Different Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuums make cleaning easy, whether in your home or commercial space. This one cleaning equipment is your best friend in hard times.

A commercial-grade vacuum is more powerful, durable, and designed for long-lasting and continuous use.

Professional cleaning requires the best quality commercial vacuums that are made for heavy use.  Moreover, commercial units have specially designed commercial power cord, ensuring safety.

So, the best vacuum can keep the floors clean, shiny, and sparkling, along with keeping the cleaning crew employees safe.

The commercial vacuum is an essential part of the maintenance regime, and it is commonly used for three hours a day.

The cleaning staff uses it daily to keep the floors neat by removing soil and protecting the floor from damage.

Different types of vacuums are available, with each one having different characteristics and tackle various problems easily like wet residue pick up or spot cleaning.

Different Types of Commercial Vacuum

Let us discuss different types of commercial vacuum in detail.

1. Canister Vacuum

commercial canister vacuum

A canister vacuum comes with a cleaning head and attached to the dirtbag. The long, flexible hose and the rigid wand is attached to the motor.

The head is light and maneuverable as you do not require movement of a canister with every pass. The canister vacuum is quietest among all the types.


  • Canister vacuums have small cleaning heads and are easy to handle
  • They fit your requirements depending on your flooring
  • Simple suction style canister vacuum is perfect for hard surface floor
  • Electric powerhead style is suitable for carpet flooring


  • Great for multiple cleaning tasks that need special attachments such as hoses and wands
  • Perfect for cleaning mixed flooring
  • Can be purchased with an electric power brush or straight suction depending on customer requirements
  • Small cleaning head makes it appropriate for cleaning under furniture and other small spaces
  • Easy to handle while vacuuming staircase


  • They come with long cords and hoses so they are not the best option for high-traffic areas and can be a tripping hazard
  • Storage concerns as the hose and wand take up more space

What Are The Areas Suitable to Clean With a Canister Vacuum?

Canister vacuum cleaners are appropriate to clean under furniture, stairs, hard floors, fixtures, carpeted floors, and drapes.

 2. Upright Vacuum

commercial upright vacuum

The upright vacuum comes with a bag, cleaning head, or canister on the handle. The long power cord in the upright vacuum cleaners is useful for cleaning in a vast area such as offices and hotels etc.  

The manual counterparts make it suitable for restaurant cleaning. The self-contained design makes it perfect for applications where the staff has to go from one place to another because they only require rolling the vacuum and plugging it in to clean the next room.

The upright vacuum does not take much space and easily fit on carts so they can be transported easily along with the other cleaning supplies.


  • Typically these come with cord-electric, but some products are battery powered
  • System on wheels can move quickly and easily throughout the house
  • Some models come with agitator brush for better cleaning experience


  • Upright vacuums are easy to use
  • All in one system make its storage easy
  • Single motor product is appropriate for light to medium soil pickup
  • The dual-motor is good for medium soil to pick up
  • The cleaning path is wider


  • Noise insulation is not good thus they are noisier than canister vacuum
  • These are difficult to drag because of heavy body
  • Difficult to carry in the staircase
  • Hard to clean corners however some models now come with a small hose

What are the areas suitable to clean with an upright vacuum?

Appropriate for general cleaning and are ideal for carpet floors. Turn off a brush roll for cleaning bare floors.

3. Backpack Vacuum

backpack vacuum

Backpack vacuums offer great mobility to users as they can be strapped upon the back of the user while a wand or a hose cleans the ground.

The vacuum is easy to carry so employees can clean for a long time when required. For safety, most models have back support and ergonomic pads.

A cleaning crew can wear it like a backpack, so their hands remain free, and they can easily manage the power cord and the wand or move the things out of their way for floor cleaning.


  • Some models allow switching to blower when required
  • Versatile and convenient to use being lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver into corners and other tight spaces
  • Top backpack vacuum models use HEPA filtration technology for air cleaning


  • Good for industrial cleaning
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to carry thus provide stress-free cleaning
  • No need to push or drag them


  • High price than other vacuum types
  • Battery-powered usually run for a short time

What are the areas suitable to clean with an upright vacuum?

These vacuums are lightweight and easy to carry, so they are the best choice for cleaning stairs. They are also a perfect choice for hard or carpeted floor surfaces.

The backpack vacuum is the perfect option for congested or high traffic areas.

4. Handheld Vacuums

handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuums are small and easily clean stairs, drapes, molding, or other corners in a hotel, restaurant, or office.

These lightweight vacuums are easy to carry from one place to another. Handheld vacuums are suitable for cleaning vast areas.


  • Handheld vacuums have strong suction power and perfect for small cleaning activities
  • The lightweight full-sized vacuum is perfect for cleaning frequent spills throughout the day
  • Simple usage makes cleaning a fun


  • Portable design allows easy cleaning
  • Quick and fast cleanup
  • Easily clean up hard to access areas


  • These are compact, so need to clean the filter more frequently otherwise cleaning ability is reduced
  • A lot of moving parts make it prone to damage

What are the areas suitable to clean with a handheld vacuum?

Handheld vacuums are perfect to clean corners and other tight spaces. These are suitable to clean molding, stairs, and spot-cleaning.

5. Wet / Dry Vacuums

wet dry vacuums

These machines can quickly sweep the mess of any type ranging from dust and debris to liquids or accidental spills.

The wet/dry vacuums are perfect for professional cleaning and suitable to clean the floor after a renovation or after a storm. It makes the work quick and eliminates the use of mop and bucket.


  • Drain hose allows easy cleaning
  • Wet dry vacuums are versatile
  • Comes with two devices to separate the wet spills and dry dust


  • Relatively affordable
  • Tackles wet mess easily
  • Handy for cleaning mattresses and toys too


  • These are louder so you should look for suitable decibel level

What are the areas appropriate to clean with a Wet/Dry Vacuum?

These vacuums are perfect to use in construction sites and other professional spaces. Wet dry vacuums are suitable to clean soil on hard or carpeted floors.


The right commercial vacuum will increase the productivity of the people giving the better results. This cleaning appliance is an essential part of the cleaning program and is used to remove soils giving a great look to the floor and offer protection from any damage.

It is necessary to choose the best vacuum for your place. The commercial vacuum cleaners come with various features to gear multiple problems such as wet residue pick up or spot cleaning.

The different types of vacuum fulfill your varying needs, whether it is a canister, upright, backpack, commercial, or stick, so you can choose the one to make the task easy.

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