your client confident of your cleaning services.

As much as you are trying to establish, and all you got is a Facebook page to back up your work, your appearance will develop the rapport between you and the client.

You man to provide commercial cleaning services, appear like a profession.  The good interaction and work you offer your first clients is your gate pass of getting referrals.

There is nothing sweet as getting referrals because of the good work you provided.

In summary

Venturing into a commercial cleaning business is very profitable. It would be best to consider some important facts that make you different in performing your cleaning activities.

The other factor to consider is the type of client you want to work with; working for your local client or cleaning their houses can be odd, but it will make you succeed in your business.

You should also consider what type of commercial cleaning business you want to venture into, whether franchise or self-independence.

Do not also forget to advertise your cleaning services in your local newspapers or companies and get referrals from your local companies.

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