What to Eat With Cornbread

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When it comes to pairing up your meals with some other meals, there’s no better dish to work with than cornbread. What you get with this sort of dish is the liberty to combine it with a wide variety of meals and still end up with a delicious meal that will be both unique and tasty.

This is mostly because cornbread is a sort of meal that lends itself to many different food combinations. Whether it’s cornbread with meat, cornbread with milk, cornbread with some more cornbread and then some honey on top, you can never run out of different combinations, so even if you’ve already tried everything under the sun with this thing, you can rest assured you’ll be able to come up with another cheeky combination if need should ever arise.

In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly what sort of food items you’ll be able to create if you venture to use some cornbread as the main course. While it’s mostly breakfast food what we’re going to talk about here, we’ll also offer some recipes with meat in them, so you can create a cornbread-based dish for lunch or dinner.

Right then, without further ado, here’s the lot folks.

Side Dishes That Work Well With Cornbread

1) Jalapeño

While using a bunch of jalapeños as a side dish to go with cornbread probably won’t look like much, what we’re here to say is that you should try to merge them.

It may sound weird, but if you cut these Mexican peppers into fine slices and then arrange them throughout the cornbread dough before you bake the thing, you can create a rather spicy-tasting cornbread.

It’s a bit of culinary curiosity, but it can be a great option for those occasions where you aren’t sure what to do with just your cornbread, but you need something nevertheless. Add some jalapeños in it, bake the thing, slice it up, Bob’s your uncle!

2) Cheese

If you’re an American and in doubt as to how you can spice up a recipe you’ve made a hundred times already, here’s a tip – try puttin’ some cheese on it!

Well, chances are – you’ve already tried this, but in case you haven’t, it can be just the sort of thing that will make that cornbread come to life. The great thing about adding cheese to stuff is that there is a great number of cheeses out there, so you can never run out of options.

Fancy adding some cheddar to your regular cornbread? Feel free to do so, what’s stopping ya! Do you prefer mozzarella, instead? Well, get creative with some of that Italian cheese then. Options abound, so don’t be scared to experiment here.

3) Honey

Here’s an interesting idea for a wholesome and delicious breakfast – get some fresh cornbread, pour yourself a glass of cold milk, and add honey to that cornbread. Enjoy!

Cornbread, in general, is a brilliant breakfast choice because it goes so well with an array of different foods. So, in this entry number three, we’re exploring some of the sweet options, one of the best of which would be honey.

Of course, nothing’s barring you from experimenting. You can try cornbread with some sweet cream, maple syrup, ice cream even. You name it and chances are – it will go well with cornbread.

4) Apple

If you like fruit and are interested in seeing it on your cornbread, we propose you go with apples.

By the way, when we say apples, what we mean is that we suggest you brown them, rather than using them fresh. (Although you could try that as well. But we propose you try browning them first.)

Apples, in general, can be a great option for anyone looking for a bitter-sweet fruity taste, while still craving that texture and fullness of cornbread.

5) Pork

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that cornbread is a great dish because it can be paired up with a multitude of other dishes and foods.

Well, here’s another breakfast food you can bake together with the cornbread – Bacon.

You can take the fine strips of bacon and combine them with the cornbread dough you’ve prepared beforehand. Then you can take the whole mass of it and stick it in the oven. After the baking process is done, you’ll have a delicious steamy piece of cornbread with bacon bits in it. You can then slice up this thing into several pieces and pass them around at your breakfast table.

Or eat it all yourself, it’s up to you. (What you want to do is serve it with some yogurt or some other sour dairy product. Those seem to be the best combinations.)

6) Vegetables

Whether you’re talking about a meat-based dish, a fish stew, or just good ole cornbread, vegetable always represents the safest side dish. No matter what you’re eating as the main meal, if you serve some steamed vegetables with it, you won’t have to worry about how your lunch will turn out. At best it will be awesome, while at worst – it will still be decent!

To make the best of the vegetables you’re using, you need to pick those which are in season, because these will be the freshest and the tastiest at the moment of arrival, so to speak.

Other than that, you can do whatever you want, pretty much.

7) Milk

Although we’ve already mentioned milk in the entry about honey, we want to emphasize that you can also get a decent meal out of just milk with some cornbread. (Especially if you need a light and quick breakfast and you don’t like sweets all that much.)

This last entry would probably be the easiest-to-make entry, as well. All you need to do is bake some cornbread, and then get some milk from the store! (Or maybe milk your cow, if you’re living on a farm or something.)

In conclusion, you can do wonders with cornbread and whatever else you’ve got lying around your kitchen. Whether it’s a simple glass of milk, a bit of bacon, or some random vegetables, you can make an infinite number of cornbread-based combinations. So, keep experimentin’ and Bon appetite!